The best smart study skills and the methods for a student success

Certanly, right now nobody say how to study to get the best test numbers and pass to the next grade at college. The best smart study skills and the methods for a student's success

What the best students had said, it is that they study a the class while recieving the teachers speach, then when they had time at home or their jobs, they read and analyzed their notes taken at the class a day or more days before.
So, apart of studying one hour before or one hour after eating a meal, the student that doesn't pay attention or assist at their teacher courses or classes, and never it is going to get good acceptable numbers grades etc,

From this point, this is why we say ... study smart, folow the good student tips today and achieve sucess.
There are excellent study habits and bad student behavior at class infront the other students, students who don't care about their parents investment and excellent students that went to the University to do the right thing.

Let's start with some good habits for a sucess at college with the habits or methods of highly effective:
a- Target the difficult areas of the information received at class from the teacher or the book, improve and focus it with priority over the easiest areas.

b- Learning the process and getting confortable with method to study, again, gets you higly acceptable results.

c-The right learning styles and your proven preferences will enhance your study skills

d- Motivate yourself, get to calculate and see the future, what will be of you with a title and college recognition to show the employers and you get hire in a very competitive job market. Think the properties and things you could buy with a juicy salary every month that you will earn working. Focus and become very positive thinking how many people will appreciate your help when you get graduated and start your own future working on the career you built and love. You are the engeneer of your own future, build your own soon.

Potencial careers well paid, just to name some:

The Anesthesiologist gets a salary near to $250,000

The Doctor Surgeon gets a juicy salry of: $230,000

The Obstetrician and Gynecologist at salry close to: $200,000

A doctor Physician a salary of $180,000

A professional Psychiatrist gets a yearly salary $210,000

The children Pediatrician a salary: $160,000

The Dentist: $140,178

The Prosthodontist salary: $145,240

Many careers more pay great on the private health department, hospitals and clinics.


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