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Where is everybody? Do you think intelligent life exists out there somewhere?

Well, I'm going to assume that the above question is speaking of our own "observable" solor system and galaxy that we live in...it only is asking "out there somewhere", which could mean our own soar sytem or the whole universe. If meaning the entire universe, my answer is a staight and forward yes...but I believe the intelligent life are spiritual beings mainly. Now lets get to answering about if intelligent life exist elsewhere in our own solar system and galaxy. I still say yes, but it is more of a 'probable yes', not a matter of fact yes. Life COULD exist elsewhere from planet earth, but we do not know for sure. But, just because we have not found any earth-like planets YET does not mean that they do not exist. If there are, it does not mean that human beings or that any other intelligent life lives on it or them. As of now, there are about 156 extrasolar planets. Other intelligent life and/or extraterrestrial life could possibly exist on these or even undiscovered planets, regardless of if there is earth-like conditions or not. Maybe certain aliens do not require oxygen, how about water? Also, who is to determine what is intelligent life and what exactly are their characteristics...is being compared to human intelligence?? If any aliens are out there and are alive, they would be considered to have some sort of intelligence. Yes, I think there is some other life out there. Even the animals on earth exhibit intelligence relevant to their own species, and some is VERY amazing and unique! Maybe a better question is, "what kind of intelligence is existing elsewhere, in comparison to humans?". I do not believe that there is anything in our own galaxy more intelligent, but I bet there are other undiscovered animals and plants. As stated before, outside out galaxy, yes...but more intelligent and of a spiritual realm or realms.


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