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  • Kelley Blue posted to the wire
    It feelѕ do darn good to actually FEEL good physically and mentally! I had been feeling quite stressed and like there wasn't enough time in the day and was like well no wonder I'm stressed I haven't been doing my daily yoga routine! Why do we sometimes resist doing the things we love and need, like what's that all about?! Anyway, I have definitely been hoping on my yoga mat much more consistently lately and I'm feeling clearer and more centered at even just 20 minutes which is enough to make an impact!
  • Anjane posted to the wire
    I'm needing some unique and amazing barn wedding reception venues locally for my older sister's wedding that i am helping to plan, but am so undecided!
  • Melissa McCarthy posted to the wire
    I have always believed that we all need to be strong enough to deal with our own problems. If you are not mature enough to handle your own relationships then please don't come to me seeking advice. It's annoying af to tell you something you don't even listen to or when somebody just argues with me over it. I may not even be right in every situation, golly! I'm not a fortuneteller or a mindreader and I have other things to deal with too, thank you. So, get over yourselves. If something is the matter between you and your significant other most likely, it will be eventually worked out to some extent. I'm just kind of fed up being the go-to person for everybody's biggest problems. However, for a little rant is okay, now and again.
  • Albert Einstein posted to the wire
    To the people watching me gobbling down my extra large curly fries in the Hardee's parking lot: I hope you like what you see, and nope I don't ever share any kind of tater goodness; they all are mine!
  • Cynthia Rowley posted to the wire
    My cellphone is going to be off for a a few days because service has expired. I will need to wait until at least Monday to get another phone card, so if you need to contact me then just PM me on BOL Messenger, come by in person, or text me on my text app number.
  • Sophia Bush posted to the wire
    I am finally on the end of watching season 6 episode 7 of "Scandal" on Netflix...At first I WAS really happy, but then I got SO sad that I literally strained a tear duct in my left eye!
  • Jackie Robinson posted to the wire
    My life is a blessing and all the bad choices that I have made are all my fault. On a lighter note... I tried a fast food street taco today, not sure which street, but, I'm pretty sure someone ran it over.
  • James Joseph Brown posted to the wire
    Gah, I need to stop shopping for Halloween stuff I need, I keep finding clearance I don't need, but it's cheap. Also if you need Halloween costume stuff, then you will love https://www.bookoflike.com/photos/album/2117/cheap-novelty-role-play-halloween-costumes-for-women-kids-babies-men-adults-couples-pets and they even have family costume sets, hard-to-find masks, and pet costumes too!
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle posted to the wire
    Today was needed after such a stressful last few days, it's nice to have fun and laughs with some amazing friends, both in person and through awesome online chats too. I know that next week is also gonna be rough, but I will worry about that when it gets here. One day at a time!
  • Engagement Rings posted to the wire
    I still just don't feel like smiling today. I'm processing the emotions that come up and releasing what does not serve my higher good. I could easily pick something to complain about. If I wanted to, I could focus on all the things going wrong instead of what's going right. I could spend all day stuck in an unhappy head space. But instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated, I'm going back to the basics of personal development. Daily personal development as well as the mentor-ship I receive from other badazz leaders, has helped me to establish healthy boundaries so that I can always take care of me first. With everything in life, there is the part we see, and the part we don't see.
  • Book It posted to the wire
    Just had a light bulb moment of "How do you know if you don't even try?!". For the longest time I didn't begin working on my travel business because I "expected" that I would fail. I didn't have the belief that I could commit to a business opportunity, so instead I sat on the couch looking at the TV, trying to imagine what it would be like to feel truly CONFIDENT and HOPING that one day everything would change and all the sudden I would be succeeding everyday because "I would LOVE it so much and it would be easy!". DAFUQ?! You don't need ALL of the answers at once to get going.
