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  • Moves Like Jengger posted to the wire
    I truly enjoy my friends who connect with me on music but then also evolve into friends on another level, too. I'm grateful to have opened my mind to having friends in other countries who share their perspective on everything from kids to politics friends who I don't agree with, who has way more intelligence than I do but yet when it comes to music we share a common appreciation for our arts.
  • Christina Aguilera posted to the wire
    When I was younger, and first beginning to realize the world was a very complex place, I worried that if I cared about anything, then I would have to worry about everything. I sure wasn't too far from the truth. On the upside, the older I get the fewer f*cks I have to give!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    The customer had a dead dog and wanted to order a custom made necklace with the pet dog's name and black and white photo. Then, after the job was done and the product sent, the customer complains saying that the picture is not clear ad it seems for him a disgrace of his dead pet dog. The question is, should the seller give back full refund of the price paid for the Titanium necklace or just ignore the complainer. An unsatisfied buyer is a potential enemy for your business store online. Even if the full refund is provided, the customer is unhappy and there is a 100% possibility to give a bad review about your services
  • Vanessa Hudgens posted to the wire
    What a Fun Little Store Full Of Everything To Make You Go Ohh Aww ! Yassss, this Etsy Shop Is THAT AMAZING and MORE!
  • Ana Barbara posted to the wire
    I await the day I no longer have to deal with anymore petty drama in my life, it's getting really hard to bite my tongue these days.
  • Brenda Song posted to the wire
    A person can feel when you are letting them go. And suddenly they want to hold on tighter. Not realizing they pushed you away to begin with.
  • Gucci posted to the wire
    Man, I keep trying to make healthy protein shakes, but they keep coming out as killer margaritas.
  • Drew Barrymore posted to the wire
    If people really knew how much others hold inside secretly, then they would definitely stop creating dumb drama, and would watch themselves around certain people! #justsaying
  • Emma Schmidt posted to the wire
    No more evening gowns or swimsuits in the Miss America pageants, however, you can choose "X" on birth certificates and let’s not forget girls being in the Boy Scouts! I hate to see what will be next, what is the USA and the world coming to?!
  • Francis Bacon posted to the wire
    After spending much time on the road over the past week, I can confirm that people know just as much about the rules of the road as they do about proper grammar usage when writing...second to none, so sad and dangerous!
  • Ally Brooke posted to the wire
    Sin, thy defintion on Planet Earth is Peanut Butter Fluff ice cream for breakfast. :P
  • Emily Pearson Hall posted to the wire
    I just made my first BLT sandwich of the summer for lunch today with the Land the T from my fresh lettuce and potted tomatoes out back, and freshly sliced bacon from the our local Farmer's Meat market! NOM NOM NOM, it was phenomenal!
  • Ethel Ballard posted to the wire
    To the a$$wipe that broke the big driver's side mirror on the Ryder rental truck I am renting, thanks a lot you jerk! Ryder doesn't have a replacement in stock atm. They also don't have another truck available. Why couldn't you have been responsible and say something, instead of hitting and running?!. Now I'll be late getting to my destination tomorrow.
  • Tiff Reina posted to the wire
    I have always loved all of the intros and theme songs fro TV shows in my early childhood. I can remember them well, like for Family Ties, CHEERS, Who's The Boss, Gilligan's island, Dukes of Hazard, Little House on the Prairie, The Jeffersons, WKRP, Growing Pains, M.A.S.H...still all fresh in my mind like I just watched them yesterday, all catchy themes...and always will remember the intro to Fantasy Island with Tattoo, not necessarily the song.but with him yelling, "The Plane, The Plane!"
  • Easton Bythesea posted to the wire
    Of all the restaurants I have eaten at, I have to say that Panera Bread should be shut down and exiled from the country immediately. The soup is awful and who wants to eat a piece of bread that is so hard it can be used as a baseball bat. I hate it when I feel I've wasted my money and been ripped off. I never thought it would be possible to weaponize bread!
  • Salome posted to the wire
    If you live too much in your past or dwell too much about your future, then you never are going to live your present life as it was intended to be lived!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Online dating could be the answer for singles who suffer of antisocial anxiety disorders. Men and women who feel lonely and want to be able to connect with others, sharing with them their qualities and what they can provide on the relationship.
  • Ronda Rousey posted to the wire
    I STILL say to let men wear rompers in today´s society! They are are still not considered socially acceptable menswear. This is stupidfor a myriad of reasons but the one that sticks out the most in my mind is the fact that women spend summers shivering and freezing in our seasonal clothes when we're indoors, or bundled up like it's December, all because men are too proud to admit that light, flowy clothing feels good in hot weather and will sit in long, thick, heavy ass jeans all summer with the A/C cranked. And then they will have the nerve to say "well, put some clothes on" when we complain about the chill. Like no dude, YOU take some clothes OFF and air out!
  • McDonald's Menu posted to the wire
    There's nothing like an evening monsoon and a McDonald's coffee with a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger and large fries to end a wild Thursday, so excited that tomorrow's already Friday Yay!! via Linda Martin on Facebook on May 31, 2018 at 7:44pm.
  • Tabitha Simmons posted to the wire
    Sometimes, it's better to distance yourself from others. If they won't let go of the past, they can not move on to a better tomorrow. You can try to be there for them but it's up to them as to what they do with your advice. If they don't listen or start shutting you out, don't worry about it. It's their problems to deal with. You tried to help and you were there as a friend. If they push you away, that's less stress for you.

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