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  • Salma Hayek posted to the wire
    Many people are getting all of their political and scientific opinions from memes and short videos and a big cause of my anxiety lately is just how gullible and unscientific people really are!
  • Kate Upton posted to the wire
    I cant help but wonder how many times somebody has walked away for the best thing that could have ever happened to them and they have no idea, and never will.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    One Hundred Books Everybody Should Read At Least Once In Their Lifetime. Reading literature makes you smarter than the average human being on the earth. Read only powerful instructive books like the economy and personal formation for career building and so on.
  • James Rodríguez posted to the wire
    I actually bought the Stranger Things light display and I am leaving it up for Christmas and maybe will even leave it up throughout 2018!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    I can't wait for this stupid 2017 goes away and a new year 2018 is a reality! Maybe my luck changes for better.
  • Aubs posted to the wire
    I honestly don't care what anybody thinks of me because who you think I am and who I really am are two different things. Unless you´re perfect and have been in my shoes then don't judge me nor tell me how you think I should or should not be because judgmental people and hypocrites are my biggest pet peeves
  • Pets posted to the wire
    This year I was able to get everything on my Christmas gift list via online shopping. This is absolute progress! However, I cannot help but wonder what shopping online will look like after they kill the internet with their greed.
  • Homes posted to the wire
    Have not feeling too hot today but luckily I can just veg out this upcoming weekend since I have both days off for a change. Other than finishing up some lesson plan work for tonight, I am gonna enjoy these next couple of free days just chillin and relaxin!
  • Furniture Stores posted to the wire
    Three years ago today I lost my last grandparent, when my Grandpa LB Jones passed on. Losing the grandparent relationship is a hard rite of passage because you realize when that last grandparent passes, that the unconditional love is now permanently gone on earth. Our parents try to love unconditionally, but they are often so concerned about us being reflection on the way they are raising us that it is quite difficult. However, our grandparents love is the closest to the unconditional since they love us so much, even when we get into mischief. I will love my Pappy Jones forever, and miss him so very much.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Merry Christmas to all of you and the whole world! I wish for you a very prosperous and happy new year 2018!
  • Party posted to the wire
    Top 20 Best Happy Holidays Party Themes That You Have Not Ever Seen Before! Holiday party appetizers, Christmas appetizers and Christmas party appetizers, Christmas party games for adults, East Christmas Recipes, office holiday party themes, Holiday party dress up themes and names, Christmas party themes adults, Xmas party themes for kids, creative office christmas party ideas, elegant christmas party themes, and many more!
  • Brayden Schenn posted to the wire
    The perks of being a single guy; I know where both of my hoodies and my favorite shirts are. The spare would actually be for me, so I can willing make the sacrifice and not be cold, when they "forget" to give it back. Plus literally giving them the shirt off my back, it is warmed with my body heat to a cuddly temperature.
  • Charlotte Russe posted to the wire
    I just want to get rid of my ugly cellulite without giving up yummy foods...that isn't too much to ask, in my opinion.
  • James Lafferty posted to the wire
    It is awesome how Bluerock Organic Coffee Shop has you taste your coffee to adjust to your preference. You don’t get that opportunity in other coffee shops. They make sure you are happy with order.
  • If these tax cuts do not work as promised, and the U.S. debt explodes; can we back charge everybody who pushed a plan that is clearly based on a lot of 'what if?' Just asking! @donaldtrump @pennsylvaniastateuniversity
  • Anita Joseph posted to the wire
    If we wait until we are ready we will be waiting for the rest of our lives. I don't care for unwanted over dramatic people. My family is what I focus On and I'm ready for my future!
  • Tommy James posted to the wire
    Lovin those adventures which lead you to doing something so gosh darn ridiculous that nobody would believe it, and then you laugh out loud while shaking your head all day long.
  • Lian Meiting posted to the wire
    I am decorating my Christmas tree today and am now beginning to get into the holiday spirit after all of the amazing deals I got on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and with the 1st of December arriving this Friday! I have some pumpkin cinnamon bread in the oven at the moment, and it’s smelling way too good in this house!
  • Magazines posted to the wire
    As I was leaving the house I saw a creepy guy across the street taking pictures toward my house. When I came out he got in the passenger side of an old beater car and sped off with a woman in the driver's seat..I didn't get to take a photo of them or the vehicle´s plates.. It was a grayish colored Dodge of some sort..I left and I came back through the neighborhood looking to see if it was anywhere around but nope, and i have no idea why they were taking pictures of me or my home or what of exactly. Very freaky though, maybe I should call the cops!
  • Reseller Web Hosting posted to the wire
    Elderly people are fascinating individuals. I would love to hear stories of past generations and what they'd have to tell me. I don't care how old I get, as long as I have great memories and never stop moving.

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