  • Web Hosting Services posted to the wire
    40 Random Things About Me are 1. Do you like blue cheese? I like blue cheese dressing. 2. Coke or Pepsi? Mountain Dew. 3. Do you own a gun? Yep. 4. What flavor Kool-aid? The blue kind. 5. What do you think of hot dogs? Nitrates. 6. Favorite tv show? 70s, 80s and 90s. 7. Favorite movie? Too many to name one. 8. What do you drink in morning? Strong coffee/espresso. 9. Can you do a push up? Yes. 10. Favorite jewelry? Non-imitation kind. 11. Favorite hobby? Gaming. 12. Do you have A.D.D.? Nope. (Act like I do though -lol) 13. Do you wear glasses? Sunglasses. 14. Favorite cartoon character? So many of them are my faves. 15. Three things I did yesterday: Jogged, worked, ate pizza. 16. Three drinks you drink regularly: Water, coffee, and tea. 17. Current worry? Don't worry, be happy. :) 18. Current dislike? Annoying people. 19. Favorite place to go? Hiking in the deep woods. (Nature). 20. How did you bring in the new year? Working. 21. Where would you like to go? New Zealand. 22. Name five people who will do this? Idk? 24. Favorite color? Green and purple. 25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? Not sure if I ever have? 26. Can you whistle? Yes. 27. Where are you now? On my lunch break at work. 28. Would you be a pirate? I have been, so yup. 29. Favorite food? Italiano, of course. 33. Last thing that made you laugh? My dad this morning. 34. Favorite animal? Orangutans. 35. What's your most recent injury? A cat scratch. 36. How many tv's are in your house? 4. (one is old and broken) 37. Worst pain ever? Idk, I haven't experienced it. 38. Do you like to dance? Yup. 39. Are your parents still alive? Yes, and all grandparents too. 40. Do you enjoy camping? Love it.
  • Leonora Jimenez posted to the wire
    I am a stay at home mom and sometimes us mommas wake up in the mornings and scroll on our Book Of Like newsfeeds as well as our other social media networking. Sometimes, my newsfeed breaks my heart because many of you are physically and psychologically miserable. I know how you feel because I was you in the past! I know I have said this before, but there are 2 possible outcomes when trying my product: You get healthy or you get your money back. Either way, only YOU can make this decision for yourself. I decided not to be miserable anymore. I am 100% happy and healthy the SolidAmerican way! http://www.SOLIDAMERICA.com/
  • Jessica Simpson posted to the wire
    I am very disappointed in many of my friends on here and pride myself in being tolerant, open minded, empathetic, and compassionate. I would better express this, but it would take volumes. Unlike some people, I don't post personal bull, and half truths all over social media in a crazy and manipulate attempt to gain pity from the people I claim to love. Clearly, many of you are not any of those. So many refuse to acknowledge social injustices because them, their friends and/or their families are not personally affected. It makes me sad because it i a very sad situation and I look at people much differently now.
  • Dianna Agron posted to the wire
    Physical pain interrupts life and the terrible side effects cause our families to suffer also. As time goes by and the chronic pain doesn’t improve they eventually stop even asking to you to go places with them. Many times I can’t even make plans, I’m so afraid to commit and then have to cancel at the last minute that I just plan not to go. Other times I commit and then have to cancel days, hours and even minutes before the event. If I am lucky enough to make it to the event there is no guarantee I can stay as long as I need or want. I push myself daily to be tougher physically and stronger mentally but some days it’s not enough and is painful and exhausting in itself. Yep, it’s a vicious cycle of pain, loneliness, guilt, and heartache and it can lead to a very deep dark depression that is almost impossible to climb out of.
  • Sean Loweksu posted to the wire
    This year has been really hard for me but I have met some really amazing people and recognized who my true friends are and for that I am grateful.
  • Sheryl Ferrandino posted to the wire
    When my coworker asked: How do you feel about those cheap 25-cent packages of ramen noodles? Me: Cancer. And, I'm not referring to the Zodiac signs either!
  • Jennifer McCallister posted to the wire
    No one has got you like you got yourself. Always be your own hero.
  • Ruby McKim posted to the wire
    Keep away from people who don't love you back, real love, not just the word "love". They will always make you feel as if you're not good enough. They will make you suffer with their indifference and inability to appreciate you. These people are not bad people, they are just not in your love frequency. Then make room for other people to come into your life. Life is all about vibrating high and finding others in the same frequency as you. Love is only real when it is mutual and reciprocated.
  • Ronald Hunkeler Today posted to the wire
    Beginning today, I'll begin putting my set together for Grooving the madness of Ben's Halloween Bash Music Festival in Florida in 2 weeks, and if you have some Alice in wonderland-themed tracks or noises then please send them my way, thanks!