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  • Olivia Wilde posted to the wire
    The best thing about being an adult is admitting everything to your parents that you did when you were younger because there isn't a thing they can do about it now.
  • Amber Rose posted to the wire
    Even after a HUGE set back with my health, losing ALL of my savings, and feeling defeated by life, I’ve been able to create a life I’m proud of thus far.
  • Book posted to the wire
    I could sure use a massage but some soothing sounds from the crystal bowls while reading a good book will have to do for tonight! I always make sure I take care of myself inside and out! Sometimes I just gotta pump the brakes for a second and chill out. But first, time for a little dinn dinn.
  • Moves Like Jengger posted to the wire
    Some people's posts make me sick to my stomach. Also, people need to use punctuation in their posts! It makes people understand posts easier. I just read the world's longest sentence ever!
  • Moves Like Jengger has a new avatar
    Moves Like Jengger
  • Shoes posted to the wire
    I learned really quick to never take time for granted when I had a near death experience 1.5 years ago. I wanted to change myself and my entire way of life but I felt STUCK in my old shoes. I wanted to walk in new shoes. Now I stand, walk, run, and even sleep in best shoes, boots, heels, sandals every day and am loving life to the fullest!
  • Alberto Phonito posted to the wire
    I am asking for a friend of mine: Is it wrong to have a DQ Dilly bar for dinner? I say that it sounds quite fine to me, with the dairy group and the @chocolate group (a.k.a. cocao beans are a veggie Lol)!
  • Anneliese Michel posted to the wire
    Perceptions are only a reality if you refuse to change your views.
  • Gucci posted to the wire
    When you are watching Forensic Files at Buffalo Wild Wings, and you don't remember an older episode of a high profile murder in your tiny hometown where you were raised in as a child!
  • Robert Hughes posted to the wire
    I don't really "manage" seasonal depression so much as I rearrange my life to make sure that I'm around people who have the same behavior patterns year round. For example, I go up to Montana for snowmobiling season. Where it's not weird to avoid the outdoors like the plague. When the clocks roll back I wish someone could just put me to sleep until springtime.
  • Julia Roberts posted to the wire
    Tip of the Day for the Panera Soup Lovers: Never spend the extra money to get a bowl of soup at Panera because I measured, and it's the same amount of soup as getting the cup of soup. #justsaying
  • Miranda Kerr posted to the wire
    I may not live in a Mansion and to some may not like living in a trailer but to make a home a home within all your heart can is enough to make any place A home I don't need a big fancy place All I need is my family's love and make memories as we go along the way . Not bragging to be self centered but next summer I am putting a swimming pool in building a back deck a nice little front porch planting some flowers all So we can enjoy more time with family. It doesn't have to be an enormous or expensive project to be happy. It’s not about what ya got it’s about who ya got it with! I love my entire family, they keep Me planted.
  • Sheryl Ferrandino posted to the wire
    The winter is my favorite season of the year! Yummy peppermint mochas and staying home snuggled on my sofa sure does beat those sticky humid and sweaty summers!
  • Ava Anderson posted to the wire
    I usually turn my Satelite Dish Network off during the Summer months because I hardly ever watch tv then. In the Fall I turn it back on. Now I am thinking about not continuing the Dish Network, and just getting two Hulu sticks instead. One for the living room and one for the bedroom. My Dish bill is $128 a month, but Netflix is only $9.99 a month...a tremendous savings!
  • Jimmy Johns posted to the wire
    Dear News Media, I can think for myself. So please just go ahead and bring ethics back to Journalism. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Jimmy Johns The News Media: *Googles ethics and sincerity*
  • Telkomsel Indonesia posted to the wire
    I am so happy that Halloween is finally over. It is now time to begin a month of open thankfulness. Today would have to be the most important thing I am thankful for, and that would be how much God loves me. He loves me so much that He sent his only Son as a sacrifice in my place so that I may be reconciled with Him in Heaven. Without Christ's sacrifice, there is no reconciliation because His blood is the the only washing and atonement for our sins that there is. Being good alone cannot get us into Heaven. What a gift!
  • The Wire posted to the wire
    The weird moment when you are typing away at your secretarial job and then you hear the classic song "9 to 5" on the radio. It was surreal! I never feel more like a working-grown up person than when I hear that song. It also fills me with an overwhelming desire to string some people up on a garage door opener.
  • Thisbe Zelma posted to the wire
    It sure is a tragedy when a man is fine as heck, but is a game player. No respectable woman can even entertain that, so sad.
  • Jezebel posted to the wire
    There is only so much television you can watch ugh. The word boredom doesn't even begin to say enough.
  • Rihanna Daily posted to the wire
    I can't seem to figure out if it's the "S" or the "C" that's silent in the word Scent. :D