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Dear Anne Frank, I don’t understand why you were not notified and I put special e-mail  to tell you also.   There seems to be changes in Pay Pal lately  in their  format. I had to go on and re-do my  bank and credit info. today in fact. I hope you will go buy the LARGEST bag of  dog food and bag of cat food  ( enough to last a  good while anyway ) soon as you get the money -  then at least you will have food for them.   Al says he gives them one scoopin the morning – and one scoop at night -  same for Baby I guess. I talked to him a little while ago and he is in good spirits – said those nurses treat him really nice...  and one nurse   told him this afternoon  that she was the one with him  Monday  morning when he almost left this world (passed away)..... and they brought him back and put him in Intensive Care – and began to monitor his heart rate constantly.... that is why they are now saying he needs the Pace Maker in his heart...   He said they will be sending him to the   V A  Hospital  in one of the  North Carolina areas  soon  for this procedure. He said he ate real good today and felt much better.... and hopefully he will be getting everything done and  be OK for his trip back to there before long. I will keep in touch with you and let you know how he is progressing... Glad  your sister could let you have a little money til you get yours...  you should already have had the money since Western Union said it went through June 26, well I am heading to bed -  very TIRED !!! I will talk to you soon. Kindest regards....... Linda P.S. Thank you all for praying for Alfred...He said he appreciated all the prayers...

Hello!   Alfred  is here today  - He had another surgery, put a de-fibrilator in his heart   and he seems to be getting along really good and soon as he gets it checked out  this  week   and they give him the O K to fly back -  he will get a plane ticket  and head back...I am taking him over to the USA Government Drivers License  place in a few minutes.... they told him since he does not have a drivers license  he will have to have  an identification card made so we will go do that  and get it over with. Al is wondering about his pets...and are they doing okay lately? He will be sending you some money again soon as he gets his check. He has been having to pay a lot for all that medication they have been prescribing for him...Alfred  will TRY and call you later! Hope all is well with all of you. Thanks for continuing to pray for AL..... and he should get through all this OK. Linda

Hi Linda, I am just now getting to read your e-mail message from a week ago because our internet is shut off until I can afford to get turned back on. I'm at public internet right now. Happy to hear Al is doing good now. Did he get everything checked out and give him the OK to head back soon??? His pets are doing good. His cats now love to follow me everywhere, when I walk Baby, and black and white cat tried to follow Sue home. I am in desperate need of more catfood, I bought the biggest bag of 60 pound which took most of the money. Also, need money for Alfred's water bill due soon, Baby still has accidents on porch I clean with hose. Al knows that petfood here is double the price of the food in the USA. And, when he called me last time, he promised to give me $100/week or a minimum of $200 to $300 a month, I had explained we lost most of our income now from cleaning business. Casper also needs more bug repellent, her ticks are coming back, it seems the last collar is wearing quick. Cleaners for the floor and more dog shampoo too, his neighbors keep complaining, said they will call The Health Dept. Susan cleaned more yesterday but we needed more soap *we are very poor, barely pay for basic food for us, just potatoes and cabbage. The $150 minus the bank fees last month was not enough, and Al's water bill last month was $15. Alfred can call me if he has questions, he should remember what we discussed, in June. Hope all is well there. Anne Frank

Hey Anne, Alfred  is staying down at Clover with his friends  right now. My friend and I  had him all last week  and took him for many appointments. He had to go over to Carolina Medical Hospital and get the Atrial Defibrillator  checked out.... He was supposed to be plugging in  the device they gave him and let them monitor his heart 24 hours per day...and he had not done that.   said he was waiting til he got to Florida to plug it in... ( what good would that do over there ? IF anything happened he would have to go to their Emergency Room immediately  the nurse told me )   This device is to detect  when his heart gets irregular  and will actually SHOCK  it back on if it  his heart gets out of rhythm -   and she said it would practically knock him down...and then he should go immediately to the Emergency Room and let them check him over.  Just so you will know IF and When he comes on back. He says as soon as they check him over again at the heart place ? He is getting his plane ticket and going on back home...I was getting sick myself and about to break down from worrying over him and trying to make all his appointments and see that he had transportation and got all his medicines...etc. and try to help him pay the
bills due here...and worry about  having enough money to send to you also. My grandchildren came to stay with me for a while  then their mom is coming down and we are having to drive to the other granddaughters in Georgia ? to plan her I will have to be away from home and I HOPE  AL  can stay with his two friends in South Carolina they are both married and have houses  and their wives are home with them.  One of Alfred's old friends just died this week -  and if he wants to I will drive down to get him on Saturday and take him to his friends funeral memorial service -  then take him back to Clover. Alfred  told me on the phone yesterday that he was feeling good...and  had lost the water that his body had retained  ( they gave him fluid pills  for that  and he has taken them every day )     so  HOPEFULLy  in August  he will be flying
back home. He had planned to come back Aug 6 -  soon as he could get a paycheck and get his airline ticket, but with having to go have this device checked  that  they have implanted in his chest -  it will cause him to have to wait til later in August. I wish he had someone that could be at the airport and pick him up when he arrives so he would not have to worry with the baggage and  taking a bus or something  on to his house. He will be sending you some money just as soon as his check goes in...  He has already told me to send it just as soon as we know enough is in the bank.     He got another bill in the mail here  for more medications from the V A   -  It is $80 or  $90   every time they give him a new prescription  ( even if it is just for a few pills  )   He now owes V A   over $200.   still  I think....and I have already paid two large payments. I will definitely send you e-mail the minute I send the money thru PAYPAL......IF  he has any money left in his billfold he took the last of it  to use to pay for whatever he had to have while he is staying with those people in S C )   I am sure he will use that
to send to you.   I will show him your e-mail  soon as he gets back up here  probably day after tomorrow...WHY did you lose your money from your business....were you not selling for them  - or what happened ? Are there no other jobs there in your area to work at  and can you get unemployment???  What will you do in the future after Alfred gets back how will you earn money ?? I Pray you get something  to make some more income. I will call you or write soon as I know more about the money situation with Alfred...  Maybe he will have enough to send a little right away.   His check will not be in bank until Aug 6th  or 7th probably. Linda

