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    I needed some new ideas for supper. I had repeateding made tacos, burgers, BBQ pork sandwiches, Italian chicken, and sloppy Joes and was just tired of the same old recipes. I asked everyone I knew what were their favorite recipes and got some excellent feedback! I will be making Shepherd's Pie, John Wayne Casserole, Beef and noodles, potato soup, chicken tortilla soup, Chicken and dumplings, home made chili, home made burritos, Fajitas, Italian meatball subs, meatloaf, tortilla pizzas, Beef and Rice, Mozzarella stuffed meatballs with red sauce, Mexican scalloped potatoes with ground meat, and so much more! So excited to try some of these delicious meals out!
  • Auguste Vasquez posted to the wire
    I had such a an amazing dream after all of those walking dead zombie dreams: was house sitting my Grandpa's old house and found the old moped that converted into a backpack. It was also in the shape of a bear wearing a converse over the front wheel? Anyway, I take it to the trendy part of town where Ronda Fox runs an epic antique store and she tells me that Kylie Jenner will help me get it all taken care of. So a lot of stuff happens and we end up restoring it and move into a house full of Muppets together. The only thing is that they won't stop bothering us all of the time, especially Big Bird!
  • Candy posted to the wire
    Oh okay, so my political posts are annoying you? Sorry not sorry for assuming that the future of humanity was worth discussing. By all means, show me another photo of your meal, the millionth pic of your kid, or share another meme you never could have created yourself.
  • Sheba posted to the wire
    You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choices. #freedom
  • Instagram Followers posted to the wire
    If you know me then you know I'm 100%, and I say what I think, share what I'm going through, and posts pics and random memes. This is just who I am. No offense needs to be taken.
  • TV Guy posted to the wire
    You know you have binge watched way too much TWD when you break your broom handle and think, "I better keep this in case I need to protect myself from some some walkers." Yeah, I am now on Season 4.
  • Food Network posted to the wire
    Creamy Chicken and Bacon Pasta Recipe
  • Party posted to the wire
    I love when you KNOW The Dollar Tree has something in stock all of the time because you always are seeing it there and something you get there all the time, but when you go to get it and are needing it badly for a last minute birthday party gig, it's like the only day that they are actually out of it. Ugh! #party
  • Barbara posted to the wire
    I can't believe the amount of social media and TV news coverage all over the the internet and on every news outlet! I'm guessing Kim Kardashian will be filing for divorce soon...oh snap, Kim K is not that smart, she'll just have another baby and name it something incredibly stupid instead.
  • Bieber Fever posted to the wire
    When you said, "I've got your back." I somehow missed the fact that you meant you were looking for a place to store your knives. :/ I seem to be the ultimate knife holder lately.
  • Book posted to the wire
    I would like to give a shoutout to all of the fine Librarians out there....oh, wait, I'm so sorry! SHHH!
  • Beyonce Ave Maria posted to the wire
    I am in desperate need of fours days of sleep in a row, a full body massage, and a fully paid for vacation to the Caribbean Islands!
  • Harry Potter Potter posted to the wire
    If you are in a relationship and all you do is cry every day, then you need to ask yourself this: "Am I dating a human or an onion?!"
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire Apple iPhone 4 (MD439LL/A) - 8GB Smartphone - Black - Verizon (Certified Refurbished) From Apple
  • Leonora Jimenez posted to the wire
    Everything is changing constantly. Things are either growing, or in a state of decay...everything changes, besides change itself.
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    Creepy Pictures
  • Sports posted to the wire
    "No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates Quote
  • Lorde Gucci posted to the wire
    Just now realizing an hour later that I forgot to get my blood work done before I left the doctors office. I don't feel like driving all the way back back there, traffic was terrible today. Hopefully I can get it done before next Friday because that following week is my vacation in Brazil!
  • Food Network posted to the wire
    "When you have helped to raise the standard of cooking, you have helped to raise the only thing in the world that really matters. We only have one or two wars in a lifetime, but we have three meals a day -- there's nothing in the world that we do as much as we do eating." - Will Rogers
  • Liam Neeson posted to the wire
    Be careful with Manchester Airport. I was told that liquids under 4 ounces were not allowed, but they did not tell me this before hand by website or on the phone. I had even asked, and they said it was okay to pack them! But, the airport security agents were way to happy to be taking away all of their passengers bottles and containers of deodorants, toothpastes, colognes, perfumes, lotions, etc. They even laughed about it, I am so mad! A very bitter taste is what I now have after dealing with the security at this airport. I will never fly here again.

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