Do People Make Any Money On Affiliates Programs?

I want the best opportunity to start working on it!
The question is out there running from mouth to mind and it is driving millions crazy these year 2013 to next 2014.
Do people make any money on affiliates programs? Think, the internet surpasses a billion of websites and the mayority, if not a thirty percent 30% are using some source of advertisement that pays them to have it on their websites pages.

Now that many have being loosing their niches and have registered a new domain name with new content because of Panda software crashing their old sites, they want to make sure that the program they get in is going to pay good and make profits, plus a decent living.

They demand an affiliate co being already allied with the biggest online company partner, and a simple proof of Income for advertisement.

No wonder, in America, people like to feel secure and work for a pay and salary, never for free because they need to cancel their bills and retire some day in their future. Called the "allied insurance for life".

Looking at one of the famous online forums, there where stand as their only income and forum, blogs and sites owners really want that to be the way it is now and with never a change, which means, they were educated to be used by corporations on the business of publicity, which online most of them are the major American stores and who's owner is today the same owner of the news paper " The Washington Post:

When news online said that Bezos, purchase of The Washington Post! and , sorry never " The news paper New York Times", that one it is still running great and recognized as the "best selller book".

Mobile security industry to grow fast, the master code makers and software programmers are moving to the cell phone platforms.

The latest computing tasks move to phone platforms market share, the Smartphone Samsung, Nokia, iPhone 5s 5c Apple market share.

In the US European and Asian businesses now face new security challenges, where they need to create and hire antivirus for protection and hardware capable to stop intruders hackers (bad software programmers).

Now, these are the words that i kept from the affiliate individuals who werer talking about these business affiliation.

"The program is legitimate and it's free. You shouldn't buy advertising, or coaching, training courses, or for internet traffic to your website ever to participate.

 People really make some money.

Most don't make a lot to scream and shout saying "i became rich with my job online and right from the comfort of my computer in the home's living room!".

But being an associate is totally free (0 cost to pay) and what it really takes is lots and lots of reading, followed by lots of writing " putting ideas on white paper together".

That information given by Marry to you is to a good discussion.

And you are very wise to come this place for asking questions before making a seriuos decision on incorporating or becoming an affiliate.

The people selling you the hype (or trying to sell you the hype) are generally professional con-artists, smart individuals who live their lives taking the money that doesn't belong to any package from them or their job. They have bilked many many people out of thousands of dollars and the only way to stop them is by asking questions and reading online others complains and solutions on how to avoid them, becoming smart each day.

Its not an immediate, and its certainly not a get rich quick scheme for sure, but yes, you can make soem amount of money, if you are willing to do work smart and hard, build up an audience, traffic coming in to your website each day, develop your expertise with that audience (creating gold eggs for the future), and do a lot of research plus selected readings in general unique writing.

And if things aren't going right as enyone expected, you have to be willing to change, whether it be your execution of the idea (work frame), your topic, your tactics (system of typing, images and text information), whatever.

It really isn't a good idea to come up with a concept, become enamored with it, and refuse to change anything because it deviates from your original idea.

(For example, my half-sister had a brief flirtation with the idea of trying affiliate marketing by herself, like she knew it all. For a moment  I had a feeling it would be a bad idea, she has a history of not following through on things, but I said I would help her to develop the plan.

We never got past the domain name, which means work of creating and designing web pages and posting it online with an ftp program uploader and activating it.

I kept explaining to her why the business brand domain name she wanted to use, which gave no clue as to the general topic, wasn't memorable ) people couldn't remember it out of their minds or top of the head, wasn't even cute ( opposite , ugly!, was frankly boring).

It was a bad idea, and she kept going back to wanting to use it.

Fortunately, someone else had already registered the aforementioned dumb domain name, so I told her to start writing articles while she thought about a different name.

She never take the time to write words, never wrote one 1 word.

 End of affiliate marketing adventure was over, finished. She wasn't any good for the business online, forget it.)

So if you're the type who gets fixated on one idea and isn't willing to adapt, or if you get emotionally attached to certain ideas, go ahead and try it, if you want, maybe you'll be absolutely lucky or absolutely right, but its much better if you're willing to learn, adapting to the jobs in maintaining sites pages, make changes all times without to confuse search engines, as they record everything.

 Correct. If it says "Your one-stop-shop for the very best values the Internet has to offer.", you've been had.

Not anymore.

Yes, you can make money.

Inside the fact, there are people making tons of money with these enterprises corporations in United States.

 I'm talking about full time income for real and they still sleep at night without worry is thoughts and stress at all.

You just have to watch out when someone says, I'll do all the work, and you reap all the profits type of sales pitch.

Protect your money assets, don't give it away so easy.

You need to put in the work.

 "There are people making tons of money" Can you back up your claim please? Some one said.

I was one of those people...$7k to $16k a month might not seem much to you, but it's hell of a lot to me ( lots).

I'm nowhere near that right now, but I'm working on getting back in the same cathegory of income every month.

A lot of people are skeptical because there are tons of scams out there. But it is without a doubt possible to make a lot of money".

As you all can see, the story continues and they keeep on and on taking how important is to be smarter and continuos working, putting more new content to attract visitors from search engines and make profits out of it.

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