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  • Dexter da Vinci posted to the wire
    Gotta love it when people run their mouths when they don’t know the facts.
  • Katy Perry posted to the wire
    Life is way too short to care if people like you or not. If you are kind and they give you attitude, and then that's on them for being hateful. They must be absolutely miserable to live that way though, so sad.
  • Kurt Smith posted to the wire
    People who are constantly spewing out fake news are doing so because they lack the ability to comprehend the written word. As for myself, I am aware of the real news, and am having a very difficult time understanding how people can be so callous about innocent kids being thrown in migrant camps and ripped away from their parents. Yes, I understand the adults are breaking the U.S. law. But, there may be a very good reason why they are doing so, who are we to judge?! Lots of people are so ready to judge others when you have no idea what they are going through. I will continue to keep my spiritual beliefs private. But what I have learned is that most every major religion focuses on love and kindness. This isn’t about left or right, it’s not about the president. It’s about doing right, by helping refugees instead of punishing them.
  • Magazine Luiza posted to the wire
    It is a new day for new adventures and better choices. Beginning today, it’s all about change and doing what’s best for me. It isn’t going to be a joy ride but it’s time to get myself on the right track of becoming a better and healthier me. I can and will do this with the help of God Himself!
  • John John Deere posted to the wire
    When I was in middle school, back in the 1980s Paleozoic Era, if somebody was truly a dummy and devoid of any intelligence whatsoever, it was common to refer to them as a "Space Case" or "Space Cadet", referring to the empty space between their head. In today's society, there are more "Space Cases" than ever before, there must be something in the drinking water!
  • Charlotte Russe posted to the wire
    Always know the difference between a friend and an acquaintance because it’s not too hard to read, and way too important when things get tough.
  • Anita Joseph posted to the wire
    Bras need to be with built-in turbo air- conditioning, or I will be abandoning wearing one altogether!
  • Barbara posted to the wire
    I was gonna go to the gym for a much needed workout, but I missed my exit. It’s too much work to turn around so I guess I’m going home now to work my PS4 out instead!
  • Tony Bennett posted to the wire
    I don’t know much about sales, but this conversation at Walmart today struck me as a bit odd: Sales person: How are you today, Sir? Me: Doing pretty ood! How about yourself? Salesperson: Just. Broke. Me: ...?!?? (awkward silence for the rest of the time).
  • Emerald Green posted to the wire
    I just prepared a homemade white chocolate cherry cheesecake with Oreo cookie crust and some yummy Italian potato salad like his Great-Grandmother used to make, just for my Poppy! I love him so much, he is the best daddy on earth! Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers out there, enjoy your special day!!
  • Describe it as if there are no photos. Take photographs as if there is no description. One life is all we have to live; Love is all we have to give!
  • Emily Brandon posted to the wire
    My little brother, Joey, was talking to me about finally having my own house, and he ask, 'what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do now that you have your own house?' Before I could answer, he asks 'are you gonna like walk around naked now?' Boy what really goes on in your head? LOL! Then he said, 'this is the time when you need to put those ugly tall white socks on that daddy wears, and slide all over the floors with your music blaring, like in that one movie with Tom Cruise' OMG, baby brothers are nuts ya'll LMAO!
  • Macy Gray posted to the wire
    Why every time when women say something logical to most guys, that makes CLEAR sense, then the guys reply with "What??!" when you know dang well you understood what was said and you just don't want to answer? Let me, you wanna do the WHAT"?! on that question's annoying as heck, stop it already!
  • Brayden Schenn posted to the wire
    Be unique, be creative, just be YOU! #justsayin
  • Emma Watson posted to the wire
    I adore chaos because it's when people become the purest version of themselves. They take off their masks (unless they wear a shield, instead of a mask), and show their true colors. Their true feelings are revealed and then they say what is on their heart and not what is on their mind; I can see the real pure them in person, keeping things real.
  • Sharon Stone posted to the wire
    Yesterday, I was at my mom's house and she had a terrible smell in her kitchen, and I mentioned to my Mom that there is a product you can buy at the Dollar Store for problems like these. Today I got an ad for this exact product on my Facebook. I Never posted anything about the problem nor mentioned it in any emails. I am becoming more and more creeped out by my iPhone and Facebook, I think I will just stick with my Book Of Like and Twitter, and switch back to a 90's Motorola 'dumb' flip phone.
  • Ashley Tisdale posted to the wire
    In my life I have learned some things that I know for certain: to always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever possible.
  • Tara Bannon posted to the wire
    I want us to be forever even when we're not together scars on my body so I can take you wherever I want you forever even when we're not together scars on my body I can look at you whenever am I out of my head? am I out of my mind? if you only knew the bad things I like don't think that I can explain it what can I say, it's complicated don't matter what you say don't matter what you do I only wanna do bad things to you so good, that you can't explain it what can I say, it is so complicated!
  • Nolan Ryan posted to the wire
    Rumors will always call you something and will always have something to say. Let people talk. Let them tell lies. Let them make up stuff. At the end of the day YOU are in control of YOUR peace. Everything in this life is temporary so why let one person’s judgments or false interpretation of you to others ruin YOUR peace? Find your center, be with people who appreciate you, do what you love, and live YOUR life.

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