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Book Of Like is the best advanced dating social networking service to connect people online with social media date interaction among other living near or far away, as well as your family and friends too, if you wish. Invite others to join and start friendly and interesting conversations.
That's how people get to know each other in real life and in cyberspace

The best examples of couples who started dating for one or more years and today they remain married happy everafter, are usually the divorced men and women with one or two marriage experiences already. That's fine if this is your first date of a lifetime or you are more experienced. There is always going to be someone special for you waiting in this relationships website. Let's turn the Book Of Like into a Book Of Love shall we? From all free online dating sites, we are already the best social networking service pairing people to people with date a live online dating, chats, news, videos, photos, opinions, date ideas, recipes, and so on. Close your other basic boring social medias like Facebook and broaden your horizons. The Book Of Like Free Dating Site Online Of Live Social Networks, Date Chat Rooms Online, and Real Connections...Is Ready To Roll!

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  • Credit Cards Care SA posted to the wire
    As I make my identity deeper and more complex, I stray further and further from the reality of what i actually am and what the world really is to me. Also, I keep seeing a lot of post about Halloween stuff being out, and I just can't get excited about it this year. Maybe I will feel better after a good dinner.
  • Josephine Skriver posted to the wire
    OMG what the heck is going on with all of these random creepers on BOL lately? They dare to send me random messages immediately after making a brand new Book Of Like account, and message me with "Hey Beautiful what's up? or "Whatcha doin today pretty lady??" and they don't even have a profile pic either?! Sorry there, Mr. Creeper, but...I DO NOT KNOW YOU or even KNOW WHAT YOU EVEN LOOK LIKE! WTF!! #justsaying
  • Instagram Followers posted to the wire
    Just an observation but my Instagram feed is full of kitties, puppies, creative art, architecture, and travel while all of my other social media feeds are full of political BS, Spam links, and a WHOLE lot of b*t¢hing and negative vibes!!!!
  • Jennifer Grey posted to the wire
    If the grass looks greener on the other side, then stop staring and comparing! Just stop complaining and begin watering the the grass you are standing on.
  • Yvonne Strahovski posted to the wire
    Who would've guessed that a reality TV star with no government experience or knowledge whatsoever, five children from three different marriages, six bankruptcies, eleven charges of assault, and 4K+ lawsuits, could be such a terrible U.S. President!
  • Ethel Ballard posted to the wire
    I have an idea, let's run away together and be pirates! We will dread our hair and you can be the captain while I crazily swing from the ropes!
  • Cynthia Rowley posted to the wire
    I just finished season 1 of Riverdale, and I'm in love with Veronica Lol!
  • Thisbe Zelma posted to the wire
    There's something so humbling about the big wild ocean meeting the vast sky as far as the eye can see. It had been way too long since I've been to the beach, something I don't do enough of considering I now live and work in the lovely Fresno California!
  • Pandora posted to the wire
    I watched the "secret" of the Law of Attraction probably like 5 years ago and have been learning more about it ever since. So, instead of hoarding this fountain of knowledge to myself, I will tell some of what i know. I do personal development every day and I always come back to Abraham Hicks, my favorite teacher of law of attraction style stuff. It's the best if you want to learn how to feel better, get "unstuck" or manifest your desires. I just spent 2 hours in the car and the 3 hours I spent listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube flew by! I almost missed the exit for the highway home because time went by that fast! I just wanted to share my love and appreciation for Abraham Hicks because maybe it's exactly the right thing somebody needs to listen to today! Happy Funday Sunday and enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    The United Nations Security Council just voted 15-0 to sanction North Korea. China and Russia voted with us. Very big financial impact! 3:44 PM - 5 Aug 2017
  • Chase Daniel posted to the wire
    Manic depression or Bipolar depression is the hardest thing to begin to see in somebody they can hide it in every way and then make them ownselves see only what's not being hid within in them to be a fit in for everyone else around until. That point of ignoring is too much and they lose all they have inside them that once kept them happy and gave them the hope of mattering to who they always thought they did never judge one who struggles. With this if they need Their space let. Them have time to think but never forget them. They can always use a honest real friend, just one true friend that cares.
