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Book Of Like is the best advanced dating social networking service to connect people online with social media date interaction among other living near or far away, as well as your family and friends too, if you wish. Invite others to join and start friendly and interesting conversations.
That's how people get to know each other in real life and in cyberspace

The best examples of couples who started dating for one or more years and today they remain married happy everafter, are usually the divorced men and women with one or two marriage experiences already. That's fine if this is your first date of a lifetime or you are more experienced. There is always going to be someone special for you waiting in this relationships website. Let's turn the Book Of Like into a Book Of Love shall we? From all free online dating sites, we are already the best social networking service pairing people to people with date a live online dating, chats, news, videos, photos, opinions, date ideas, recipes, and so on. Close your other basic boring social medias like Facebook and broaden your horizons. The Book Of Like Free Dating Site Online Of Live Social Networks, Date Chat Rooms Online, and Real Connections...Is Ready To Roll!

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  • Sussudio posted to the wire
    Always make sure that your weird light shines bright so the other weirdos know how to find you.
  • Albert Einstein posted to the wire
    When we first got married, we made a pact. It was this: In our life together, it was decided I would make all of the big decisions and my wife would make all of the little decisions. For fifty years, we have held true to that agreement. I believe that is the reason for the success in our marriage. However, the strange thing is that in fifty years, there hasn’t been one big decision.
  • Smartphones Photos posted to the wire
    You gotta grow through what you go through! I am trying to shift my lack of mindset to an abundance mindset, particularly in regards to money and time. The last month has been hectic and I have been struggling with a lack of mindset of "not having enough time." But I can feel the shift starting to happen although sometimes shift can be draining and uncomfortable. I have felt the need to slow down and tend to myself which has meant putting certain things on the back burner when other priorities came up.
  • Melissa McCarthy posted to the wire
    Well, I just got back from the ER and this time it wasn't my Grandmother but it was me. I have been having severe chest pains For quite some time and this morning I awakened to the worst chest pain ever so got it checked out and sent home without even one test. The emergency room only said to rest and if not better in a few days then go to a doctor [again] Yup, story of my life! They didn't even do an electrocardiogram.
  • Gold Price posted to the wire
    The introverts really seem to enjoy repetitive social media poking... so, do you want to be poked too? I will poke you good as gold haha!!
  • Backpacks posted to the wire
    I have been playing online Scrabble with an elderly gentleman for almost daily for 5 years now. We have never spoken despite there being a chat function, and neither one of us will quit playing. I feel invested now, and I worry one day that he will stop playing, and I won't know if he has died or fallen ill. Yes, Scrabble grandpa and I have an unspoken gaming bond. I will probably be initiating a chatting session soon, even if just a 'Hi, how are you'.
  • Kelley Blue posted to the wire
    For now on I have decided not to refute with those who leave comments wanting to argue on my posts. I have realized that most who bring up the arguments are those who for the sake, are just wanting be arrogant, and argumentative. Most are not sincere. Therefore, I realize it's just wasting my time.
  • Rottweiler Puppies posted to the wire
    Coffee is linked to a longer lifespan so I think I shall live forever, foretasted by my extreme coffee consumption levels. A pot a day keeps the doctor away!
  • Ava Anderson posted to the wire
    It would always amaze me when it was closing time at work and a beautiful coworker of mine who was dancing all night would jump when some dude with a mullet and only 10 of his naturally birthed 32 teeth who has his wallet chained to his belt starts barking orders to "his" woman that we need to go.
  • Anjane posted to the wire
    I have talked in the past many times about how I was struggling with cystic acne and I FINALLY got rid of my acne for good. I even used to make homemade scrub from coconut oil, sugar, salt, and tea tree oil and it was horrible. The store-brand acne products made me break out too. Everyone's skin is so different! It got me so mad that even the natural stuff that works for some people didn't work for me. I kept thinking it was all cause my diet but it was not. I stopped exfoliating my face and now all my acne is cleared up. I use an astringent to get off my makeup and I just rinse my face in the shower or if I get sweaty. I also started using rose water and fresh aloe leaf oil around my eyes to get mascara and eyeliner off.
  • Suzette Banzo posted to the wire
    I am going to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida on Saturday evening for the sunset celebration. If anybody care to join me, then call me, text, or send me a PM soon!
  • Chase Daniel posted to the wire
    You already know the decision you need to make, and who gives a crap how it makes "Them" feel. This is YOUR life, and YOU are what matters most. It is your life, not theirs. And, those who matter and love you for who you are, will stay in your life, no matter what. And, nope, long physical distance is not an excuse to not be in someone's life. Soul love has no physical distance.
  • Harry Potter Potter posted to the wire
    When you ask for Ramen noodles and coffee for breakfast , and happily get it made for you.
  • Emma Schmidt posted to the wire
    My week sure hasn't went as planned! It has went as follows, "a family member will ask about me and another will say "She found the dog looking dragon thing from the Never Ending Story and rode it down to Central America for the weekend to eat berries out of a monkeys azz." Well, I do have some great adventures especially when my best friends are involved, but wow! Happy Hump Day!!
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    The Republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is, & it will get even better at lunchtime.The Dems scream death as OCare dies! 8:46 AM - 19 Jul 2017
  • Bridget Sambo posted to the wire
    I caught a ride home with a couple of co workers (male and female) and one was on her phone and said she was by the "n*#$! hood"... wtf? So, after a brief exchange of words I got out of the car to walk home. But apparently I overacted because she used it "how rappers say it" and "has a lot of black friends ". I was also told I was just having a bad day. This was a 56 year old grown woman.
  • Lexus Lululemon posted to the wire
    If anybody can use some old Taco Bell uniforms I have several men's and women's uniforms and clothing still in packages along with name tags only and I can hold them all until Wednesday afternoon as I'll be in town so if your interested you better say so or they will gone for good!
  • Sophia Bush posted to the wire
    If your going to tell lies after lies I would think your best bet is to know the lies your telling because not everybody is as stupid as you are smh...but nice try though, keep trying.
  • Jackie Robinson posted to the wire
    Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life. - Fernando Pessooa
  • Instagram Followers posted to the wire
    Some people are born with tornadoes in their lives, but constellations in their eyes. Other people are born with stars at their feet, but their souls are lost at sea.