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  • Music posted to the wire
    The Bee Gees band sang about starting a joke, but they never bothered to tell us what the joke was, what was the joke! That's like America riding that darn horse across the desert but never bothering to give it a name. This stuff really does bother me, I guess the joke was on all of us.
  • Food Network posted to the wire
    Country fried chicken thighs, buttery mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, french-style green beans, and deviled eggs is what’s for dinner this wonder Saturday evening at the residence! I hope all of you are having an amazing weekend too!!
  • Leonora Jimenez posted to the wire
    I bought new sheets for my bed today, and the softest sheets ever! I feel like a queen more than ever.
  • If I wasn’t a decent cook, then I don’t think I would need to spend so much time working out at the gym. Also, I’m not a big fan of eating out because I don’t like people messing around with my food. Most people do not even wash their hands after going to the bathroom!
  • Online Dating posted to the wire
    Have you ever heard the saying “rip the bandaid off quickly to avoid feeling pain”? Yeah, well exactly the opposite for me, sometimes you don’t rip the bandaid off; it rips you. Yup, both bandages tore my skin clear off already, and look like burns!
  • Affiliate Programs posted to the wire
    The newest updated teen challenge as of April 7, 2018 is to BE A SMARTER GENERATION THAN THE LAST ONE...makes sense to me, just do it already!
  • Book posted to the wire
    There is no friend as loyal as a book. — Ernest Hemingway #books
  • Cynthia Rowley posted to the wire
    To all of you rubber-snorting coonhead idiots!: Don’t worry because your parents didn’t know how to use them correctly either and man, you are frigging dumb!
  • Book It posted to the wire
    Find super cheap flights from Chicago to Italy, L.A. to Thailand, and New Jersey to Cyprus for only $455 Roundtrip!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Tips for buying real estate investment, Commercial, luxury property! always do your homework and find as much information as possible before signing documents and handing over the money to pay the cost. Remember... Buying in Florida a house location is the main key. Buying a property in New York city, location is the main key, Contact major developers and ask questions in a smart way, talk to a real estate realtor in person. Post about it on social media and wait for friend feeds. Go to local real estate offices to find out what is the deal and how to save and then go the city hall to learn about how much properties sold to last buyers before you (sold records). Buying a home is a major investment and you must do it right, pay a fair price.
  • Jessica Simpson posted to the wire
    I actually find it funny as heck when somebody tries to make me angry, or put me in a bad mood. I am way too busy celebrating life. Sorry, buckos, I am not being sucked up into your dark cloud! Blessings to you all and Happy Easter Day!!!
  • Tatiana Maslany posted to the wire
    Anything your parents do for you after the age of 18 is out of pure love and, please don’t get it twisted. with that being said, hope you all are having a very happy and blessed Easter Holiday!
  • Joesph Garr posted to the wire
    My nephew asked me if trees are afraid of lightning, and I told him how we used to have a cherry tree in our yard that had been struck by lightning several different times, and also survived two tornadoes and a micro-burst storm. If it had the ability to be scared, that poor thing would be a basket case of nerves.
  • USA posted to the wire
    Maybe the problem is dead batteries in the White House's carbon monoxide detector....something should go "Beep! Beep!" all the time though! ;)
  • Rihanna Stay posted to the wire
    I go into Ulta Beauty Store in Miami and be like "I’m not gonna spend a lot of money on cosmetics, I’m just getting a couple of things. And what did I do?? Ughhhh!! I had a $100 Gift Card and STILL spent about $100 more Lol!
  • Amber Byard posted to the wire
    I absolutely love Kroger's and Walmart's grocery store pick up, I haven't stepped foot in those crazy stores for a month! It's the only way to go, just download the Kroger and Wal-mart grocery apps and then go from there. @alexawhatishot our life will be forever changed, a true life-changer you fall in love with!!
  • Alexa What's Hot posted to the wire
    There's nothing like having flu symptoms on a long weekend off and Easter Sunday tomorrow, I have things to do, still need to go grocery shopping tonight too! I'm feeling so icky-sicky and already have a fever of 103 and throat hurts so bad. POOR ME FOR REAL!
  • Thisbe Zelma posted to the wire
    How is someone going to accept a package from UPS that they know they didn't order?? Screw USP for delivering my package to the wrong house because I really needed it today, and really screw the A-hole who accepted something that they didn't order! People sure do suck at times!!!!
  • My Lovely Kitty posted to the wire
    Has anyone ever noticed that the word LIVE spelled backwards is EVIL and the word LIVED is Devil when spelled backwards?! Such weirdness and creepiness!! #justsayin
  • Jennifer McCallister posted to the wire
    I have never believed in gender roles, and I never will. Meet me half way, split the bills, if you so badly WANT to pay for everything sure but I’m not labeling that as your job and your place. You clean, I clean. If I want to take care of you sure that’s something I want to do BUT IT IS NOT MY PLACE. You take care of kids, I take care of kids. But if I do happen to choose to be a stay at home mom that is something I chose AND IS NOT MY PLACE. This would be a house where we are created equal where we are allowed to make a choice on what position we care for each other it is not an assignment. Do right by me, I do right by you equally.

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