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  • Sean Loweksu posted to the wire
    Some people should not be allowed to operate any social media accounts without adult supervision.
  • Sophia Bush posted to the wire
    So, if you really want to know who your REAL friends and family are, then just go broke, go to jail, get sober, get married, have a child, go through a life crisis, fall, stumble, screw up, or even simply just be quiet for awhile, and THEN you will see.
  • Chocolate posted to the wire
    My day so far: Grandma- A hot chocolate sounds chocolate...Me- okay, maybe we can get one later Grandma- hot chocolate...yada, chocolate... Me- what sounds good for lunch? Grandma- Steak & Shake because I want a hot chocolate Me- How about DQ, Culvers or Wendy’s and you can get a chocolate shake? Grandma- no, I want a hot chocolate Me- How about we eat at Culvers and then we can pick up a hot chocolate at Steak & Shake on our way back to your apartment? Grandma- okay, dear. ***at Culver’s*** Me- are you sure you don’t want a chocolate shake from here? Grandma- no, hot chocolate ***at Steak and Shake drive through*** Me- One large hot chocolate Grandma- NO, Now, I want a chocolate milkshake, and make it an X-large. Me-..Ahhhhhhhhh maaan!! :o
  • Taylor Swift posted to the wire
    Don T, when are you going to apologize to America for your false accusations and insults to so many people after what you have done fr? For your info, slandering is illegal and degrading, an apology is the LEAST you could do, so sad! smh P.S. Please, STOP complaining about "fake news", it's sooo hypocritical coming from a liar and a cheater as least NOW you are being quiet as a mouse! Be good already, you are representing the USA.
  • Candy posted to the wire
    Each of us is a shining star. Sometimes situations, take our shine away. Clouds set in and we can't see our own light. Sometimes we shine with the rest. Sometimes we twinkle alone. But we have to realize, that we sometimes are the only signal for someone in times of darkness.
  • Credit Cards posted to the wire
    Everything comes to an END, except your family (and family friends). Some of you should think about that and be thankful, grateful, loving, and most of all feel blessed that you have them. Tell them every day how much they mean to you and that you love them, tomorrow is not promised to anyone! Girlfri(end) Boyfri(end) Fri(end) Fam(ILY). That's the way it is.
  • Dianna Agron posted to the wire
    While most of you slept at least once in the last 48 hours, this chick has yet to go to bed and have been up for two whole days getting my house put together from moving and it’s been a real pain! Needless to say, the end results will be worth it and now I’m taking my tired behind to bed for at least a nap!
  • Jackson Rathbone posted to the wire
    There are some things you want to see make a difference but knowing the person does not want to do it for themselves and you care so much about them and it breaks your heart so badly to not be able to do anything to change the way they look at life and how they feel of their own self worth. You just want to hold them and let them know you love them and you would do whatever you could to see their happiness if it meant they would let their self worth matter in every way possible. My heart is aching in every way imaginable!
  • Travel posted to the wire
    If you happen to call me from a private or blocked phone number, then I'll respect your privacy by not answering, and possibly blocking you too, as well. #justsaying
  • Megan Fox posted to the wire
    Stormy Daniels looked like she was tweaking during her report, she is definitely on something! Her eyes were so dilated you couldn’t went see the color of her eyes, her pupils were like black olives! Wth?!? Black eyes = empty soul. Someone mentioned that maybe the studio lights had been bothering her eyes, but I don't think so!
  • Robbie Mannheim posted to the wire
    I don't give a fig about being "in the loop." I never had "game" or needed "game" for whatever reason. What is this "game" they speak of? Game is for amateurs. Honestly, if you feel you "have to spit game" you have already lost. Game? REALLY?? BuHaHaHa! I have no problems whatsoever speaking to the ladies.
  • Jennifer Lawrence posted to the wire
    I am almost positive that the Walmart and Target stores put some kind of secret potion in their air vents that makes their customers lose track of time, thus purchasing a ridiculously huge amount of stuff that they never intended on buying!
  • Maxie Delgado posted to the wire
    I can't believe today it's already been five years since my Dad went to be with our Eternal Father! Papi, I will ALWAYS love you VERY much, and I think of you every day. I find comfort in knowing in my heart that we will see each other again, even as my heart is still feeling pinched from missing you on this earth, I miss you so much. You were loved then, and loved now and forevermore, you are and were the best Papi!
  • Abigail Spencer posted to the wire
    That terribly awkward moment when you have to leave the store without buying anything because you forgot your purse, and all you can think is "act normal, you are innocent". Yeah, that just happened Lol, and usually I will just buy a little something, like a candy bar or a soda, to prove my innocence! This time, didn't even have small change on me!
  • Candy Hearts posted to the wire
    Learn the difference between the words 'alone' and 'lonely', and be empowered. When you learn how to be alone, without being lonely, it makes you very strong and powerful. because most people think the worst thing they can do to somebody is take their love or friendship away. When you learn how to be alone without being lonely, you realize that it is possible to be your own bff! Therefore, when somebody threatens to take away their friendship or their love from you, if they vow to never speak to you again, you can simply say, "oh, okay, it's your choice." and then walk away with no worries. There is a vast difference between being alone and being lonely.
  • Jezebel posted to the wire
    I'm so proud of myself, who I am today and I'm so thankful to those people that was in my life and still are. I got to learn a lot from them all. What's this life is all about. I imagine the way I am today, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'm so happy who I am today and I meant to do good and that's what I'm gonna to do. I just want to say to those bad people and good also thank you all, friends and family members, The bad and good people that teach me so much, I love you all.
  • Lexus Lululemon posted to the wire
    I am having such an oral hunger tonight and no guy friends are answering me. Yeah, I had some sweet taco last night and this morning, but I really need some big Eggplant tonight, guess I could use some videos or photos but they are not the same as live touch and feel, cumm on now good golly!
  • Ronald Hunkeler Today posted to the wire
    I totally believe in haunted clothing! I bought two pairs of old boots at a rummage sale last weekend and have had some spine-tingling supernatural events happen in my life lately involving both pairs of boots, there were even boot prints of mud leading from my bedroom to my bathroom this morning, and found mud on both pairs..,but have not even worn these boots yet ahhhh, I guess I will burn them up omggg!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Auguste Vasquez posted to the wire
    Ok so I’m currently at this restaurant by myself. I enjoy going to sit downs alone sometimes. This restaurant is mostly empty besides 3 tables full. It’s quiet and relaxing. The ENTIRE floor is empty. And then, this group of rambunctious teens come in loud and of course, are sitting at the table next to me. Wtf man WTF!!!!!!
  • Sofía Martha Vergara posted to the wire
    I had a good upper body workout tonight and came home to make yummy Sunday dinner of cheesy spaghetti squash casserole and mustard greens!

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