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  • John John Deere posted to the wire
    I'm sitting here in my truck stop watching the green horns backing up. It's entertaining but every now and then you see a trainer training a new guy and realize that the trainer needs trained as well.
  • Cindi Perkins posted to the wire
    Nothing rubs me more raw than inconsiderate people who tear others down, even in the least bit. Blowing out someone else's candles will not make yours shine any brighter! This world has enough negativity on its own, so try to rise by lifting others up, not by tearing them down.
  • Rihanna Daily posted to the wire
    I am done with these athletes and their wardrobe lbvs! Russ Westbrook looking he bought his clothing from Paula Abdul's in her 80s closet and Cam boy took his Grandma's curtains and looking like he skinned an old ugly ass recliner nobody wanted and had put it out on the curb. This isn't swag or sauce or dripping with goo- nope this is ridiculous and nonsense and they really need to stop it!
  • Stephenie Meyer posted to the wire
    What happened to respect or mere politeness? Even if you disagree with someone, why stoop to a level of total disrespect?! Just like what Audrey Hepburn had quoted: You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him. People need to grow up!
  • Random Imgur posted to the wire
    Sadly, based on the direction we're heading , there will soon be a generation that will only know of many animals that exist today in the wild from books , movies , photos and videos. However, if we don't screw up the planet too much before then, we might acquire the scientific understanding to fix it, ranging from stabilizing the climate to the ability to clone extinct animals from their DNA. Yes, we still have hope in a better tomorrow.
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill! 4:50 AM - 21 Apr 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Another terrorist attack in Paris. The people of France will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on presidential election! 4:32 AM - 21 Apr 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    A great honor to host PM Paolo Gentiloni of Italy at the White House this afternoon! ICYMI - Joint Press Conference: 3:35 PM - 20 Apr 2017
  • Jennifer Lawrence posted to the wire
    Karma can be such an amazing thing, it's downright wonderful how you don't even see it coming! It comes to you at the best timing Lol. According to the newspaper, a guy who spoke to me about throat punching me or any woman for that fact is now in jail on domestic charges with an $8k bond buhahahahahahaha.
  • Claudine Alpha posted to the wire
    It happens every flipping day that I talk to someone and want to say..oh okay, so, YOU'RE the reason they had to put directions on shampoo bottles? has happened repeatedly to me, but especially this week more than ever before!
  • Ally Brooke posted to the wire
    Most people I know totally rock and I would do anything for, but others I would not spit on if they were on fire! Just saying!! Time for people to STOP acting like they are your friend when you know darn well they are not!
  • Bridget Sambo posted to the wire
    Life really is too short to worry about what people think. Life Lesson 101 taught by my daddy. Always live your life and speak your truth.
  • Car posted to the wire
    I just caught myself turning the car radio down at a light so I could see if any cars were coming
  • Cindi Perkins posted to the wire
    How about if The Book Of Like and any other social network was some kind of human catalog and beside every profile photo came the description of who we really are, without the possibility of makeup or editing manipulation of our true selves? Yeah, I want to see REAL SELFIES!
  • Sean Loweksu posted to the wire
    The most difficult thing about Diabetes Type 2 for me is the roller coaster of how you feel from hour to hour through the day. You may feel good and energetic and a few minutes later the sugar drops and your barley able to walk or you are feeling good and then boom!...your are suddenly lightheaded and nauseous. It's all day long and it hasn't leveled out for me yet but I'm still new to this.
  • McDonald's Menu posted to the wire
    It still amazes us how some people are not understanding the simple concept of the 2 drive thru lanes at McDonalds ! Why is the two lanes at McDonald's such a hard concept for people to grasp? It was simply designed to make things faster and easier, not harder...what we are seeing in the cameras at McD's are crazy, it was designed so that you could pull into either lane once you are right in front of the split!
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    A great honor to host the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots at the White House today. Congratulations! 6:34 PM - 19 Apr 2017
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    Today I signed the Veterans ( OUR HEROES ) Choice Program Extension & Improvement Act @ the White House. 1:26 PM - 19 Apr 2017
  • Cell Phone posted to the wire
    I have lots going on through my head,,, but just got off my cell phone with my parents, and like they said take care of you and do what is best for you because nobody is gonna take care of you and you know what you need to do!!
  • Bianca Kajlich posted to the wire
    If you can't handle me at my Kali, you don't deserve me at my Shakti.

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