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  • Waldo Sherwood posted to the wire
    It confirms my suspicions about a person who I deleted 8 months ago who spoke to me once last year and then they contacted me today asking why I deleted them like it just happened yesterday! Just the kind of people I can't stand. Yeah, we may have been good friends at one point in my life but that means nothing today. If you can't at least say something once a year, then I don't need you around clogging up my newsfeed that could be used for new friends and old friends who actually like speaking once in a while. And, yes, it takes two, and yes, I made several attempts to contact him in messages, and he ignored all of them, so yeah.
  • Rihanna Daily posted to the wire
    After seeing the dark side of somebody that I used to know, I now completely agree with all the others, so many people tried to say you are NOTHING but loud obnoxious controlling and rude! You may play that role with others but I will not tolerate it! People can be so ungrateful. Nobody ever thanks me for having the patience to not slap the stupid out of them.
  • JP Janitorial Services posted to the wire
    If any of my friends or even non-friends ever are needing somebody to talk to about anything ever, then I’m here for you. I’m super easy to talk to and I won’t judge you for anything. Just wanted to let it be known, you are not alone!
  • Games posted to the wire
    OHH Brazil just did a score goal now! The Brazilian that plays in China, i think is Renato Augusto. Now Brazil is closer, but not jet because time is running out and they need one more goal against Belgium
  • Games posted to the wire
    Gino, to me it seems that Belgium won the soccer game already by scoring 2 - 0 to Brazil at the World Cup. The Cup will stay in Europe. Neymar is not a challenge to stop Lukaku or any other belgium player so far.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Brazil is playing soccer today vs Belgium at the World Cup in Russia. Brazilians wanted so badly to score a goal that per an accident they scored against themselves the first one. Uruguay is gone, they lost 2 - 0 goals against France already. This means Brazil is the last country team from America on the soccer tournament or Competition.
  • Gino Valentino created a page South Florida is My Country
    Remembering my good days when i arrived to United States of America. Particularly i arrive on the early nineties (90's) to South Florida by a cruise ship. This is why i can't get over it so far. The day I arrived, it was a Sunday and Miami had many...
  • Katherine Howmuchphe posted to the wire
    Not wanting to sound really negative being that it's July 4th and all, but I'm in the mood where nothing is really wrong, but nothing feels right either.
  • Software posted to the wire
    I made a study about the best two antivirus for 2018 and arrived to a conclusion today.. The first place is for Kaspersky Lab free antivirus software keeping your computer safe. and the second is Avast antivirus easy PC virus protection operating system Windows, Android, and Mac. AVG free antivirus download and install for free.
  • News posted to the wire
    That's true! Mexico is playing much better than Costa Rica vs Brazil, last soccer game, when Brasil or Brazil practically was playing alone against Keylor Navas, the Costa Rican Goalkeeper. By the way, right now Brazil made the 2 second goal to the Mexican team there in Russia
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Mexico is trying to equal Brazil soccer game. Brasil is the name that Latinos call this country on the soccer field overthere at Samara stadium in Russia today. Right now as 10:00am The Mexican are down 1 goal made by Brazilian Naymar 51'.
  • Pets posted to the wire
    Me: Maureen, what in the world are you doing? Maureen: just having a “stare contest” with Sove (our cat) Me: Well then, who is winning the contest? Maureen: Can you believe it Mom? That darn cat doesn't even know how to blink!
  • Pandora posted to the wire
    I find it ironic that the music of Fleetwood Mac, all band members who chain smoked back in the day, is now being used to peddle COPD meds.
  • Kent Bazemore posted to the wire
    During the stormageddan earlier, I was at my massage appointment. About half through, the tornado sirens go off. I ask the massage therapist if maybe I should get dressed?! They were like 'nah we are fine, we are in an internal room'. Well, I try to relax with the loud tornado sirens in my underwear, but cannot but then the therapist says, 'you have a sheet and blanket on, all will be okay'. I’m was like, at least let me put my shoes on!! Lol. We survived though, but yeah!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    The World cup continues next Saturday, one week from now, Argentina vs France, Uruguay vs Portugal, Spain vs Russia, Denmark vs Croatia, Brazil vs Mexico, Belgium vs Japan. It will be very excited. https// Football Soccer!
  • Aubs posted to the wire
    Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. I've been doing some self reflection. I have always been a strong willed, determined, rebellious person. But I have definitely mellowed with age. Not out of fear but of maturity and respect for myself. I have always been an emotionally guided person. I'm passionate about things I believe in, I can lose my temper in a split second and say things out of hurt and anger but I will ALWAYS apologize when I'm wrong. I genuinely care about other people's feelings, but I care about mine too.
  • Lian Meiting posted to the wire
    For real, everybody needs to stop having relationship problems with those they are not in relationships with, no reason to be stressed out for no reason at all! I, on the other hand, am dealing with some changes in my life again but looking forward to the future knowing good things lie ahead.
  • Salma Hayek posted to the wire
    Lately I have really been putting in effort to gain control over things that I once felt like I lost control of. It’s just taking a lot of focus and energy but it is kind of working out. Although I still have my down days I’m definitely making some head way. There are times where my conscience is telling me I don’t deserve things but it’s a lie. I do especially the things I work hard for. Yippy for progression!
  • James Lafferty posted to the wire
    I got up today in hopes for somewhat of a decent day ugh not sure it's even close to decent, especially for a Saturday. Yeah, it’s just another blah day, so I'm going back to bed since nothing to do anyways.
  • Bianca Kajlich posted to the wire
    People's lives are made up of shared experiences. We have to have bad to appreciate the good. The universe is about balance. What is meant to be will always be. Some days we just have to exhale and press forward. We aren't intended to stay in the dark and sometimes we just have to patiently wait for the light. Love changes. Words hurt. Hearts break. Relationships end. Love grows. Words have power. Hearts heal. Relationships mend.

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