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  • James Rodríguez posted to the wire
    A guy at Hobby Lobby just got arrested for putting glitter on his balls. The police said it was pretty nutz to have to arrest him just for being creative and wanting to shine like diamonds and gold.
  • I go so much deeper than the basic five senses, I even have more than a sixth sense! Being rich in love, mind, faith and spirit is what matters to me most of all.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    You probably have heard said "there nothing like home". Well, maybe if people allow to much time gone away, then when they finally decide to return their homeland, it will be too late.
  • Gino Valentino commented on the photo Ormond Beach, Florida
    White sand beaches are like magic. Hotel and sun are the best combinations for a great vacation.
    Ormond Beach, Florida
  • Jezebel posted to the wire
    Gonna start things different and never look back seriously thinking leaving this life I’m living behind and not giving 2 craps anymore. It’s time I start to see a different picture of myself and for myself. I’m exhausted with it all and I’m shutting off to this worlds pathetic ways! You and me both done trying to care for others, sure done begging for acceptance from anybody.
  • Baby posted to the wire
    Just for everyone's information, out of all the riskiest “food items” currently not being inspected, baby formula is one of these...just think on this, something needs to immediately change without a split second to lose!
  • El pura vida hace mucho años no lo escucho, bueno sabe yo muero pura vida Costa Rica! Some people like to visit places with unique content. The river with water light blue is one of its kind, very special nature's gift "There aren't any chemicals or minerals concentrated to make the water blue color. Again, the blue color is just something like an optical phenomenon (a natural occurred); the result of light rays being deflected by certain minerals coating the riverbed as sunlight passes through the water at the surface. By this case, waters are acting like a prism and separate the sunlight into the seven primary colors. A complicated process of separation and creation of tones where each color is a ray of light with its own specific wavelength. The seven colors combining to make white light are violet; indigo; blue; green; yellow; orange; and red. Each color’s ray has a different wavelength" An explanation as for the riverbed coated with the compound ‘aluminum-silicate’. Phillip Gibbs May 1997 Genuine hot springs in Costa Rica.
  • Lexus Lululemon posted to the wire
    my cat is also due for all of those shots already, I must visit the pet clinic soon too.
  • Lexus Lululemon posted to the wire
    I controversial matter is when the US government talks about investing money that belongs to the peoples. maybe it is a good idea that they go for vacations and leave all of us alone.
  • Megan Fox posted to the wire
    I'm going to have to change my veterinarian guy because the one I have is almost never in his shop. All my kitties are past due to their shots rabies, distemper.
  • Megan Fox posted to the wire
    Go, girl! You are just like me when about the great things we are talking about. I love the color of diamonds and gold.
  • Sofía Martha Vergara posted to the wire
    I got these cute pearls and diamonds that I must wear in my next acting season. I love jewels so much that I will spend a full month shopping on jewelry stores and high-quality electronics.
  • Sofía Martha Vergara posted to the wire
    I love to travel far far away. Unfortunately, I must travel a lot for the kind of job I have I have no time to enjoy places and foods that much. But I love social media and photos of places around the earth.
  • Gino Valentino posted to the wire
    I know some weird people that every year they go twice to the same place and they call it to travel vacations, while some others never go anywhere and they call it "there is no place like home". I instead, I travel all the times on the web and look for new photos and amazing places to post those pics online. I call it " a travel dream or a critic of social media addiction".
  • Travel posted to the wire
    Travel is the reward for millions worldwide after they spend longtime working and saving their money to spend on a hotel room and restaurant foods. The travel records are saying that people travel more to Las Vegas in Nevada and Disneyworld to visit Mickey Mouse than any other part on the world.
  • Alexa What's Hot posted to the wire
    Like a TV show! It seems that the US government takes a vacation from the job. Now the New York Times is saying that the White House could be considering the use the storm aid funds to cover the cost and pay for the border wall.
  • jefforey007 has a new avatar
  • jefforey007 posted to the wire
    I think that your grandfather must be rich, man.
  • jefforey007 posted to the wire
    What will I do with a hundred Dollars bill right now?? Yes, if I was living in Louisville, Kentucky, I will be buying bears and KF fried chicken for the change. Then I will visit my new girlfriend that I got online the other day You name it man.
  • Affiliate Programs posted to the wire
    I opened all the gifts that I got on last December and I was very disappointed with the stuff these gifts had inside their boxes. Today, what a surprise!. I found one last one under the couch in the living room, I guess I forgot it. Oh my. It is a pack of bills with totally of $500 dollars from my Grandfather.

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