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  • Miranda Kerr posted to the wire
    I thought today might the solar eclipse day instead of Monday since it's probably the gloomiest darkest day I have seen all year. There is no hint of sunshine or light anywhere, it looks like night time! To be honest it's so much better than the blazing sun though, i am so ready for Fall.
  • Aubs posted to the wire
    I suppose I'm a lightweight hoarder since I am finding clothes from middle school such as a 90s style denim mini skirt and a little stretchy cotton dress I have had for many years, and I caught feelings after finding them! But, I DO NOT wear them and forgot about them until finding them! I got rid of two garbage bags already and I am having a hard time letting these two articles of clothing go. I'm definitely feeling the pull to get rid of uselessness right now, so I can sleep well at night knowing I made the right choice in my minimalist tasks LOL. Who would of thought I would ever have an emotional attachment to clothes?! Just wow.
  • Oprah Winfrey posted to the wire
    My current body type: works out but definitely says yassss to pizza with the works!!!!
  • Tommy James posted to the wire
    I thought it would be fun to take silly Aquama photos while at Splashwater Kingdom Waterpark, but as I hit the interstate, I then realized I forgot my trident and video camera. ] :
  • Homes posted to the wire
    We have the largest selection of quality homes for sale and for rent worldwide offers billions of houses, condos, and apartments homes with everything you need to find the ideal living situation that meets you and your family's needs and wants in life!
  • Jessica Simpson posted to the wire
    An emotional vampire encounterance might have a lot of negative qualities, and you will know one by how they make you feel which is drained, depressed, and unworthy. They are often overly dramatic, egocentric, narcissistic, and controlling. They are all about themselves only. The more than likely have a victim mentality. You might be thinking right now, "OMG I know somebody exactly like that!" Yeah, these people will literally drain you emotionally, you will only wish it was just your blood.
  • Bianca Kajlich posted to the wire
    Genuine leather is not fabric but a being's skin. Think about it. It is nasty af like why would I want to put somebody else's skin on me. It even smells nasty like oh no baby what you doing that's sickening!
  • Magazines posted to the wire
    Today I am taking my own advice and practicing self-love by slowing down and listening to my body. Does anybody else have a hard time slowing down? It is really weird because normally my mind goes 100 mph but today my mind is quiet and calm! Maybe it's the coming solar eclipse, or maybe because it's my girly time of the month, but something feels different today and it is difficult to explain but I' am sure somebody gets me! During our moon cycles it is very important to rest when we feel like we need to. Today, I needed to. I sat outside by my favorite tree and meditated while enjoying a nice summer breeze. It was so perfect, I wish I could have stayed there all day long, maybe i should have!
  • James Lafferty posted to the wire
    I suppose the USA will now be asking Egypt to take down the ancient pyramids since they were built by slaves. SMDH
  • Singles Cruise posted to the wire
    The best kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.
  • Since tomorrow is never promised, I want to thank all of my family and friends today for being in my life and to remind them of how much i love them so!
  • Sephora Play posted to the wire
    You best believe that real love meets you in your mess and not in your best! It is common sense that when somebody sticks around no matter how hard things become, then they really do love you.
  • Kurt Smith posted to the wire
    Crap has hit the fan indeed when even the Republicans are sick of this guy. Do all of you now see how badly you fricked up by giving Fascism a chance in American life?! The sleeping troll of white nationalism has been awakened and emboldened, so, what are we as a nation going to do to put it down once and for all? Something has to be done, and soon.
  • Kim Zolciak posted to the wire
    I just tried seaweed for the first time and ewwww, it was yucky! I'm not usually picky unless it's meat of some kind and I love food in general, but that was DISGUSTING, tasted like dead old rotting fish! I had to spit it out or throw up!
  • Charlotte Russe posted to the wire
    I'm just coloring in my brand new adult coloring book and watching Netflix if anybody wants to join me. I learned something earlier today. The Zookeeper's Wife is not the sequel to the Zookeeper with Kevin James.
  • Macy Gray posted to the wire
    I had a major Target trip today. A $555.25 type shopping trip and I was incredibly careful with the bag of potato chips and 3 loaves of bread that I put in the buggy at the beginning of the trip. I moved them, ever so carefully time and time again as I shopped. I dropped the chips on the floor at the checkout line and smashed all 3 loaves of bread in the car door. That is the story of my whole life.
  • Daniele Garcia posted to the wire
    OMG wow! I feel like I was just in an episode of "What would you do" or somebody was trying to "punk" me. I was out for an evening stroll and this guy drives up next to me looking like he needs directions. He then proceeds to tell me that he has an odd request. He says," I got a prescription DUI and I need to do a UA. If I give you $25, will you pee in a cup for me?" I said NO, walked away and started laughing. What I should have said was, "no, but I will take your photo and license plate number and let the cops know", but I was too dumbfounded for a smart aleck comeback!! He was already driving, and I am assuming that if you have to do a urinary analysis, that you have to do it in front of somebody so they know you are not cheating!! What a dummy he was for real!
  • I have got three annoying male boxer puppies, I will discount them to $50 each for a limited time only, and I will even throw in a free non-Grumpy grin but please hurry! If you want two boxers they are both yours for $85, and all three for $130! Let me know if you would like to buy one as a gift for somebody else, and i will throw in free puppy dog chew toys and a blue ribbon bows. Private message me if interested!
  • McDonald's Menu posted to the wire
    A McDonald's Company tip: If you are running off some other's work then don't claim it for your own, and show some respect to those before you! There's plenty of room for everybody. Integrity is the key to success in the bully world so just keep your production business and your company a hundred and people are going to shop with you, we promise! This is how we keep being a success, and you can be too!
  • Jasper Smith joined the site