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  • I'm planning making a garage sale near my house in Boston and would like my friends to contact me for details and directions. I have a bicycle almost new, a flat screen tv, a 2016 For sport utility paid off and for sale and lots of items gold jewelry and antiques too. You all are invited to come over and buy.
  • In the past it used to be different, i heard search engine companies were getting richer with their publicity and advertisement campaigns. I had a small store with Ebay and had to pay their services for sea, then my small business got lost. I agree with social media, it is cheaper.
  • Insurance Companies posted to the wire
    For all insurance coverage needs there is a plan rady to cover your property. Get the best insurance quote for your auto with full benefits.
  • Insurance Companies posted to the wire
    I totally agree with your information. Now social media drives more traffic online than search engines do. It seems that for example Facebook and Instagram. For insurance companies and insurer brands being social is also a big key of success.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Social media can be the last opportunity for your brand. Did you know that the customers always talk about good and bad services, excellent products and their opinion drive more customers if they are good. Meantime, advertisement online in search engines like Google, Bing and Facebook is not working anymore. Pleasing buyers consumers is key now. Bottom line, making right business move is to offer great news and coupons discounts on twitter and Face Book.
  • Gold Price posted to the wire
    Gold rings, necklaces, earrings, medals and many more items made from gold 10k 12k and 18k are an excellent gift options people always consider giving. I agree with the first part and never the second, as traditions are powerful roots for happiness on people.
  • Gold Price posted to the wire
    All i see around is gold and money! If you don't save at your local bank an amount of dollars every month, then it is going to be so difficult to retire confortable with enough money in the future. Then probable buying gold and saving it can help, the interest rates of the most precious metal are so high now and higher on the days to come. Investing in gold is the best way to profit.
  • Web Hosting posted to the wire
    Oh Man! Kids usually go crazy when gift time is coming, what can we tell them if they were not to receive anything? I agree with you on the first part of the question too.
  • Web Hosting posted to the wire
    Receive a title with the name of your website domain name after paying the first year of web hosting. Now you can install applications right from the control panel of your domain. Create a store for less than $50 dollars a year and sell tones of items from the storefront and make thousands of dollars easy.
  • Engagement Rings posted to the wire
    I agree with you on the first part... but as far of ignoring traditions like for example, a boyfriend giving flowers red roses or an engagement ring with diamonds to his girlfriend it so important to keep those traditions going for generations. People love to be happy with little things when they come with love and appreciation.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    What could be better, receive a gift or giving a gift away? To me giving things away is more pleasurous than receiving. That's why i do't believe in traditions and gift time...
  • Singles Cruise posted to the wire
    Offering singles cruise 7 night Eastern Caribbean singles cruise for all ages. Exclusive Royal Caribbean deals, several US. destinations: Caribbean, Bermudas. Singles and divorced men and women looking. Under 30 and over 40s and 20s spring break singles singles cruise itineraries from Fort Myers Florida, Fort Lauderdale FL.
  • Books posted to the wire
    The reason those book authors attract you and millions is because they wrote a big dose of suspense and a combination of fear inside the books. We got to love books like It, The Shining, The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, Misery, Carrie and many more.
  • Anneliese Michel posted to the wire
    I really enjoyed reading the horror book written by the author of Hell House, someone with the name of Richard Matheson. But i also love reading mystery stories and Novels like those by Stephen King
  • Sports posted to the wire
    Sports news direct from the best news channel in the world. The king soccer sport, boxing, softball, baseball, cricket, American football, tennis, football, hockey, racing, canoeing, and latest score and headlines
  • TV Guy posted to the wire
    “Never pick a fight with an ugly person. They don’t have anything to lose.” ~ Robin Williams
  • Angelina Jolie posted to the wire
    Better believe THIS!: What people believe in their hearts will always be seen in their actions- actions and true beliefs can't be separated.
  • Car Rentals posted to the wire
    Something is wrong with the passengers who call Uber drivers and believe their stories while driving. People who prefer to rent a car are actually smarter than those traveling and paying those drivers everyday. They finish paying a more expensive price.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Probable NIKE's sales will go to the drain if they don't fix that issue with their consumers very soon. I wonder if the price of their sneakers shoes is going to drop now!
  • Robert Hughes posted to the wire
    I am not usually a politically outspoken individual but shame on you Nike!!! You have lost my business. Nike Just did it, and if the shoe fits, I will go on a blocking rampage if need be so be careful if you wanna befriend me on here!!

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