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    I just can't cope with the turn that my life got right now. I have being working for the last ten years and saving a lot of my income from paycheck to paycheck under my matress, instead of taking those moneys to the bank. Guess what? I found out that it is missing today, yess, it is gone for never returning to my hands again. How can I buy a house now? The money was for a cash deal when I was ready to purchas a small property. I report it to the local police and they said. Sorry but it takes time to find out when and who came in to my apartment to steal my money, all my savings. I'm sorry to fill your social site with this garbage, sorry all.
  • Gino Valentino replied on the discussion topic Reading a Good Book for Couples to Read Together
    Nice sharing my friend. Some people will start buying books to read, I hope. view reply
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    I would like to share the idea od spending time alone reading a famous book. A good book for couples to read together at anytime at home or when they went vacations at the hotel beach somewhere. Fun books re aloud, bestselling relationship...
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    Incredible! I heard that a friend of mine just won 170 million dollars playing lotto. The funny stuff is that prior to winning the big prize lotto numbers, he was always calling and contacting his friends all the time on the phone and social media sites. Now i can t find him anywhere. I guess his lifestyle has changed and he is hanging around with money hungry friends, another level of friends. Money change people's lives.
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    My daughter stated to ask about how to apply for her credit card first time holder rights. I really don't know much about credit scores and how to star building it. Maybe an unsecured credit card for rebuilding credit wll work for her because she just learning aboout money and paying the biils. very probable said her ant, the guaranteed approval credit cards with $1000 limits for bad credit.
  • Chase Utley replied on the discussion topic It is good to invest on real estate?
    Thank You for the advise, seriously I think you are right and I will preside this business soon. I started with the three-course meal- between potential tax breaks, monthly cash flow in the form of rent and potential appreciation. I also love to... view reply
  • Bryan added a new discussion topic It is good to invest on real estate? in the group BookLikes
    The question is always followed by lots of money answers. i hate to say that Real Este is the most profitable businesses, the business property selling on earth where the investor can play as the main actor and enjoy the sucess as the work is done...
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    I just wanted to learn easy ways to collect money from my investments and taxes this year. Any ideas this way for a change? I Appreciate it. Thanks view reply
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    Well, it lloks like everything is falling by it's own weight and nothing is hidden in between the planet Earth and the Sun star.
  • Please, don't forget that my company offers land homes properties all sizes and prices at Mexico, Spain, UK, Germany, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, El Salvador and Nicaragua, iclusive the United States and Canada countries. This means... view reply
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    Seriuosly, this is about green bills man! view reply
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    Good news for house hunters! Homes for sale in california under 200k and 300 tousand dollars prices. 794 homes for saleaabeautiful properties for sale at a cash or finance deal in California. You can check listings by city place and photos, read the top review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters online to find the place that fits perfectly to your likes and needs. Next Fri, Mar 8 Open House at 4:00 - 6:00 PM 8021 Rosebud St, Alta Loma, CA Sat, Mar 9 Open House at 12:00 - 3:00 PM 7133 Newbury Ave, SAN Bernandino Sat, Mar 9 Open House at 1:00 - 4:00 PM 25541 Rangewood Rd
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    This thoughts become things that are very inspiring thoughts to me as I work selling properties and confidence becomes a plus to close my deals every month.
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    Your Wisdom today is the yeasterday's Wisdom. Your wisdom is consumed in self confidence and believe good things will happen and they will be exactly as you programmed them before. All of these things live inside your mind and heart.

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