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  • Anneliese Michel posted to the wire
    About 6-7 years ago, it bothered me a lot that my Grandmother was the only person on earth without a mobile phone (or, so I thought then) so I bought her one for Christmas, got it set up for her, and she finally learned to use it! Well, she has had that same cell phone ever since and Grandma is now 84 years old. Last week AT&T contacted her saying her phone was now obsolete and they would ship her a newer model. She just called me from her old landline telephone and said to me, "Sweetie, I don't know how to even use this thing! I can't get it to flip open like they are suppose to!" LOL I love her soooo much, and she's so funny!
  • John John Deere added the photo Pumpkin Train ! to the album Pumpkin Patch USA
    Pumpkin Train !
  • Angela Lansbury posted to the wire
    I get up to the counter at Panera Bread to pay and the cashier said it was paid for! I said huh, and she said, yep the gentleman said this is for the young lady in red ... Wow thank you my friend! I go to the parking lot to thank him and he's already gone. The point is it does not matter if it's a dime, dollar or $20... That was very sweet of him!!! There are still compassionate caring and giving people still left in this world! Thank you to whoever you are! Now mind you a complete stranger will do something like that, but someone you know would never give one red cent if needed be!
  • Ethel Ballard posted to the wire
    I believe that laziness is a very bad and there's no cure at the moment cause frankly I don't want too lol so it's gonna be a laying on this couch watching me a movie maybe catch a few Zzzz's then get up and clean my garage. We will see, but highly unlikely though.
  • Diamond Supply posted to the wire
    I was told by someone today who obviously does not know me, that I am selfish. Can anyone at all please name one time I have EVER done ANYTHING that benefited JUST me. Name just ONE time that I have ever done something for me? I always put others before myself, always have and always will. You can call me a lot of things but I am never can call me selfish. I know I am not as flawless as a pure clear diamond , but if anything, I am quite neglected Lol. So, try again with the insults.
  • Vanessa Hudgens posted to the wire
    I just voted for Ronee on America's Got Talent and my little niece voted for Linkin Bridge! Too funny we could not agree, it was a toss up though Lol we will see who gets to stay!
  • Rihanna Stay posted to the wire
    While eating a delicious Cajun Shrimp Pasta Jumbo dinner at my Grandmother's house tonight, my brother said, 'first you go to granny than to moms because granny was teaching your mom and aunt how to cook and your mom was teaching your siblings how to cook so therefore that's the order I'm going and after all is say and done, I'm going back to granny house for some to go plates!'. It is safe to say, we are all a bunch of southern foodies down here in Louisiana!
  • Alexa What's Hot posted to the wire
    The world wide web aka internet opened up to our world exactly 25 years ago today so lets celebrate 25 Years of connecting people together! We want to say thanks to this Sir Tim Berners-Lee invention and all of the other internet cyberspace pioneers for making the world much more open and connected with interwebs!
  • Sofía Martha Vergara posted to the wire
    All of the people I know that truly know me, will agree that I will give you the shirt off of my back if you need it! And, when I say I got your back, I do. It is my word and I will always stand by my word. I am also forgiving to the people who take advantage of me and my giving and kind nature. With all of this being put out there, I do forgive the scoundral who stole my purse at work today but also, shame on you. I work hard for my money and pay my bills working paycheck to paycheck. I am not rich. That was all of my hard-earned bill and food money until next Monday. Please, either quietly return it to me, even secretly. Or, at least use my hard-earned money on needs, not want. Like, food, utilities, rent, or clothes. And, get good deals on any clothes and shoes you buy to make MY money last longer. I hear there is a sale at Home Depot , Macy's and JCpenney this week.
  • Workout Buddy posted to the wire
    Note to self : don't ever leave the sunroof open on a vehicle that has leather seats on a hot sunny day! I now know exactly how burnt biscuits feel, not good! I needed a spatula to scrape my burnt self off of the seat Lol! Maybe a can of Pam would've helped too.
  • People at Walmart are freaking unbelievable! A very dumb naive young woman has a young baby about 8 or 9 months old in a shopping cart. She gives him one of her extreme FIERY RED HOT chips! He begins screaming and gagging after he eats one, and she can't figure out what is wrong with him!? Really dummy??!!??! Give him a freaking drink and then, go take common sense classes!
  • Thisbe Zelma posted to the wire
    Appararently my favorite word now is apparently. Appararently, this word makes everything said sound sarcastic? For example, he's highly intelligent, apparently. Lol Oops, apparently this is why I have so few friends, but they apparently say apparently a lot too. Apparently, we are epic.
  • Recipes posted to the wire
    Poke Bowl is a delicious Hawaiian dish that is found its way into almost every major U.S. city and is now a lunchtime favorite among many! My favorite is the Spicy Ahi but any Poke Bowl recipe is basically a raw marinated fish salad, often using tuna as the fish. I wanted to show you how to throw a great little party, with Poke as the star, while sharing some new forms of cooking inspiration with you.
  • Instagram Followers posted to the wire
    I just heard that a sequel is being made to the Labyrinth and the E.T. 80's movies. I am unsure how to feel about this yet. On one hand, I'm sort of excited but on the other hand, I don't understand why they are touching these classic films in the first place? The new Labyrinth and E.T. are still in the early stages, so release dates are unknown. They are still working on the story lines to follow up the first ones. I wonder if there will ever be a Goonies 2 , my big brother could play Sloth hahahaha!
  • Pets added the photo Coffee Meets Bagel The Pug to the album Celebrity Pets
    Coffee Meets Bagel The Pug
  • Demi Lovato posted to the wire
    So for Sunday dinner tonight it is a delicious Honey Garlic Pork Loin that smells amazing, shrimp tacos, super cheesy Au gratin potatoes, baked zucchini sticks seasoned to taste, and a huge variety of freshly picked summer fruits from our orchards outback. My house smells so good it's got my belly growling big time lol! OKAY back to my cooking, dinner will be at 6 come join us if you are able to!
  • Leanor Rooks posted to the wire
    Every single time I eat cooked food other than steamed steamed rice and vegetables or baked bread products, then I feel absolutely horribly sick! I am so completely done with cooked food. I ate fried green tomatoes and I regret it so much because I actually feel like I have the flu. It's insane how much a body changes after detox. I really can notice a great difference in how much energy you get or is taken away from not only the actual things you put into your body, but also, how they are prepared. No more frying for me!
  • Ronald Hunkeler Today posted to the wire
    Busy with a concert tonight, my baby sister's birthday tomorrow, work on my roof tomorrow, and I start training for a new job on Monday.. ugh I just wanna stay lay down inside my bedroom and sleep the next few days away!
  • Sheba posted to the wire
    Smile more even when you don't feel like smiling, just do it. Smile at people you don't even know. You never know what other people are going through and that one smile just might brighten their day. Smile at people you may be angry at, smile at people you may not really even like. You just never really know where that smile might lead to and how you are changing the world one smile at a time! :D

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