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  • Lian Meiting posted to the wire
    I am decorating my Christmas tree today and am now beginning to get into the holiday spirit after all of the amazing deals I got on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and with the 1st of December arriving this Friday! I have some pumpkin cinnamon bread in the oven at the moment, and it’s smelling way too good in this house!
  • Magazines posted to the wire
    As I was leaving the house I saw a creepy guy across the street taking pictures toward my house. When I came out he got in the passenger side of an old beater car and sped off with a woman in the driver's seat..I didn't get to take a photo of them or the vehicle´s plates.. It was a grayish colored Dodge of some sort..I left and I came back through the neighborhood looking to see if it was anywhere around but nope, and i have no idea why they were taking pictures of me or my home or what of exactly. Very freaky though, maybe I should call the cops!
  • Reseller Web Hosting posted to the wire
    Elderly people are fascinating individuals. I would love to hear stories of past generations and what they'd have to tell me. I don't care how old I get, as long as I have great memories and never stop moving.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
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  • Stephenie Meyer posted to the wire
    I had been wondering and and now I’m over everybody who this involves again it’s a reflection of their shadiness talk one thing and do the opposite I’m good right where I am. I literally disguise fake folks, yet again shows their true worth applause to you.
  • Bianca Kajlich posted to the wire
    I am literally the biggest complainer and I will admit it when I go to clean don’t make me a bigger mess already With the one that exists .... I am not gonna lie I hate to clean after anyone!!
  • Consider inviting somebody new to the dinner table this year, you never know somebody's situation. A helping hand goes a long way. Nobody should be alone for the holidays. Help spread the love and cheer this year!
  • Kurt Smith posted to the wire
    I was expecting it to be a rough one today on the roads, but not THIS bad! It always upsets me a little when I come up on cars carrying their family for the holiday in bad wrecks. There are too many careless risk takers on our roads these days and in my opinion the only best thing to do is drive super defensive more than ever before.
  • Emily Brandon posted to the wire
    People will take, take, and take some more and then they get amnesia when it's time to pay back!
  • Daniele Garcia posted to the wire
    This morning I had the strangest dream that I was a radio DJ and was using IT's Pennywise the Clown voice and I started laughing all weird and then i said to a guy across the roon, "that's mine" and he said "isn't it really Billy Skarsgards ?" and I replied "I don't care who owns it, I'm selling it". We laughed and laughed.
  • Disneyland Paris Las Vegas posted to the wire
    You never have to be good at what you do. But, you should love what you do, work at what you do, never stop learning, and keep your drive. Travel will be the for you when others fail to understand you.
  • Chase Utley posted to the wire
    I opened my BOL and the first thing that popped up was someone saying f**k you all. In just as much time it took to type that or say it, if you replaced it with Bless you all instead then what a nice habit that would be started. So BLESS you all and have a great and safe Thanksgiving and weekend!
  • News posted to the wire
    I should start selling avocados soaked in hot sauce and call them LAVAcados.
  • Macy Gray posted to the wire
    There is a dead bug on the sidewalk outside of my house that is sexier than Blake Shelton, he is NOT the sexiest guy alive! Cute maybe, but not sexy!!
  • Baby Babies Names posted to the wire
    What do the mommy ladies find sexy in a man? Those guys who spend their days off of work actually playing with their kids and doing gross household chores. That is how you know you have got a keeper of a real man!
  • Jennifer Lawrence posted to the wire
    Score the lines in a deepening order Score them deep just to make sure you told her Destructive rage, it's just easier to be that way At least you never have to eat the words you say I take pleasure in being all alone I save passion in making it on my own I will never be, taken by your humility I will never fall on my knees Bear the weight of the world as you told her But it weighs heavy on a wounded shoulder Sow the petals on a dying flower At least you know that she will stay in your power I take pity, on those who can't see clearly You take pleasure, in making it hard to see I will never be taken by your humility I will never fall on my knees Make sure she's breathing Make sure she's feeling Make sure she's responding to you now So you can tell her the score Make sure she's breathing Make sure she's feeling Make sure she's responding to you now So you can hurt her all the more I will never be beaten by your brutality I will never be shaken by your stupidity.
  • John John Deere posted to the wire
    As a young boy I was into watching sports, playing sports, video games, super heroes, and whatever was at the moment. As a teenager I still had likes with some of those things but I was about that money and lookin fly. As an adult I realize some of the things I liked as a teenager was less "adult" than what I liked as a child.
  • Emma Watson posted to the wire
    With the wrong mindset you can always find something to be crabby about or to complain about and with the correct mindset you can always find something to feel good about. The choice is yours, seriously. I am always checking my mindset and my attitude and of course correcting it when I find myself being too irritable. In other words, being mean is a choice, as well as being nice, so choose your mindset wisely.
  • Tiff Reina posted to the wire
    I made the big mistake of watching The OA on Netflix that only has one season. And the ending? UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! uggghh. I was hesitant to watch it to begin with and should have listened to myself. Now I will be irritated for days! lol
  • Kim Zolciak posted to the wire
    It is a necessity to subvert this food coma I am currently in asap! #omg I just devoured three overloaded plates of Sauerbraten, fried catfish, cheddar and pepper jack grits topped with shrimp, sausage and panko bread crumbs, cheesy garlic bread sticks, and my Grandma's baked sausage and red potatoes with sweet onions.

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