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  • I'm sure everybody at-least ones thought that it will be nice to have a shot to winning one ticket with a few thousands or millions and spend it shopping for clothing shoes pants shirts wallets smartphones flat screen TV, a car, a nice motorcycle to...
  • Gino Valentino uploaded the file Easy Money Lottery
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Meeting w/ Washington, D.C. @ MayorBowser and Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld about incoming winter storm preparations here in D.C. Everyone be safe! 3:54 PM - 13 Mar 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Meeting w/ Washington, D.C. @ MayorBowser and Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld about incoming winter storm preparations here in D.C. Everyone be safe! 3:54 PM - 13 Mar 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Proud to welcome our great Cabinet this afternoon for our first meeting. Unfortunately 4 seats were empty because Senate Dems are delaying! 1:57 PM - 13 Mar 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Healthcare listening session w/ @ VP & @ SecPriceMD. Watch: wmwewc # ReadTheBill: housegop.leadpages .co/ healthcare / # RepealAndReplace 10:20 AM - 13 Mar 2017
  • Ferrari Einthusan posted to the wire
    I think that many of our supposed social justice issues are just something that is perpetuated online. It actually freaks me out with how much people get their political information from memes.
  • Bloody Mary Kay posted to the wire
    Only 29% of all American workers made over $50,000 last, that is scary!
  • Sean Loweksu posted to the wire
    Everybody is doing the best they can do, and if they're not, who are WE to judge? None of our business. We are only accountable for ourselves. In other words, some words are best left unspoken. Word to the wise holds true for all of us.
  • Cindi Perkins posted to the wire
    It is time for a drastic change in my life! I am so sick and tired of being the same old ugly person I have been for years, time to shed some pounds, whiten my teeth, change my hair style, and begin feeling like a pretty women again! I am just tired of feeling so ugly every day lately!
  • Chocolate posted to the wire
    I'm all snuggled under my heated blanket while watching movies, drinking 7-Up Hi-C fruit punch, and eating homemade chocolate fudge bars while trying to get over this Type A flu virus; enough is enough! @ananicole
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    ObamaCare is imploding. It is a disaster and 2017 will be the worst year yet, by far! Republicans will come together and save the day. 6:11 AM - 13 Mar 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better! 5:52 AM - 13 Mar 2017
  • Alexa What's Hot posted to the wire
    I have never in my life had such a terrible experience at a restaurant. I totally felt like I was invisible. Tonight I went to restaurant, walked up to the hostess and I asked for a table of four. The hostess took me to my table. My party was NOT there yet, I was the only one at the table. I sat there for 25 minutes and was NEVER acknowledged even one time. I finally asked the hostess to send a server my way. She told me she would immediately. More than 15 minutes goes by and nothing. At this time , my friend Nahla got there and knew I was so hot with frustration. She asked for a manager, he came to our table and asked what the problem was. I was so upset at this point I couldn't even speak. I knew I would lose it. I had been there for almost an hour with no one even asking me if I needed a drink or anything, and the manager acted like we were crazy wth fr?!
  • Wendy Davis Robertson posted to the wire
    Most people make themselves look real good online but are not the same in person. ;) Some of us have learned the hard way unfortunately. I'm having one of those days where I don't really care about trying to sensor myself on the internet as to not offend anyone. I really am starting to care less about my public online image and more about speaking up for what is right!
  • Robert Pattinson posted to the wire
    Never forget to say kind words and say I love you because you never know what someone else may be silently fighting with in themselves! It can make or break someone's day, and you have a chance because you never know what the next day will bring.
  • Beyonce Ave Maria posted to the wire
    I am literally lost for words right now this needs to be a bad dream that wakes up all of us. The best most caring cousin in the world who had the biggest us and you will always have amazing memories with everyone who know you and especially your family, I love you forever!
  • Bridget Sambo posted to the wire
    I really just need to relocate to somewhere that makes my sinuses happy ...UGH!! Tuesday needs to hurry up for these allergy tests and they need to hurry up and call me for a dermatologist appt. for a biopsy because I am tired of being in pain and not being able to do anything without wanting to cry. I'm so over this "sinus" problem, why can't they figure out why it's so bad...I've gone through countless blood work and nothing is helping so far the last 3 weeks.
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Donald J. Trump Retweeted America First Policies‏ Verified account @ AmericaFirstPol POTUS Trump led a historic journey to the White House. 50 days in, that historic journey continues. Take a look http :// www facebook com /pg/POTUS/ photos .... 11:24 AM - 11 Mar 2017 on Donald Trump Twitter
  • Thisbe Zelma posted to the wire
    Question: Why are two different neighbor's of mine mowing their lawns when there is snow on the ground and it is almost 9 pm? Answer: The world's gone mad ! Not just angry mad, but crazy mad also! smh

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