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The Westside Story Musical ~ Dig A Little Deeper Research

Dig a little deeper by researching the westside story musical ...

How do Tony and Maria plan to overcome the factors at work against them?

ANSWER: They both make a plan to run away together and to get married after Tony is hiding from NYC cops for offenses against Maria's brother, Bernardo, in a gang fight between the Jets and the Sharks. The musical never explains why Tony and Maria do not have the same

prejudices that their families and friends have.
What do you think helped Tony and Maria overcome their prejudices towards those who are from different backgrounds or cultures?

ANSWER:  I think that the musical never explains this because the audience is to assume that Tony and Maria are deeply in love, real love, love that see no color or race, therefore there is nothing to overcome because their love and passion make them oblivious to anything else. Also, maybe they are personally  not prejudice people anyways, regardless of being in love or not. Thirdly, some do say that opposites attract.

How does this musical end?

ANSWER: Maria's brother was Bernardo (Tony's victim) and Bernardo's girlfriend is, Anita.

 Anita knows all about Maria and Tony being in love, and decides to keep it a secret that they are running away together, and helps them. The Jets and the cops go to many locations

looking for Tony, but Maria and Anita both lie to all of them, and hide Tony. However, through all of the lies, deceptions and
misunderstanding, Tony ends up passing away in Maria's arms. Maria takes the weapon from Chino who has threatened to slug everyone from BOTH gangs, but doesn't. The musical ends with all of the Jets and Sharks walk walking together in a funeral procession, carrying the body of Tony. And, Chino, gets arrested. This means the racial squabble has ended and Justice will be served after all.

Westside story is an updated version of what classic love story?

ANSWER:  The film and musical, "West Side Story", is an updated version of the 1957 Broadway musical which was also called "West Side Story". The original Broadway musical was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.  

Listen to “America.”  What is the difference in the attitude of Anita and her boyfriend, Bernardo (from the Sharks gang)?  Was moving to America what each one thought it would be?  Explain.

ANSWER:  Anita makes it very clear that she likes The United States of America much better than Puerto Rico, where she is from. Bernardo makes his opinion very clear that he definitely likes his homeland of Puerto Rico better than living in the USA, and he wants to go back home. Anita says and sings that most of America is how she expected, and that girls are able to be free to have fun, and she does not mind that foreigners make less money that the natural born citizens, she still loves living in America. Bernardo claims that America is nothing like he expected, he thought he would have more opportunities and possibly become rich, but complained of having doors slammed in his face and immigrants living in over-crowded homes.  

Listen to "Officer Krupke".  How do the Jets (gang members) see themselves in America?

ANSWER:  The Jets definitely made it clear that they see themselves as misunderstood people that have troubles of their own.. They said that the cops believe everything that they read in the news about how they have 'junkie and drunk' parents that abuse them and do got give them love. They sarcastically sing about how they are deprived individuals from homes where they are unwanted. And, then they go on to joke around and sing that they are real trouble, have social diseases, are crazy, are lazy, drink, do drugs, and so on...and that they basically, "no good" for society. These gang members do not feel to be bad,  however, they are singing this song jokingly and sarcastically (it made me laugh). LOL


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