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Famous Circle K Love Poems & Best Love Quotes For Her and Him

Love Poems for a Girlfriend, Love Poems For A Girl, Love poems for the one you love. Love Poems for her. Love poems for him. Poems from Boyfriends to Girlfriends. Romantic short love poems for wife. Famous love poems for husband. Most Cute Love Poems & Love quotes. K Love I love you quotes for a big love culture. Famous Circle K Love Poems & Best Love Quotes For Her and Him

As Long As You Love Me

At a distance I admire you,
Keeping my dreams of you close to my heart,
An arms length away I whisper your name,
Only wishing you could hear my heart calling.
At a distance wishing to hold you,
As you walk by with out looking.
Blind you are to the love that I hold for you,
Yet I walk on with faith that some day.
At a distance I see the confusion,
Have you finally noticed me, standing in your shadow?
Yet you chose to look past me.
A lesson in life you will look back painfully upon.
At a distance I let you go,
Watching on as you ponder with the decision you have made.
Knowing all to well the loss will weigh heavy in your heart.
For at a distance your heart can never be open,
Love can never be true,
The dreams in your heart unreachable,
Until you allow yourself to walk beside me,
Closing the distance and walking away from the shadows.
I venture into the unknown,
Only hoping that some day you will know the love I feel for you.
Wanting nothing but your happiness,
Breathing in deeply as I let you go.

Love Is

The great gift of love is mankind's greatest treasure.
Big love or little...it has no real measure.

For better or for worse, young love or old.
Weaker before stronger, love is gentle yet bold.

Love is faithful.  Love is lost and finding.
Love is grateful.  Love is cost and binding.

Brighter than the sun, bluer than a mistake.
Love can be true, or can be the greatest fake.

Love is romance.  Love is diamonds and minks.
Love is chance.  Love is diapers and kitchen sinks.

Might be a heart-rending hurt, or sweeter than honey.
Free as a bird, or cost all your hard-earned money.

Love is daring.  Love is unhidden and courageous.
Love is caring.  Love is open and outrageous.

A letter from a strange land.  A wedding and a cake.
Soothing touch of a friend's hand.  A judge and a clambake.

Love is tough.  Love is anxious and bailing.
Love is enough.  Love is patience and unfailing.

Love at first sight, or growing over the years.
Could be everlasting, or be stilled with many tears.

Love is pure.  Love is enduring and strong.
Love is a cure.  Love hopefully covers all wrong.

It really is a mystery that some will never find.
Share love with someone for it really is one of a kind.

Love is the Biggest Most Powerful Four-Letter Word!

How ironic can it be, but more than that simple 4-letter
word of love being so much greater that just a word, but
a mutltitude of things beyond any person's awareness or
imagination. Love is not just physical 5 senses, saying
it & thinking it from heart & mind...it's MUCH MORE...&
more people should just explore its depths more deeply,
no matter what excuses there may be to not do so, especially
nowadays while there is still an abundant amount to work
with where it can keep multiplying and make a differences.


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