Home Is Where The Heart Is Poems

Home is people's souls. It's not a place. If you go back to a place after souls are gone, then all you can see is an empty space. Home is where your heart is, more-so than where you lay your head. Home is not a place, it's a feeling and a state of mind. Earth is our temporary home. Every home is one of a kind. A house is shelter. A home is love, not a smelter. It's not a where, but a what and who. Nobody can be homeless when God loves you.

It’s a kitchen. Its curtains fill with a morning light so bright you can’t see beyond its windows into the afternoon.
A kitchen falling through time with its things in their places, the dishes jingling up in the cupboard, the bucket of
drinking water rippled as if a truck had just gone past, but that truck was thirty years. No one’s at home in this room.
Its counter is wiped, and the dishrag hangs from its nail, a dry leaf. In housedresses of mist, blue aprons of rain, my
grandmother moved through this life like a ghost, and when she had finished her years, she put them all back in their
places and wiped out the sink, turning her back on the rest of us, forever.

A room in the past is set in a kitchen with everything in place, a grandmother who had left it organized. The words in this poem are very powerful and can have different types of meaning. It could mean that kitchens from the past are different from how they are used now. It could also show that people’s hard work are not recognized and are left abandoned. We could also see this poem as woman trying to pursue their dreams and not working as a kitchen wife all day long. As you read farther along there will be explanations to how this poem has different meanings.

This kitchen was obviously owned to a grandmother, the aprons and buckets of drinking water puts this scene in a different time period from the past. This poem could regard that kitchens like this could almost be non-existent. This could be the processed food that doesn’t take as much time to cook instead of bringing home a pig that needs to be cut and cleaned. Mostly everything now is prepackaged. People also choose to go through fast food because it’s quicker and easy which leaves the kitchen untouched.

This poem shows a humble woman whose life was indeed the center in this kitchen, but who was the center of life for that family? The wiping, cleaning, and ordering is a metaphor for what she meant to those who loved her. The grandmother could be undervalued too. She could have been someone who made everything possible, but wasn’t recognized. It’s also possible that the author of this poem was feeling the same way when writing it, he could have been feeling unrecognized.

As this poem was set in a different time period, a lot of women were also limited to what they could pursue in their lives. Their lives were mainly to take care and focus on the kitchen. They were to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and to clean up after every meal. The cleaning up included sweeping, mopping, dishes, wiping down counters and more. It’s possible that a lot of women wanted to do more exploring. A few examples would be traveling around the world, going out and teaching different languages, or even just selling hair products. Until World War 2 which was the first generation that was wide open for women who got to explore. The grandmother could have wanted to break free from the kitchen, and her wiping the sink could have been her last duty before she broke away free.

Poems can have a lot of different meanings. It mainly depends on the reader and their interpretation. Sometimes they could have more than one interpretation as well. A room in the past had several means as read. It could have meant that kitchens are usually left unused because of fast food, and also it could have had the meaning that the grandmother was undervalued for her work in the kitchen. It also could show that a woman just wanted to break free from always working in the kitchen. There could also be more interpretations from this poem that anyone could find as they read along.

Ferrari Einthusan

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