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  • Macy Gray posted to the wire
    If someone really loves you at all then they would never ever allow you to slip away no matter the situation or the obstacles.
  • Marytine posted to the wire
    White chocolate raspberry cheesecake is my new love for life, don't need no other!
  • Megan Fox posted to the wire
    Four tiny baby kittens of about 3 weeks of age were brought to me today. They are about the size of my hand and not standing or walking on their own yet. They were found dumped in the garbage and were crying loud, the poor things. Thankfully some people found them and pulled them out to safety. I am syringe feeding them formula every 2-3 hours. Hopefully, tomorrow we will place them with a nursing mother who only has one kitten. Praying it works and she takes them on as her own this is hard work!
  • John John Deere posted to the wire
    I noticed the guy by me pumping diesel with surgical gloves on and never pictured me saying this but ya can't be a true trucker if your scared of getting a little fuel on your hands.
  • Amber Byard posted to the wire
    I don't understand why men go to clubs and bars to pick up girls. Just go to your local Target store instead! The female to male ratio at that place is 10 to 1 and they are already looking for things they don't need.
  • Angela Lansbury posted to the wire
    I had some people tell me that because I am so small and short, that I'm kind of like a little doll. I suppose that is true. All you have to do is wind me up, and I will do a funny little dance.
  • Bridget Sambo posted to the wire
    There is nothing like making plans with somebody and then them standing you up and not even having the balls to let you know what is going on. Or to not even answer any text messages!
  • Pilar Arrio posted to the wire
    I'm about to lose it with to many changes all at once. I'm about to go crazy but I can't give in, be strong and know it gonna get better. It is all about the will power!!
  • University of Florida posted to the wire
    I picked up doughnuts for work today. I just want to say that I personally think Krispy Kreme is not as good as Dunkin' Donuts, and the Boston cremes, maple bacon, and apple fritters from 7 eleven are the best ones ever!
  • It has been rough but I have got my healthier ways going with no more soda, sweets, or smoking...I am very determined to get my good health back! My energy level is much better just gotta keep going on to better things!
  • Car Rentals posted to the wire
    I just love soup season! Over the weekend I have made homemade chicken and dumplings, vegetable beef stew, and turkey southwest chili!
  • Musical Instruments posted to the wire
    The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win it without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honor. If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved. - Samuel Smiles
  • Auguste Vasquez posted to the wire
    Only Chelsea FC can make Real Madrid look like Crystal Palace , and make Crystal Palace look like Madrid in a short span of only three weeks!
  • I don’t know what national day it is today because all I cared about was the 32nd Annual Bacon Fest so I have a belly fulla YUMMY BACON! For me, today is National Eat All Things Bacon Day.
  • No wonder all the publishers are posting many questions on how to increase paycheck amount payments from their sites and blogs online!
  • Andrea posted to the wire
    Some of the best and most important things you will ever do will never be seen by people. Do them anyway. If you found something that required hard work BUT made you happy AF then would you do it? I honestly think most people would say no which makes me sad because one thing I know for sure is you you don't find happiness, you make happiness. If you said yes to the things that you knew would make you happy, you would soon realize how worth it the hard work is!
  • Shirley Chisholm posted to the wire
    Go ahead and humor me if you w0uld: If you are reading this, then please leave me a GIF about your day thus far. Then, copy and paste this status to your wall so I can leave a GIF for you. Do not just put a GIF and not copy because that is not fun, but boring!
  • Valerie Harper posted to the wire
    I am always reminding myself to keep my heart open and to lead with love but it isn't always easy! I have always been very sensitive and empathetic and anybody who relates to that will know what I mean when I say that sometimes it makes it hard to keep your heart from hurting. Fear can cause you to close yourself off, to protect yourself at all costs. But what good is a big loving heart if it just stays trapped behind walls? What purpose does a caged up heart serve? I would like to think everything happens for a reason, therefore as hard as it may sometimes be, I keep ripping my heart open to let love and love in. There are so o many lessons to be learned in that ebb and flow though.
  • Austin Nichols posted to the wire
    I was with my ex for 5 years and she never acted like she wanted to be with me. She never once wanted to take a selfie pic with me unless I pretty much begged her too. But, she wanted to get mad when I took photos with other females who were mutual friends of ours on my 21st birthday that she didn't even come too or even wish me a happy birthday and one of those girls were her own cousin!
  • Rihanna Stay posted to the wire
    So, while other people are so excited over their tickets to Star Wars. I am buying Princess Bride tickets. Imagine that!