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  • Amanda Bynes posted to the wire
    Today I was awakened by my momma saying, Mandy, Mandy!. I woke up and went down to check on her and she's sound asleep on the sofa in the den. This has happened 3 times since I have been off work on the weekends and dad is out doing the Saturday errands. I told her today that she's haunting me in my sleep and she's not even gone yet. She laughed and said I'm sorry, Mandy, I love you sweetheart. Yeah, I love my mommy so very much.
  • Susan Miller posted to the wire
    I saw the sweetest lady ever walking out of Walmart and she was carrying a cup of ice cream sundaes in each hand. They had chopped nuts, whipped cream, and maybe some warm fudge chocolate on them. She was grinning ear to ear and almost laughing out loud. She looked at me and said, “ I’m on a diet!!” It was the sweetest thing I have seen in a very long time, because I do know firsthand the struggle is real!
  • Kim Kardashian posted to the wire
    Happy St. Patrick's Day my dear friends! May you have love that never ends, lots of money, and lots of friends. Health be yours, whatever you do,and may God send many blessings to you! A world of wishes at your command, God and his angels close at hand, A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you, Friends and family their love impart, and Irish blessings in your heart!
  • USA posted to the wire
    The forest was shrinking, but the trees always kept voting for the ax because its handle was made of wood and so they thought it was one of them...
  • Donald Trump Twitter posted to the wire
    The Fake News is beside themselves that McCabe was caught, called out and fired. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars was given to wife’s campaign by Crooked H friend, Terry M, who was also under investigation? How many lies? How many leaks? Comey knew it all, and much more!
  • Wendy Davis Robertson posted to the wire
    I am way to friendly of a person to people who do not deserve my kindness, I do something nice for people and then get screwed over by the same exact people who are so heartless! #sosad
  • Backpacks posted to the wire
    There is a fine line between genius and crazy. I like to use that line as a jump rope. Sad how you want and ask for something in life ever single day, then when it is not there anymore, you realize you had it all along.
  • Chelsea Covington posted to the wire
    I seem to not be able to help but to flirt with disaster, I have a flirty personality. I would say to rear end with disaster, but I don´t really have a rear end personality. It's like a bug heading toward the bug zapper, and you just can't stop yourself!
  • Kevin Newmand posted to the wire
    Lets be friends? Not just those times where you swear you will always be at my side... but when the problems are going to be... will you be my friend? When everybody says no, when all is against, when my friendship costs you... will you be my friend? Or will you just be like those people who swear friendship... but, when all odds are against me, they forget what they swore...
  • Oprah Winfrey posted to the wire
    Some of you nosey good for nuthins really need to quit being so selfish and see what life is really about instead of using their own self pity to try and get redemption. I can have one of the biggest hearts if I’m not pushed to be so ugly towards others which doesn’t do any good anyway. But, when you sit and listen time after time of what should be by others and you only do your best to listen and let them know you can care only for them to make it more then it needs to be i don’t try anymore. I refuse to let them talk like they are the perfect ones when knowing mistakes have been made just as much if not more. Now stop the negative calling out, live your life, and let yourselves see what can be, rather than what you don’t want it to be!
  • Destiny Nordstrom posted to the wire
    There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief…and unspeakable love. - W. Irving Love Quote @quotesaboutlove
  • Gemma Arterton posted to the wire
    Never be afraid of any solitude that may or may not come with raising your standards. I have dated some really super hot guys and it really doesn't mean anything. I obviously am interested in a guy that cares about his health which is already a huge factor in someone being more attractive. I'm not trying to bring random men in and out of my life so my standards are incredibly high because I'd rather be single than with some one for only a short time. Anyway you all really need to over look someobody being "hot" and pay closer attention to their CHARACTER. I will never forget the men who actually treated me and respected me like the woman I am. Like the guy that always opened the door for me or the guy who put my towel for the shower in the dryer so when I got out it was warm, AMAZING MEN. We all get old and ugly eventually, so might has well find somebody who's really gonna treat you right for a lifetime.
  • Mesothelioma Law Firm posted to the wire
    Sadly, our future generations of people will be living on an earth that's literally covered with plastic. There will be no rain forests and most species will have become extinct. Our children's children will live in a wasteland of plastic filth, smelling it and inhaling it...possibly even absorbing it! They will look back at their parents and grandparents and curse them, wondering why they did o't do anything to stop this. You are the ones with the power to stop this, NOW is the time to make positive choices! I try not to let life make me bitter. But some days are harder than others.
  • Margaret Nichole posted to the wire
    The moment when you knock over a whole container of flour while your dishwasher is overflowing and a pot boils over while you think you can just pick up a burning and dripping wax candle and move it. Surrre...Okay!! Yep, I think I'm just going to give up cooking altogether for today, begin again this weekend. You win some and you lose some, that is life!
  • Grace Woods posted to the wire
    The definition of home is "souls". Home is not a place. If you go back to a place after souls are gone, then all you see is an empty space. Home is where your heart is, more-so than where you lay your head. Home is not a place, it's a feeling and a state of mind, not a bed. Earth is our temporary home. Every home is one of a kind. A house is shelter. A home is love, not a smelter. It's not a where, but a who, when, and how. @homes
  • Credit Cards Care SA posted to the wire
    Do your online shopping at WishList Book Store with thousands of high-quality items at 50-80% off of retail value!! WishList Book connects shoppers to millions of worldwide manufacturers directly, so they can find truly valuable goods at the lowest prices humanly possible...they are almost FREE! This amazing store accepts all Major Credit Cards and Paypal as secure payment, so shop with 100% confidence!
  • Sheba posted to the wire
    Out of all the human rights, my right to offend people is my absolute favorite right of all!
  • Games posted to the wire
    I was eating KFC with some work buddies for lunch today, and a random guy at the table beside us eats a piece of chicken really quick and then he throws his bone on top of the rest of our bucket of chicken, I kidd you not! What is happening to this crazy world of ours?!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    When someone looks the psychological surgery effects from a patient perspective, it is like the time runs to fast and there is no escape. You know it is there and this test must be on the list of goals to pass. Only God knows the outcome future. We must obey and tolerate everything.
  • Zulily posted to the wire
    It means the world to me to have good friends who build me up and make me feel like I have true value. My mom always said to be kinder to yourself and then let your kindness flood the world, and my friends do just that, love you all.

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