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  • Noel Booth posted to the wire
    At first I thought that I gained a ton of weight overnight, and but then I realized that I was trying to put on my little sister's pants this morning. Now, after 2 pots of coffee, I cannot stop laughing over this incident!
  • Val Kilmer posted to the wire
    It never fails. Every time I wear a new pair of shoes out in public some dumbazz with no sense of personal space is going to find a way to step on them.
  • Leanor Rooks posted to the wire
    Snapping turtles are not a-holes when they snap and hiss at us when saving them from sudden death on the roads. They're just frustrated when we keep interrupting their attempts to die, silly things.
  • Bliss Juno posted to the wire
    It is never ever a good sign when a client has to clarify his lawyer's comments. Never good at all! SMH. What a world we live in.
  • Gami posted to the wire
    I don´t want to complain on here really, but I am quite upset because a new owner bought our apartment complex building yeasterday. Since we're not on a lease, he gave us a 30 day notice to leave. Well, he actually said we could stay if we get rid of our furbabies which isn´t going to happen. Time to start packing, I guess, and oping to get my finances in order quick! Not sure what we will do in the meantime, ughhh, it´s always something!
  • Sondra Llewellyn posted to the wire
    People say I´m weird because I hate cabbage but love cabbage rolls, hate raisins but love grapes, and hate tomatoes but love spaghetti sauce and ketchup. Maybe I am just a weirdo regardless of what I like and dislike, being normal is the strangest thing of all!
  • Sherry Glasses posted to the wire
    A store for the crafty people and the geeks, just like me! They have the neatest things!!!!!!!!
  • Facebook Search posted to the wire
    May the Fourth be With You !!!!
  • Kenny Brieger posted to the wire
    I am proud of lots of things, and ashamed and embarrassed by many other things. Be that as it may, the fact that we as Americans have the freedom to choose things is the most important of all. Our democracy has spoken a lot the last several years. For now, we NEED to keep spreading love and kindness. See how it heals and encourages others. Please, get a grip and be the solution of all problems! If you are worried about the welfare of women, minorities, members of communities, and so on, then please get out there and support their events, interests, and movements because actions speak louder than words!!
  • Margaret Richards posted to the wire
    I have been a diet Pepsi drinking girl since I was a teenager. This is going to be a big change for me. It's one that I feel I need to do though. I survived my first day of no diet Pepsi. This is going to be a big life change, but I am ready for the big challenge and a healthier lifestyle!
  • Miranda Kerr posted to the wire
    I need to ask you guys who are spamming me the useless videos on my messenger to please stop it. I caught a virus the other day and it messed my iPhone up where I now am unable to even use it. I am deleting and not opening the whole message of anyone anymore. I will only open a video message if we talk about it being sent beforehand, thanks.
  • Random Imgur posted to the wire
    When it rains, it pours, I am genuinely hope there are flowers behind this big storm tonight!
  • Sheryl Ferrandino posted to the wire
    If what I am about to say is too direct for you, then maybe you should have done considered how this is ends. If you can’t show me respect now then don’t show up at my funeral leaning over my coffin as if you gave 2 f''ks about me because we have done accomplished that much while I’m still here! Now with this being said, let’s lay all this before I don’t have a voice, I can stand on my own all real no fake on this end what is enough is enough!
  • Jimmy Johns posted to the wire
    I'm at such of level of ridiculousness, that people have to question me as to how I really hurt myself, when I'm telling them the truth! Hahahaha, oh, and for your information: break dancing in genie pants and shoes might not be a bright idea!
  • Kelley Blue posted to the wire
    I planted my first ever garden today, yayyy for mee! I planted flowers and vegetables of all kinds including sweet peas, sugar snaps, carrots, butternut squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, sunflowers, poppies, and many more! I might even plant some trees for the upcoming Earth Day!!! Buhahaha...Yep, I'm getting a GREEN THUMB just like my Gramps!!!!
  • Alexander Taylor posted to the wire
    Anyone care to explain to me why just had to scrape a bunch of ICE off my freaking windshield in mid-April?! WTF!!!
  • Angelique Boyer posted to the wire
    It is so strange that Beyoncé was in my dream last night when I rarely even listen to her songs, read about her, or watch her videos as of lately. In my dream, I met her because of some weird job I was working I couldn’t even explain it but my boss asked me to go into this forbidden area of our building where all of the celebs were and I had to get her signature on this form. But they told me to be quick about it because staying in this area was a liability. Generally everyone I have seen enter this area ran in and ran our. But when I went into the area to get her signature and run out she grabbed my hand before I could go. And she started giving me advice about my life. Don’t want to go into details but it was weird and accurate. I ended up listening to her for like 30 minutes and then sirens went off telling me to get out and then I got fired. That was like the weirdest dream ever what the heck. It’s like one of those where you wake up and you physically feel weird. And no I’m not one of those people that idolizes Beyoncé. This random dream out of nowhere is really freaking me out!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
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  • Jackie Robinson posted to the wire
    I have learned a lot about people, mostly that they are not what they say they are, but what they show they are.
  • Ava Anderson posted to the wire
    I guess it is now apparent to me that you have to eat healthy more than one time to get your body in shape, how cruel and unfair life can be!

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