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  • Baby Babies Names posted to the wire
    My neighbor ladies are searching for their new baby names. I agree it is a great idea to have the names ready, I mean, at least two for a boy and three for a girl and then choose the best one to be ready of naming your newborn child.
  • Baby Babies Names posted to the wire
    The kids aren't done yet, they are waiting with big emotions for their gifts from Santa. Great!
  • Espn posted to the wire
    Some kids were playing soccer ball in front of the mall and one kicked the ball too hard and hit an old lady's head.. she fell down and was taken unconscious to the hospital, what a thing, right? I mean, an accident caused by a game accident.
  • Zulily posted to the wire
    Warm winter dresses for women, work outfits for sale. All clothing for a wedding, the brand AUSELILY Long sleeve loose Plain Maxi dresses casual . The DEARCASE All the Colors Casual Loose T-Shirt Dress. The oxiuly Women's vintage patchwork pockets puffy swing party dresses OX165
  • Mcdougal posted to the wire
    Get ready Fort Lauderdale Florida, I'm ready to visit all my friends over there this end of the year. It is going to be a big party for about a month. The beach and the bars, restaurant foods and much more!
  • Tablecloths posted to the wire
    What will be the best day for a couple in their entire lives? I will say, their wedding day of course. What could be everybody's best celebrations ever? Their birthdays for sure. This means everybody needs a tablecloth that matches their likes. Celebrate a happy New Year 2019 soon.
  • Suzette Banzo posted to the wire
    Acting has become almost a reality when doing my job as an actress on TV shows and movies. That's what my best friend told me yesterday, and I told her, REALLY?? What about your real life? I said, also.
  • Suzette Banzo commented on the photo My Cute Selfie
    Best make up i ever seen! Very nice
    My Cute Selfie
  • Merina Dwayne posted to the wire
    I'm done with the kids Holiday shopping! Just 12 days before the Christmas day. I'm just very happy and excited to watch them opening their gifts and thinking Santa Claus brought them, those those presents. They all have a very cute wrap, very colorful!. All about happiness!
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    We are at eleven days away from Christmas day and it seems that it is a year away. Maybe the new year is going to come faster, I guess.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    Lucky you! I can't afford to have that kind of Tv programming. I watch TV on the internet instead.
  • Bryan posted to the wire
    I like to watch movies on Netflix every day at all times. Normally I do weird things after dinner. you tell me about it.
  • Homes posted to the wire
    Homes for rent and home for sale are not the reason for this post. The price of real estate is higher now than ever before. The best gift for an American family is to be able to buy their first house, their future home becomes a great present. It is indeed the greatest feeling and a reason to celebrate.
  • Soprano posted to the wire
    I was right by talking about the top tv shows of all the time: shows of all time Rolling Stone, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Jeopardy, Unsolved, Lost, The X-files, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Andy Griffith Show, The Breaking Bad and many more.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    My wife is a Taurus and we never have a problem at all, well, maybe I don't pay attention to the zodiac signs features. You tell me what a men should anyways if there were any inconvenient on the relationship between two already married. I just look to the other side and ignore all words if possible.
  • Steven Spielberg posted to the wire
    All of us are living stars. Sometimes situations, take our shine away. Clouds set in and we can't see our own light… Sometimes we shine with the rest… Sometimes we twinkle alone… But we have to realize, that we sometimes are the only signal for somebody living in times of darkness. #life
  • Dita Von Teese posted to the wire
    I will never understand how someone can dress all in white but never get a spot or smudge on it..but if i even look at a white t-shirt then it gets stained up and grease smudges all over it.
  • Waldo Sherwood posted to the wire
    I've been single and on the market so long that I'm just about to go on the clearance rack - hahahaha!!!!
  • Xander Berkeley posted to the wire
    In romantic relationships and in friendships, the zodiac signs that attract to me most frequently are Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, and Leo. More than half of the people I have dated were Leo or Taurus. More than half of my friendships are Taurus. The others mentioned are the main people that attract to me in all aspects of my life. As far as the rest of the signs not mentioned I don’t commonly attract those signs into my life at all, and I am unsure of why because I don’t pick and choose it this way. That’s just how it always seem to just turn out to be!
  • Xander Berkeley commented on the photo My Cute Selfie
    You're much more than merely cute, you're so beautiful inside and out!
    My Cute Selfie

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