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  • Angelique Boyer posted to the wire
    I mowed and weeded this evening and was literally eaten alive by mosquitoes! It's so bad, that I may have to take Balladry or go to the hospital!
  • Bridget Sambo posted to the wire
    I want men to understand that it's okay to have feelings and that it's okay to express them. It does not make you weak, it does not make you soft, it does not make you less of a person....it makes you a human.
  • Kylie Jenner posted to the wire
    Sometimes we have to know what's best for US by being able to identify if a relationship is benefiting both parties, or just one. I work on my mindset everyd ay, and don't want to undo all of my hard work by spending my time and energy on people who don't support and uplift me. I have learned what my personal boundaries are, and I have to take care of ME first if I want to be of service to the world.
  • Noticias La Teja Costa Rica posted to the wire
    It feels great to have mama dukes around for a visit this week, everywhere I go I can hear the novellas Spanish soap operas and can smell delicious homemade Latin cuisine food! I may put on some pounds this week yo. Love you mi mamita!
  • Brayden Schenn posted to the wire
    So, people aren't that scared of anything anymore because of the liars. You were told "if you keep playing with yourself, you will go blind", but that didn't stop anyone. Oh, and don't forget the "Never swim for at least half an after eating" and "One day you're going to have a kid that's ten times worse...Oh wait a minute, that last one is completely true Lmao!
  • Party posted to the wire
    Gotta love when you order a costume for something, then find a better costume for free, and when the one you ordered comes it and works better for a different character anyway. I originally ordered the costume online from Costume SuperCenter, then found something better in person. Forgot to cancel the order, when it came in, it was almost perfect for Halloween and then later for Comic Con 2018 , oh well!
  • TV Guy posted to the wire
    The Glass Castle was the best all around movie I have seen this year so far. Atomic Blonde was slightly confusing story-wise, and the fight scenes were brutal. I thought it dragged a little, but both the person I saw it with and I thought it was a good movie. We didn't do the 3D, just AMC. Annabelle kinda sucked, it gave me chills at first, but then it got boring.
  • Chris Hartzler joined the site
  • Salome posted to the wire
    Trust me, I ain't stuck on my ex boyfriend, believe me I know he ain't worth it and everything he sad to me and promised me are said and promised to every girl he meets. I'm just stuck on everything he said was gonna happen and didn't and how I was left hanging. I'm just stuck on the fact that I can't trust anybody anymore nor try to love somebody the way I did to him. it's hard to repair yourself with new parts when you're just afraid of it happening again. Because people tell you they will give you the world and then give you nothing but torment.
  • Ruby McKim posted to the wire
    It was so cool that the songs Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler and The Dark Side of Moon by Pink Floyd were playing on the radio today during the Eclipse 2017 totality. Then the birds fell silent, the cicadas began singing, coyotes began howling, crickets began to chirp, and a Great Blue Heron left the fishing pond and flew over us on his way back home like at dusk. And then, suddenly, the bright sunlight returned again, and the nocturnal creatures became quiet again, while the roosters crowed like it was a new sunrise, while birds began singing again, just wow it was amazingly surreal life experience!
  • Tiff Reina posted to the wire
    Ok now that all the hype is over, lour lives now go back to normal, but it sure was an epic experience! For a couple of minutes there was no havoc and everybody stopped to share a experience of a lifetime. Looking forward to the next eclipse in seven years whoopwhoop!
  • James Rodríguez posted to the wire
    Not that I am judging anybody, but in my opinion, a dude would have to be off his rocker to ever consider Polygamy. It's one thing when you got one angry AF wife to deal with, but multiple wives chewing your a$$ out daily is a bit too much to handle for one mere man, one would imagine! #justsaying
  • Anita Joseph posted to the wire
    So, I have been eating lots of unlimited portions of simple and complex carbs such as regular wheat pasta and mashed potatoes, every single day for a month now, and I have actually been losing fat!
  • Tesla S posted to the wire
    I always catch feelings for guys who turn out to be not available or A-holes and I always befriend fake AF friends, but whyyy!!?
  • Stephenie Meyer posted to the wire
    You gotta know you love your job when you work up until the last possible second before you have to go to your other job. When I was a little kid I would see infomercials for Bowflex, Beachbody, Tae Bo, etc. and I used to think how cool it would be to have a JOB that was all about taking care of your body and being the best version of you. I would see the fitness models on there and think, "Maybe that will be me one day!" Well I might not be a fitness model but taking care of me IS my SAH job! It's amazing how much my attitude toward work has changed now that I know that there's actually a job out there that I enjoy and love doing. After working in the restaurant industry for several years, I think I just associated work with "sh*t you don't want to do." Now work is all the things I have always wanted to do deep down but just didn't know where to start. Unbelievable that I have actually found MY DREAM JOB working from home!
  • Lian Meiting posted to the wire
    You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals. - Paul McCartney @pets Quote
  • Furniture Stores posted to the wire
    In my house, we all believe that all lives matter no matter what, women's rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, kindness is everything, and amazing things will happen to you today if you choose to not be a miserable turd.
  • The Wire posted to the wire
    Since I am wake so early today, I might as well watch the Game Of Thrones while waiting for the solar eclipse. Happy Eclipse Day!