Just tried to send you $50 in Paypal, would not go through? Alfred  gets really upset  that you are in such need for money again..... and he is having such a hard time here....  I do not want him to get upset - as the dr. said  he should avoid  getting upset makes his heart start acting up.....He said  are you putting the dog in the house and leaving back door open so she can go out there to  do her business -  and that would be the only place you would have to pick up after her with a plastic bag -   or paper -  and then rinse off....    He said you could call the Humane Society or animal shelter and have all pets except Baby and the calico cat picked up.....Just leave those two to take care of   -  He says it is getting too hard to take care of your family and the animals too  financially...    He said he has tried to help you for the past 5  years  and done the best he could with what money he gets...   now that he is having to pay so much over here for his health  - which he HAS to do to live and also having to continue paying rent there - and other bills - and then send money
to you more often - it is too  hard on him. He has to go to the eye Doctor tomorrow.... and MUST  get his eyes taken are of if possible  ( don't know how he is going to pay for this - and I have NO money )   He cannot see to read at all...   then he goes back to the V A  Doctor on Tuesday   - they have sent him another medication to take which I will try to meet him tomorrow and give it to him -   he still owes for the past shipment of medications last week    ( about $30.00 ) and now will owe for this one they sent in mail yesterday. Plus he has to pay some people for taking him to appointments and places he has to go -    I  do not  take money from him for when I take him to appointments -  but it is about 1 hour away from where he is staying and takes a good bit of gas  ( which is almost $4.00  per gallon )  and most people have to let him buy their gas. He should hopefully be able to fly back home  after the late August appointment and he said he would take care of everything then. At any rate -   the $120.00   has already gone through paypal  from my end. so check your e-mail and see when you will receive it -   Sincerely, Linda

Dear Linda, So sorry to have had to ask for more so soon, I never would have if Alfred's pets didn't need more food and other stuff too. The only food I didn't pay for the last 6 months was that tiny bag of dog food from Roland in March, and the two small ones from the vet. All other bags were much larger that I bought and it is the same amount AL was giving them according to his calendar he wrote on, so I know I have not over-fed them and spent any more than he had been. The last thing I want is for AL to be upset and not ok. I told him several times on the phone about the crazy stuff Baby does since Alfred leaves. She does much more, she makes big messes, she will poop and rolls in it and spreads it everywhere, on herself and all over. I am sure it is because she is complaining for missing AL. Baby does this, even with me walking her
everyday. I could NEVER give any animals to a shelter in. I can not do that. Susan was wanting to bring two of the cats home but we decided not to because not sure if they would stay put or run off. Just want them all to be safe and fed until Alfred returns. Baby is no problem, I am used to her habits now, I just needed Al to know that I could not let his water be shut off. Pets are not going anywhere, we love them now lol I assume when Al said take care of my family past 5 years, he meant my Sister and her kids, that relationship is none of my concern. Any money I got from AL was paid back or earned when I helped him to get his residence, because it always took full days of being gone and away from my cleaning work. And, I saved him $1000s because lawyers were taking all of his money. That is between me and Al, he knows all the truth of here. His Electric has been off since the end of April, I hope he isn't being charged for electric. Will his friend who took him to the airport in March be able to get him again, I wonder? We would be happy to, if we had a vehicle. They will help him with luggage on the bus, they did for Susan and I when we arrived, the buses have compartments for the tourists. With Al's heart the way it is I am VERY surprised he is returning to this country since there are no Cardiologists like there and he lives alone here. It is all up to him, I have told him my opinions and suggestions many many times. Sincerely, Anne Frank

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