Discussions of novel, The New City Story by Stephen Amidon Book Summary Notes

After reading The New City by Stephen Amidon  and watching the A Biography of America episode, address this prompt:

Do you think Daniel Burnham was right when he said making cities livable would be "the third great debate in our country's history" after the American Revolution and the Civil War? After posting your response, reply to two other posts.  Do not simply agree or disagree, but provide specific examples to support what you are writing.

My Answer:  I agree with what Daniel Burnham quoted in that making cities livable would be "the third great debate in our country's history" after the American Revolution and the Civil War because he was speaking of how America was drastically changing culturally to a more contemorary way of life and would probably continue to do so as the century was switching from 19th to 20th in less than a decade. Burnham had every good reason to believe that the turn of the Century meant that Americans would continue to think differently and to be more open-minded for new changes and inventions that made life easier and "quicker" like communicating, technologies, etc. Civilization was becoming more advanced in every way at the time, so why not the cities and their conveniences? I agree with Burham, he was excited for these changes and had every right to feel that way after seeing his real life visulation of all those lit buildings and the landscape (the White City) of the The World's Columbian Exposition Fair compared to rural life. I would have been inspired and excited in those days, as well! I am sure many people agreed with him at that time in 1893. Daniel Burnham refused to let his dream die, even when the "White City" was burned in 1894...I am sure New York City was also continue his inspiration to help launch the City Beautiful Movement later on.

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