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John and I have 2 blue-eyed children, but neither of us has blue eyes. I spent 2 months in Albania and Greece when I was 20. I'm terribly disorganized (but am working on it!). After several ultrasounds, the doctors told me that my 2nd child would be at least 11 lbs. and ordered a C-section to avoid injury to either of us. My little Jack was born at 6 lbs. 10 oz! I'm a hopeless night owl AND an early riser. I cant ever seem to get myself in bed before midnight. (At this point I've calculated over 2,000,000 sleep hours in the hole that I'm sure will come back to haunt me one day!) I hate to drive (but ironically spend most of my days doing it). I once worked for a post-production company and worked on national commercials for clients such as Anheiser-Busch, McDonalds, and Coke. I met John on Oct. 18 '95, he proposed on Oct. 18 '96 and we married on Oct. 18 '97. People misunderstand me a lot. I once helped a random person with a flat tire in the rain. That person turned out to be Christina Applegate. She was so appreciative that she stood out in the rain with me holding the umbrella. My favorite weather is rainy weather My favorite season is fall & Not just cause of Halloween and my birthday. My favorite color ever is purple. It used to be yellow when I was little. If you're still reading this, i'm impressed. (Though that's not really a fact) My favorite animal/pet are dogs (duh) I want to write a book someday, but i'm afraid to let anyone see my work. Love clothes and shoe shopping, I own 250 pairs of shoes! My family and close friends mean the world to me. My yorkie, Beary, is my spoiled little baby. I am Fortunes' Fool! Every cloud has a silver lining' There's always something good in bad times. 'A stitch in time saves nine' Act early and you can save a lot of time. The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers. Born in Salt Late City, Utah, raised in Miami Florida and now reside in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Interested in Technology, Parenting, Cooking, Germany, Asia, Fashion, Human Anatomy, Africa, South America, Circuses, Traveling, USA, Hair Philosophy, Latin Culture, Chess, Fishing, Best drummer is MA, Baking Blueberry Muffins and Pizzas, Dancing The Salsa, Shopping For Discounts, World War I and Civil War Re-enacting, Modeling, Finding & Collecting Pottery, Rewriting Recipes To Better Them.

Beyonce Ave Maria

The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers.

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