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Book Of Like is the best advanced dating social networking service to connect people online with social media date interaction among other living near or far away, as well as your family and friends too, if you wish. Invite others to join and start friendly and interesting conversations.
That's how people get to know each other in real life and in cyberspace

The best examples of couples who started dating for one or more years and today they remain married happy everafter, are usually the divorced men and women with one or two marriage experiences already. That's fine if this is your first date of a lifetime or you are more experienced. There is always going to be someone special for you waiting in this relationships website. Let's turn the Book Of Like into a Book Of Love shall we? From all free online dating sites, we are already the best social networking service pairing people to people with date a live online dating, chats, news, videos, photos, opinions, date ideas, recipes, and so on. Close your other basic boring social medias like Facebook and broaden your horizons. The Book Of Like Free Dating Site Online Of Live Social Networks, Date Chat Rooms Online, and Real Connections...Is Ready To Roll!

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  • Candy posted to the wire
    So, whenever somebody yells "Stop", I never really know if it's in the Name of Love, if It's Hammer Time, or if I should collaborate and listen.
  • John John Deere posted to the wire
    Holy heck I literally just saved myself from choking and dying on a chicken bone from Popeye's on my lunch break that I took alone today for the first time in ages; I slammed my back against a wall a few times and it came out!
  • Fernando Song posted to the wire
    I have a passionate interest in different expressions of music, especially in Jazz, Pop, Rhythm, Rock, Folk-Country, Blues, Soul, and so on with a focus on dance, stage and screen, and some other forms of artistic expression. Here is some of my work thus far: https://www.SOLIDAMERICA.com/
  • Insurance Companies posted to the wire
    The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. - Stephen Hawking
  • Food Network posted to the wire
    We're having Chinese food for dinner tonight! Well, we are having rice anyways, and I'm cooking it in my pot that's made in China. so basically yeah. Chinese food! Lol
  • Susan Miller posted to the wire
    October is an extremely busy month so many birthdays I barely can keep up with them all! First my nephew Bryan was on the 1st, then my beautiful niece Layla was yesterday, and then the 8th my Mommy ,next my amazing boyfriend Kris on the 18th and finally but not least are both my other beautiful niece Kelly and my brother, Abel on Halloween day! Whew, so many too celebrate but I love them all and it is time for some more birthday shopping!
  • Enrique Iglesias posted to the wire
    Everyone please be careful with the iPhone chargers because mine just caught on fire!
  • I never heard of the name Coulrophilia until the film, IT , was released. I should find a Pennywise clown Halloween costume.
  • Robbie Mannheim posted to the wire
    If you want to see pure joy and happiness, make a child smile. Life is tough, but they don't need to know that yet.
  • My Lovely Kitty posted to the wire
    It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens that whatever you say to them, they always purr. ― An Alice Quote in Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    You win some, you lose some. The key is to stay focused NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you get rained out, you still got to suit up for them all. You keep living the book of life.
  • Sephora Play posted to the wire
    While organizing my house and cleaning out the cabinets to prepare for moving in two weeks, I found a portable DVD player! How can I not realize it was missing?! Surprisingly, it works and I now have a portable DVD player, love it!
  • Bloody Mary Kay posted to the wire
    I Daylight Saving Time but it’s really knocking me about right now, I’m just so exhausted in Autumn, but hopefully I will be used to it soon.
  • Macy Gray posted to the wire
    ‪One of the most heartbreaking things about Social Media is realizing that people whom you know and love are stupid as stumps!
  • Margaret Nichole posted to the wire
    Daddy, it has already been a dozen years today and I still miss you, maybe even moreso. Some days go by and you might cross my mind as I walk by your tools hanging in your garage and some days I think of you every minute. For me, losing you has been the hardest part of adulting. I can’t pick up the phone to call and ask for advice even though you are still the first person I want to tell everything to. Sometimes I really just need to have you put your arms around me and tell me it is okay. Sometimes I just want to show you who I have become. I remember telling you when I was little that I was going to take care of you! Buy you a mansion and a big fancy car! I thought I could fix everything for you and it would be okay. I suppose it is okay. Not how I expected it to happen but maybe there is a reason. I miss and love you every minute of every day.
  • Rick Kerr posted to the wire
    This weekend I am going to a brawl crawl and I want to be the illiterate Nightman,Charlie, from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don't think many people will get it without some of the other Sunny gang characters like Dayman, Green man, the troll, crazy Patty, Maureen Ponderosa, Dennis, Mac, Dee, and Rickety Cricket.
  • Scarlett Johansson posted to the wire
    This year so far has proven that I always reach my goals and I do not need to make any New Year Resolutions to set them either. Just saying. Anyone can improve themselves at any time.
  • Delilah posted to the wire
    People who say "If you can't love yourself, then nobody can" are indirectly saying "Nobody loves you" to people with low self-esteem. I usually single just for this one point, but it is true. #justsaying
  • Kim Zolciak posted to the wire
    I have now begun a brand new journey in life today! I started my new job today plus started on a new life change journey that will be drama-free and A-hole free whoot! I am lucky to have a great group of people walking this road with me as i rebuild my life after years of hell!! Now, it's only about positive vibes, and time to release all of the negative energy once and for all!!
  • Jennifer McCallister posted to the wire
    So, I still have most of those old records for sale, feel make an offer and let me know your address and I will send them in Priority mail. Let's do this thang.