The saying has been said that it's the greatest privilege and divine gift for one being to be influenced by only one true, passionate, sincere, loving human soul ... and that two are blessings, and more than two are are miracles. Our Book Of Lives are made up of two dates and a dash, therefore, make the most of the dash regardless of it is a short dash or a long dash. (Two's a crowd or three's company; or is it two's a company three's a crowd...or two's a party, four and five is what , anyone?) No one should ever judge a book by it's cover, especially the BookOfLike which has became my second home as far as marketing tools goes. And, I have had no problems socializing with family and friends either. You name it and this huge book of life has it to offer but unlike other social media networking websites, it does not invade privacy nor intrude. All of it's users are members who interact with others in business partnerships, are students from the same schools (Colleges, Universities, High Schools, etc.), they work together in the same companies, were children who grew up together, and/or they are meeting for the first time and getting to know each other to be form some time of relationship, maybe just friends, or maybe more. They they all love to read information, telling others about their successes, hardships, social media strategies, and things they want, like and care about others, how to get the cheapest car insurance or life insurance quotes possible, listen to music, shares songs and videos, inspire others with love quotes, home shopping online, listen to music videos.

Heck, you name it and Book It has it to offer for free! Yep, it is the definition of network stability at it's finest...it is like Hi5, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit and Facebook combined with the benefits of becoming a free member are few and far between with hash tags, few words and many deeds, pin-boards, wire posts, dating apps, blogs, recipes, songs, dating games, numerous online chat rooms no registration, social networking articles, and so much more to offer. It is literally an open book society of sharing what people like and dislike in our universe today that are far across the distance and spaces between us and is now in the top best of networking sites! Everyone's gotta have unconditional love for The Book Of Like! It is now a bookworm inch closer to The Book Of Love every day. It gladly and easily handles all of life's fires, passions, pains, fears, rages, likes, and loves that has been ignited since the beginning of time. And, all in one place, Join Now! Two's a couple Three's a Crowd? With BoL, anything goes!

We are a worldwide community meeting for millions of friends, co-workers, dates, high school college co-students, acquaintances, relatives and family members. Book Of Like is an advanced networking service to connect people online with social media interaction among families and friends living near or far away. And also customers meeting with major brands and companies. We are called the online community with an open minded company Like A Book It Online. We would like to take a moment to explain how this website works for you and the rest of US. First, you need to be a human being to have the right of registering in our free online community network and dating site and become part of these active American, European, Asian, Australian, African online communities.

Second, the pictures and text information you share is your responsibility to make sure it is correct, which means it doesn't offend anybody feelings and interest in any ways at all, which means, you have the right to change or add that property or better known as "copyrights and trademarks" copyrights and trademarks are examples of personal and commercial photos, reviews paragraphs of information, accurate opinions, brand names, companies branded products and others.

Third, too much asking in one day, to others on communications channels like the chat, friend require, asking or e-mail are forbidden and it could block your profile for ever.

Fourth, no participation at all, right after registering your profile name. This means that if you registered a name and took a place in our social website, then, please, at least fill somehow the empty spots "blanks" and upload one nice picture to it, so then you can comeback to work more and check your neighbors, family and friends.

Fifth, you can be sure, that if you participate and are one of the first 1,000,000 site users, you will be compensated by our company, the sooner or later, not matter what!, as we planning or have plans to share our yearly increasing revenues and stocks sales profits with our community users.
Now, that can be a dollar or a million, as the numbers grow, there will be more opportunity.

Sixth, the athletes, sport young people, who decide to become one of our websites users, are qualified for our special compensation programs in the near future, part of the culture of the United States and worldwide, as we have plans for delivering support to sports teams of Basketball, Baseball, American football, Football Soccer adults and kids, boys and girls.
The list is huge, how ever for having a better idea, the team can be small, medium or large and they can be anywhere in the world. The list could be Individual sports, Motor sports, Track & field, Tennis, Outdoor sports,Other popular individual sports. Summer and winter Olympic Games. Athletics (track and field) and swimming, Popular team sports: League Baseball, National Hockey League , American football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice hockey, Soccer. Lacrosse, Australian rules football, Volleyball, Rugby Union, Water polo, Cricket, Ultimate (Frisbee)

Seventh, we recognize that human nature to be a criticizer for good or bad in so many cases, we understand people all cultures and allow them to have some level of freedom of speech inside our forums, but respect to others is critical and we will enforce it no matter what. so please be aware.

Our quotes: Exercise makes the human body great, consult with your doctor and ask about exercising equipment and practices good for you at the gym or at home, be healthy, eat healthy, live longer and happy. Enjoy it! laughing

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