Any advice for my good friend, Emmi ?!?!

My boyfriend kicked me out of HIS home and will not let me take the 2 babies & its the weekend now... what to do???

Ric kicked me out last night and we have 2 babies, an 18 month old and 4 month old. Not only did he just kick me out randomly, but has his WHOLE family on his side. We have been living in a small house on his Parent's 200-acre property for a year now.  Ric and I have been arguing a lot lately, but this is unexpected that his parents & siblings are in on this (they all live on the land too, but only Ric & I lived in the home). It is like they have been planning this "evil plan" all along ...KNOWING there is nothing I can do. What can I do?????????? I am at a friend's home right now. No job. No money. No home. Was not allowed to take ANYTHING no kids, no clothes, no $...NOTHING. It is BELOW 0 degrees, ARCTIC WEATHER!No courts are open or anything for that matter. IT'S The Weekend Now! I have no family just a few close friends. Well, my Mom who lives in Canada with her Canadian Husband. I cannot even contact her, they are on vacation. This is the worst TIME of my life. I feel so lost and HELPLESS. Ric knows how much I love my babies, he is waiting for me to "break" he can have me arrested, I think. :C


  • Kim Zolciak

    First off, do not break girl, BE STRONG! You are not alone. Private message me and I can send you a little bit of money for food etc. to get you by. Go file paternal rights papers ASAP (on Monday)...before Ric does. I'm sure u just fill out a form at courthouse. At least go ask a lawyer who has a free consulation at 1st visit, or maybe a lawyer will bill u later since u r least until u get back on your feet ?! God bless you, you and your children will be in my prayers! Hang in there, Emmi ...don't #gonutz :) You and your children will be okay, it will all work out eventually. May the upcoming spring and sunshine bring you even more hope too.

  • Drew Barrymore

    My advice is to NEVER EVER give up and to get a job or jobs as soon as possible! I, as well as many others, have been in your shoes. Never give up, Never surrender...DO NOT GET ARRESTED! :) <3

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