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  • Thisbe Zelma posted to the wire
    Wait, what?! I only enrolled in Obamacare because I was going to charged $555 as a penality if I did not do so because of having no healthcare coverage in 2015...but i was paying my doctor out-of-pocket. Anyway, this is so UNFAIR! If I pay $350 a month, why should I carry a higher deductible compared to my former health insurance plan in my early 20s where I had paid $198 a month with a lower deductible? I thought the Affordable Care Act was more affordable, not less? I am now reconsidering who I vote for in 2 weeks!
  • The Wire posted to the wire
    Trending wire post of last week was: My daughter Elizabeth (age 9), "How do I end a call on this wall phone? Do I just put it back up there?"....(first time using a land line phone on the wall.) Lol!
  • Beyonce Ave Maria posted to the wire
    There are those who love to have unnecessary drama always following them in every aspect of their lives . Can't expect to be having others except that type of behavior when all it does is drag them down too . always surround yourself with the ones that will make you feel appreciated And love life for what it can give you as your here on borrowed time . God hates ugly remember that as he sees all even when you think your doing right with no wrong behind it .
  • Travel posted to the wire
    Some people say that the long trips are boring, but I always use long travel destinations to relax and meditate to remember the things that I do and have that I take for granted, because we sometimes forget that what serves us as situations of teaching!
  • Miranda Kerr posted to the wire
    So, my mind is all over the place lately. I feel surrounded by strangers, and keep questioning everybody's motives. I try to be positive but pressure can make a pipe burst. I just want to be happy again. But sometimes what makes me happy hurts those around me. There is no win win in my life. However, I will continue to give my all because I am always hopeful in happyily ever after
  • Instagram Followers posted to the wire
    When you begin dating someone it is official when the date that you are now dating is on your Book Of Like and Instagram profiles.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Yes, who will guess that for almost an entire day i couldn't login into twitter to post my daily tweets and my wife couldn't check her profile at face Book because the connection on this part of the world depends from such of connectivity from the US. Well, DDoS on Dyn Impacts this list contains just a few sites in the United States that were and still are being affected by the internet attack calll Ddos: Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, Esty, Box, Wix Customer Sites, Squarespace Customer Sites, Zoho CRM, Iheart. com ( iHeartRadio ), Github, The Verge,, hbonow. com, PayPal, Big cartel,,, Urbandictionary. com, Basecamp, ActBlue, Zendesk. com, Intercom, Twillo, Pinterest, Grubhub, Okta, Starbucks rewards/gift cards, Storify. com, CNN, Yammer, Playstation Network, Recode, Business Insider, . uk, Weebly, Yelp. How can things happen, A widely distributed devices connected to the internet which are computers, TVs, radios, smartphone, cell phone, radars, antennas, networked devices, ip cameras, DVRs, cable device. These websites servers received a huge fake traffic solicitation that they could{t handle and put an error to users as a massive internet outage.
  • Software posted to the wire
    Warning.. Attention please, Call it Linux "Dirty Cow" Exploit. If you are a server administrator or a computer owner who own and is on charge of the machine containing an operating system this kind, then take note to act soon! The software had a hole in it's code with a serious code-execution vulnerability! hacker attackers taken advantage and located a specific section of the Linux kernel. Linux open source released a decade ago live action maliciously exploited in the wild
  • My crock pot glass pot was broken yesterday over my stove top so that my stove top was flooded with water and today my kitchen sink is plugged up and the garbage disposal will not turn on. My weekend life is so fun,,,not!
  • So yeah, it is always fabulous to get a call asking if you used your credit card in Florida for a total of over $600 at Walmart while you are resting on the sofa with a broken ankle in Pennsylvania ! Thank goodness for my identity theft protection program for the speedy notification.
  • TV Guy posted to the wire
    I am so stoked about the return of The Walking Dead tomorrow night! I think really going all in so that I FEEL like the walking dead, though, was unnecessary, I am happy to be off work until Tuesday. Oh, and I LOOK like the walking dead today, too. Posers Lol! Anyway, I hope they keep Daryl alive because he IS the TV show.
  • Work Job posted to the wire
    In Benjamin Franklin's spare time, he invented many things, even eye glasses...well, bifocals, but still, same difference. So, time is valuable. Also... "A penny saved is a penny earned." - Ben Franklin quote
  • Aubs posted to the wire
    The main thing that's going right about this day is knowing that it will be over at some point, and that tomorrow is Friday.
  • Jennifer Lawrence posted to the wire
    To my eBay customer that met me where I thought was a good local place to meet...Thank you for buying the items you bought from my online store! To those who are ignorant enough to spread more slander about me and my family...know that if you want to come confront me, then please do! Matter of fact you name the place and I will be there! Cowards will always be cowards!! And your skeletons are very well known to myself so keep playing your game like you're still in high school and your skeletons will no longer stay in the closets you keep them in!
  • Ronald Hunkeler Today posted to the wire
    I need one of these Goose Neck Clip on Lights for my Lenovo tablet
  • Ronald Hunkeler Today posted to the wire
    Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.
  • USA posted to the wire
    The best United States Presidential debates would be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 2016 vs. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 1993 , 2003 , and 2008.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both." - Dwight Eisenhower
  • Jezebel posted to the wire
    I wish my landlady would hurry up and get here. Whomever installed the plumbing in this condo didn't know what they were doing. The water in my dishwasher has back-washed and is stagnant and stinking my whole place up Ewwww!

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