Día de la Madre en Costa Rica 2016 Historia

Día de la Madre en Costa Rica 2016 Historia
August 15

Feliz Dia de las Madres 2016 Happy day to all
Moms in 2016 that celebrate in a country that
has it in August! Out of many poems or poemas
in Spanish, this is the one I will share this
year. Dios les siga regalando muchas
bendiciones. God keep giving you many
blessings. A hug to mothers, to heal the
wounds, to which they are drivers of their
children, to those who get up at 2 am to
cobijarlos again, to the women that go if he's
breathing while he sleeps, a hug Those who cry
when they can't get the colic or shaking the
first time that it is baby's bath time, you
are braver than you believe, you make the
music that creates the life that gives you the
rhythm to each day... your aim the Orchestra!
A hug to the moms so very brave Giving birth
with c-sections or certificates of adoption or
pushing, with cries and gasps when giving
birth. Who cry when they have them in your
arms for the first time and we fail to
understand the miracle of God by having formed
inside our! A big hug to the heroes who
stretch the budget, that teach at all times,
they find 100 ways to answer the question
why?, trying to keep calm in the midst of the
storms of life, which although are fought And
angry with that "EX" who is the father of her
children know of the damage they would do to
them not to see his dad and never dare to
speak ill of him just because I don't want to
hurt his little heart, to those who accept
that Put the superman suit every day or the
tiara of princess to go to sleep :P
A hug for the mothers who seek to cry without
them and see that the see them say, " I am a
cold " or " I have a trash in the eye but...
we're going to play!" Hugs to the champions
who are going, take pictures in the
presentations, to encourage and applaud,
carrying children, diapers manufacturers and
thousand packages, that you are raising them
alone because someone out there forgot his
responsibility, who disagree many times with
his children And they love each other deeply
though get rebels. A hug to the real women who
lose their patience, I forgot that the next
day should go dressed as a rogue, they cry,
they get frustrated and show that they are
human and are not perfect and that each new
day make their best effort to be better than
yesterday. A hug to the moms who gave in to
her figure, his abs, his hours in the gym,
gave in to his size of pants, but they have a
will so strong that it is the most developed
muscle as they get on to their children, who
are convinced that no one hurt their children
without first pass over them, a hug to those
moms who are a port, a beacon, in the middle
of the storm! Hugs to those mamas who are in
the middle of the grind think about their
children all the time...because you're braver
than you think because... you're a mother!!
Happy day! A hug and another to all of you who
share with me this wonderful task that god
bless you and fill you with wisdom!
A hug that lasts a minute and remind you that
we are made for the whole life

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