  • USA posted to the wire
    The breaking news just can't catch a break this week. It's been comically bad for not only the United States, but Mexico and the world , just wow!
  • Glasses posted to the wire
    I have got my favorite KISS song cranked up while I work on my KISStume (Kiss costume) for next week's Vonna Namm Music Convention! I am still debating on the black Demon Shades sun glasses though, because I have a hard time wearing sunglasses at night with my bad vision as it is!
  • Delilah posted to the wire
    The beauty you hold needs only for you to see, for those who do not notice the beauty you owe them NO explanation. No one knows what I go through in life, wish you could put yourselves inside my shoes, I have friends that ain't true friends no more but just acquaintances and they don't know the struggle I went through. Nobody knows really tho.
  • Zara Facade posted to the wire
    You having beef with me doesn't mean me having beef with you because you might have time for negativity and immaturity but I do not so bye bye loser!
  • Emma Schmidt posted to the wire
    I am cracking up today realizing that if you judged us based on my backyard you would probably think I have kids. I have a tether ball pole, a huge trampoline and a kiddie pool, plus other random stuff like a cornhole and hula hoops LMAO What can I say though?! I have a fear of becoming a boring grown up! LOL, but seriously it's amazing how you start getting more and more energy the more you workout! Granted there are days when your body is in recovery mode, but for the most part I feel like a little kid again!
  • Kim Zolciak posted to the wire
    So, have you ever had a day where you feel like you have done gazillion things but at the same time you don't feel like you have done anything? Welp, that's me today! Sometimes I can't tell if I'm listening the impulses and guidance I'm receiving or if I'm just procrastinating like I know I'm getting stuff done but am I getting the right stuff done? This has been in my mind all day so far and I find it kinda funny that I decided to take a quick break to read my book and dip my feet in the kiddie pool (better than nothing lol) and this is what I read, "it takes a lot of energy to try to make the world work in the way your intellect thinks it should work. Put down the burden of trying to plan every small detail. You don't have to hang on tightly and watch over everything every minute to make sure nothing goes wrong. Simply pay attention, act on any inner messages you are receiving, and stay in the higher flow. Things will turn out better than you even imagined. My goal is to be tuned in, tapped in, and turned on!
  • Alberto Phonito posted to the wire
    A guy saw when a snake was dying burned and decided to take it out of the fire, but when it did, the snake bit him. By the reaction of pain, the guy released the animal and it fell back into the fire and was burning again. The guy tried to pull it out again and again the snake bit him. Somebody who was watching approached the man and said: - excuse me, but you are very stubborn! Do you not understand that every time you try to get this snake out of the fire, it's gonna bite you? The man replied: - the nature of the snake is biting, and that's not going to change my own nature, which is to help. So, with the help of a piece of iron, the man took out the fire snake and saved his life. Do not change your nature if someone does harm to you, do not lose your essence; only take precautions. Be concerned more about your conscience than your reputation because your conscience is what you are, and your reputation is what the rest of of the world thinks of you. And what other people think, it's not your problem. It is their problem.
  • Cheap Hotel In LA posted to the wire
    A shout out to everybody that ever abandoned me when when i needed you the most because you made me a strong ferocious beast! Yep, if you leave me stranded in LA then the chances are slim that I'll ever give a flying f**k what you want or have to say ever again. #justsaying
  • Rick Kerr posted to the wire
    When I changed from the standard American diet to a plant based diet, not only did it save my life, but it inspired me to dedicate my life to showing others how to do the same. Epigenetics is the only "genetics" we use in Nutrition, because falling back on genetics means no personal responsibility for our dietary and lifestyle choices. Epigenetics assures us nowadays that nutrition has the ability to turn genes off or on.