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  • Oprah Winfrey posted to the wire
    Sometimes you need to know when to walk away from life's situations and pursue the dreams you know that you were meant to achieve. Never be pushed around by your problems, but be led by your dreams.
  • Credit Cards Care SA posted to the wire
    Wish List Online Shopping for the Holidays 2018 ! Wish List Store is a rising star in the world of online shopping, as it's completely web based and now accepts payments made through PayPal, Western Union, and all major credit and debit cards!
  • Kesha Rivas posted to the wire
    I've always been a hustler and a getter-done type, but with my new job I can say I hustle more like a big strong man... I do love the hard work and challenge!!! Busted my booty at work all week and gotter-done + plus... so now I think I’ll have myself a drink and relax this evening!!
  • News posted to the wire
    Party will always be a good news. Nice Haloween with lots of candies for everybody.
  • News posted to the wire
    Bad news: Almost 5000 emigrants are trying to reach the southern US. borderline! Give me a break!! Honduran migrant caravan with almost 5000 Hondurans arriving soon. Mexico is going a need more than 500 additional federal police to stop them cordially. At least that is what Mr. Donald Trump said a few days ago ¨will stop helping these countries economically, cut off their income"
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Oh, come on people! October is bringing up the witches and witchcraft spirits & more on Halloween soon. Prepare yourselves to celebrate with the kids the punking designs and ( masks) masquerades on a special night.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    You aren't alone with that feeling, there are many peoples on the earth having it worse than you right now.
  • Kim Kardashian posted to the wire
    Life may not always be easy and things may not go as we'd all like them to, but I sure have learned to just roll with the punches of this thing called life!!
  • Tommy James posted to the wire
    Just when I think people are unable to possibly get any more rotten then they not only do, but even worse! I know a homeless man named Alberto and he just recently moved off of the street into a house. He had been sleeping behind a Habitat for Humanity Building for weeks. While they were moving-some jerks set fire to all of his stuff! Alberto is okay, but all of their stuff was burnt up! He thinks it was a gang of kids. Who finds pleasure in kicking somebody when they are down like a vulnerable homeless person? These kids are sickening, their souls are dark!
  • Singles Cruise posted to the wire
    I have been looking for a while with my family at this 5pcs SET of Large 10-inch Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers Ornaments Bouquet Garland Wall Decor Backdrop Bridal Baby Shower Birthday Wedding Centerpiece to order at It is cheap on the price also. I place the order at the store you mentioned and the delivery time is super quick for your party needs!
  • Singles Cruise posted to the wire
    Get ready because we are preparing some major outstanding ocean trips for couples singles and married, no matter what. The tickets will be ready to purchase at tickets .com soon. For Florida Miami and Caribbean voyages, we are waiting the hurricane season to stop. vacations and fun are right at the corner.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Good news! Our store is selling more items now as the customers from US. are ordering before the year ends. It is a smart way to buy with a few months in between and they make sure to receive their orders on-time. Shopping Online Store
  • Destiny Nordstrom posted to the wire
    When I was younger I was very scared of the dark, but nowadays when I see my light bill, I am much more scared of the lights!
  • Albert Einstein posted to the wire
    "The distance between past, present, & future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion, although a convincing one."- Albert Einstein Quote of the Day...or of a Lifetime or of all of Time Time Time! Lol
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    That could be the home people feel more comfortable to stay and remain living. The perfect home place to look forward.
  • Margaret Nichole posted to the wire
    There is a huge difference between submitting to a man because a woman wants to compared to it being her place to do so! Also, a man doesn't protect his woman because he belives that she is weak—he protects her because she is important! #truth
  • Grace Woods posted to the wire
    There are 2 sides to every story, and then there's the real truth! I find comfort in knowing that people who will judge without hearing both sides, were never close to me anyway. Those are the people that I don’t need in my life at all. God takes care of me, and I'm so glad he gave me a forgiving heart. I can love them and wish them well from a distance. No body will ever keep me from receiving my blessings from Him.
  • Anna Nicole Lee Jeffrie posted to the wire
    Every relationship has a point for beginning and a point to finish it. There are family relationships between father and daughter, son and father and friends, couples etc. For sure, we should belong to one of those once in our lives and live it as a normal relationship.
  • Anna Nicole Lee Jeffrie posted to the wire
    I like stories when they talk about love. It is so simple, if it is about love and marriage, it is always OK and correct.
  • Samantha Smith posted to the wire
    The world's people have changed, now they live a ficticios life, they not even what is going on surrounding them, probable because their world is dry of feeling.

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