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  • Bella Thorne posted to the wire
    All trust me when I say I’m fed up and sick of a lot of crap and things about to get ugly! I'm trying to decide if I like people as much as I like the comforts my bed, my kitty, and my booze. Sometimes what one thinks is okay saying regarding their own personal opinion probably should have just kept their mouth closed considering certain facts to that situation they wouldn’t want told just saying!!!!
  • Anna Nicole Lee Jeffrie posted to the wire
    Instead of my car saying dumb things like "your door is ajar", it should say helpful things like there's a state cop hiding in the dark ahahaha!
  • Ferrari Einthusan posted to the wire
    I am now refusing to let life live me I will live life to its fullest with or without others agreeing upon what I decide, or letting what can’t be seen fully be mistaken by so much more. Life is a wonderful gift and the memories you make along the way are endless!
  • Annabelle Doll posted to the wire
    Some stuff I use that I refuse buy cut-rate are Health Supplements, Essential Oils, Toilet Tissue, Shoes, Hair Conditioner, Cosmetics, Trash Bags and Coffee. You can call me a snob, but some things just need to be top notch!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    For sure public transportation is the answer to traffic congestion solutions in urban areas and open highways where it has become out of control to drive vehicles with just the driver these days. People who enter driving the main roads and short streets or avenues just to make it more difficult to the other drivers who really need to move from one place to another. At pic times the same problem happens almost simultaneously in all the american countries. Buses, trains and collective transportation is 100% the right approach. Electric and auto driver vehicles could also be the part of savings for the economy of a nation. the methods used to reduce traffic congestion till now is not working because people love the feeling of driving their own car and arriving sooner to their jobs or back to their homes. It is well known that the only time a passenger should take a taxi is when all the other transportation solutions are out and the person does not hold a valid driver license to drive. In some countries of Central America prices for public transportation goes between prices of $1.00 to $50.000 depending of the distance that the passenger has to travel, and that only includes one trip with no return and waiting. So now let´s ask..How to prevent air pollution on the cities and reduce excessive of noise pollution, inclusive excessive excessive yawning and anxiety and stress with anger on the streets.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Just a minute to think in all the opportunities that every citizen in America has. The relevancy to preserve the gift of democracy and freedom. Let's think about how important is to be together and join forces, positive thoughts and permanent knowledge to achieve the goals together for the future of our nations. Only together we can become winners in all economic aspects and great success. We all the man, the women and kids are a piece of the puzzle and must remain doing well for the system to work.
  • After watching Rodolfo Piza advertise mouthwash, Juan Diego declare war on what is moving, and after seeing the video of the Doña de Fabricio Alvaro who by the way left me with the Wig stopped, now I am definitely thinking that the most qualified candidate is Alvarez Desanti and will be voting for him on Sunday! #justsaying
  • Kesha Rivas posted to the wire
    Always am hearing globs about what we did not do or what we should not have done, but never what we did right! So if you are in any way, struggling today, please know that I think you are amazing as heck and I understand that most days our plates are over-flowing with a list of to dos and reponsibilities that some days we just cannot easily get through. Tomorrow is another chance for a brand new beginning, and you got this!
  • Samantha Smith posted to the wire
    So, earlier I dropped and broke a full jar of mayonnaise and it exploded all over my kitchen. Just now, I dropped the insert of my slow cooker and it shattered on the kitchen floor. I am clearly not meant to cook at all today, so I will be going out to dinner tonight. I debating between TGI Fridays and The Melting Pot.
  • Java Array posted to the wire
    I would rather eat crumbs with bums, than eat steaks with fakes any day of the year, so beginning today, I am weeding out the fakers in my life. If you are not in my life to truly love me and grow with me, then please, kick rocks now!!
  • Kylie Jenner posted to the wire
    Every day is leg day if you're running from your problems, but come on now, homemade pizza, Hoppy Ending Pale Ale , and netflix on your only day off of problemic work probs is the best way of avoidance. Yep, I need this.
  • Cindi Perkins posted to the wire
    My stupid phone has not been working the greatest and keeps dying on me for no reason at all. I need to get a new battery for my iPhone SE but I just wanted to let everyone know in case anyone tries to get a hold of me and I do not respond right away.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    When people decide not to watch or hear more world and local news something bad happens, They become uninformed and ignoring the latest updates and finally that is not good for the intellectual and personal knowledge.
  • Ronda Rousey posted to the wire
    I am turning off the news for a month, so tired of hearing all the crazy stupid senseless stuff going on!
  • Pets posted to the wire
    Please pet owners worldwide, be very careful what you buy for your little one. This weekend, I unsuspectingly picked up a supply of canned cat food called Fancy Feast from the grocery store (P.M. me if you want the name of the store or the brand of food; I don't want to get sued by this store). I opened the can yesterday and I thought it didn't smell quite right, but then again wet cat food isn't supposed to smell like Chanel No. 5. I put down a third of the can for an afternoon snack, and went off to do some errands. When I came home, my precious baby girl had been VERY sick in my living room, and less than half of what I had put down had been eaten. Moreover, NOTHING had been thrown up except the cat food. I cleaned up the mess, but I noticed Smokey wouldn't go near her eating area for the rest of the evening. This morning, I put down another third of the can for her breakfast. When I came home for lunch, she had been very sick, this time near her litter box. I smelled the can (which was in a baggie in my fridge) and is RANK. I looked at the date on the can and it doesn't expire for almost a year. But still, something in that can made my precious baby sick. She seems okay now, but I am calling the vet in the morning, but I will also be returning the partially eaten can and all other cans that I bought (which I will not be feeding her) to the store and see about a refund, not an exchange. Also, will be calling the cat food company and consumer affairs soon, because the whole shipment could be bad. I was trying to spoil her and instead gave her a round-trip ticket to the salmonella smorgasbord. I feel so terrible!
  • Sara posted to the wire
    This flu has kept me in bed since last Wednesday. Both of my eyes are watering and bright red, so I look like I’m always crying. I sound like Darth Vader when I breathe. Every joint in my body feels hyperextended. If I cough, it turns into a fit that makes me pee in my pants. I have no pride at this point. Sicker than a dog, and no sign of relief.
  • Bieber Fever posted to the wire
    I sat on my front porch eating a piece of fried chicken. .crumbs were dropping on my shirt so I stop up to shake the crumbs off, and the next thing I know squirrels start swarming the crumbs and grabbing them and running away. So I sat there holding the chicken in my hand and couldn't help but wonder if the squirrels would like a piece of fried chicken. So I flung it out in the front yard, sure enough a large squirrel grabbed the chicken and ran away with the bone and all .. can't blame him. I would take fried chicken over nuts and seeds any day.
  • Maybe people should practice how to do kisses better! In between several successful videos from the mother media site you-tube, in November 27, 2017, Miss Paloma Renee shows her audience online how a real kiss should be done. This published content...
  • Kesha Rivas posted to the wire
    I am so sick and tired of all the poor me posts. If your life is so messed up, then it's most likely that YOU are to blame for that. Any situation I have been through, you can bet I played a MAJOR role. Yes I have needed help before and yes I have asked. But what I didn't do is get upset about who didn't help me. Nobody owes us anything! Grow up and take responsibility for the mistakes that have created in the current situation. I have been through more than most. So trust and believe I understand how hard life can be. But I don't let it stop me and I for sure don't blame other people for my life probs!

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