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Very Cute DIY Santa Cocoa Christmas Craft !

By Lexus Lululemon
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Very Cute DIY Santa Cocoa Christmas Craft !

Very Cute DIY Santa Cocoa Christmas Craft !

Instructions:  Fill the pointed end of a disposable icing bag with crushed peppermints. Add some mini marshmallows followed by hot cocoa mix then lots more mini marshmallows at the larger end. (I use colorful marshmellows too sometimes.) Place a plastic spoon in the bag for stirring. Twist the end and close tightly with a twist tie covered by a pretty festive holiday ribbon bow. Be sure to pack ingredients fairly tightly. A great fun craft project for the kids! Get the little eyes, white fuzzy, hat tops, and some felt for Santa's face at you local hobby store, like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.


Lexus Lululemon

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