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  • Martin Shervington posted to the wire
    Occupy your destiny with ease and take cover or relax take your time to think until further notice? Yeah, I don't really see how The United States is going to get any profits by having a discussion that strong with the dictator of North Korea. As a matter of fact, China and Russia will profit if there is a real thing happening between those two in the argument. This opinion is because the US will lose billions of dollars and human lives for fighting with a loser. I think Russia and China want to put the United States in a weakened position and the naive untrained Donald Trump is falling for it.
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  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    I love rain, each time it does rain, i see lots of bugs flying looking for a dry place and running away from bird hunters. Raining is the process of life to feed plants with the precious liquid called "water" Then plants and trees will produce flowers and fruits and the world becomes more beautiful for the rest of us.
  • Emily Pearson Hall posted to the wire
    Social media loves for unwanted drama on it to be involved in somebody's life every second of the day... well let me give you all the show ...I have always went far and beyond for anybody and those who mean everything to me, I would go to no ends for them! I am gonna call it like it is if your in a relationship with someone it's quit disrespectful to be accepting friend requests of the opposite gender or let me say if the one your with does not approve lack of being jealous I say not simply being loyal to the one you are with.
  • Emerald Green posted to the wire
    Reflections of true inner beauty is not made up it's natural physical beauty, and shows it's true self with no flaws. Everybody has flaws that are daily judged upon but to be comfortable in your skin with your own value and not allow somebody's opinion change who you are is of high importance.
  • University of Michigan posted to the wire
    I do not really like the term discipline because I relate it to being a little girl and getting "disciplined" for doing something bad (well "bad" depending on who you ask LOL). Now I am starting to see discipline differently, it is what allows me to accomplish my goals. It gets me on my way to college classes on the days when I am feeling kinda meh, it gets me to press play on my workout even when I'm tired and it's midnight, and it gets me to care for my body like it's a mutha effin temple, because it IS a temple. Yeah, even if I am not totally sold on the word discipline because of the negative connotations I give it, I really truly appreciate discipline for the changes it has brought to my mind, body and soul!
  • Beyonce Ave Maria posted to the wire
    If you never take a moment to be proud of yourself, then you you SHOULD and OFTEN! I used to wait for things to be perfect before I would let myself feel proud, but things are never going to be perfect So, basically being proud of me was something I used to NEVER do, but now I do it every day! I feel proud of myself right where I'm at, instead of always wanting to change X, Y, and Z first. Too many people are too hard on themselves and so I'm here to remind you to feel proud.
  • Party posted to the wire
    So, as much as I hate having to revamp my costumes, especially if it requires me to make anything handmade that requires too much skill or money, I do enjoy making new props for all of my costumes. The latest addition to my unique Minion Halloween Costume is pretty sick! Pictures coming soon.
  • Maxie Delgado posted to the wire
    Today I looked in the mirror and realized I have the same body shape as an Orangutan. I am short, round, flabby torso; long, with strong but soft arms with big hands; strong, semi-bowed legs. Luckily, I have better hair than Orangutans and smell slightly better also!
  • Ronald Hunkeler Today posted to the wire
    I am now a hamster-less home as my little black and and white Michael Jackson has passed on this morning, and my Elvis and Buddy Holly in hamster both passed in January. They were all good hamsters and well loved, but I think I am gonna go pet-free for a while. Maybe get a puppy or kitten for Christmas. Hamsters have such a short lifespan.
  • Alexa What's Hot posted to the wire
    I've learned to be extremely cautious of whom I share my thoughts and life with since every listening ear is not a friend!
  • Wendy Davis Robertson posted to the wire
    I just had another fantastic Oncology appointment today and after 5 blessed years of life, I am still in REMISSION W00T!!!
  • Jennifer Lawrence posted to the wire
    Listening about the crumbling world on ABC Breaking News while shelling oysters for tonight's dinner of oyster stew with potatoes and kale salad but all I am hearing is yada yada yada , so boring, should turn on some 90s music instead but my hands are stinky and slimy...Happy Hump day ya'll! :D
  • Claudine Alpha posted to the wire
    A person can never take enough self defense training classes and I am ready for more!
  • Work Job posted to the wire
    In today's world that is way too busy Keeping Up With the Joneses , it’s now time to be a Little House on the Prairie for family sake.
  • Kim Zolciak posted to the wire
    Had a wonderful and inspiring morning breakfast meeting with some of the people I love to the moon and back!
  • Regan MacNeil posted to the wire
    I am genuinely sick and tired of one sided relationships! It's always about them them them, and it feels like a burden to bring up myself, like walking on eggshells. It's always me doing for them; caring, inquiring about their well-being, offering advice, showing concern, supporting.... They say they care but how often do they text me and ask me how I am doing? How often do you pick up the phone to call me and have a conversation about whats on my mind? When do you listen to me without making it about yourself somehow? One sided friendships will, from now on, be pointed out and abolished because that means the person does not care about me as much as they claim. Actions speak louder than words!
  • Francis Bacon posted to the wire
    When somebody is working hard to change, the worst thing you can do to them is to hold them to their past. If you really care, then forgive them and help them to transform!
  • Tatiana Maslany posted to the wire
    Today I have been thinking about how something kind of awesome happens when you set a goal and begin working toward it. Before you even achieve the goal, you begin to feel the satisfaction of it. You don't even have to achieve the goal yet but just by putting in the work and following through on your commitment, you begin to feel satisfaction of desire from right where your at. So often, people will hesitate to take action because the end goal seems so far away, but what they don't realize is the joy you experience on your way to the goal is just as satisfying. So let your goal inspire you, but trust the the journey will be joyful and satisfying too. And when you approach your goals with that attitude the path will unfold perfectly for you!!
  • Clement Eas Attlee posted to the wire
    I'm needing my own vacation away from all of the BS in my life. Live and learn. The love of my life left me for someone else. Always will love you, but I'm not getting played ever again.