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Grandmothers Of Invention ~ A Caring Letter Of Love & Advice From Grandma Moses To Her 17 Year Old Grand-daughter About Responsibility

Grandmothers Of Invention ~ A Caring Letter Of Love & Advice From Grandma Moses To Her 17 Year Old Grand-daughter ~ Grandmas Gifts Of Wisdom

Hi Sweetie Grand-daughter, Bethie!

How are you doing lately, I am good. I have been meaning to write to you for days, so sorry I have been putting it off..I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY Much!! How is school this week? I am happy to hear that things are going well. I am relieved to know about you planning on going to college now...I with help you as much as possible in your career path, Honey! Yes, everything will be okay! I have been thinking about stuff (about you)...and, in my OPINION...you SHOULD NOT move out any time soon. Please read all of this email, twice would be great! I 'think' that moving out any time soon would not be a wise choice. Your Mom and Dad have offered you to live with them for basically FREE as long as you continue your education...you should highly think about accepting this offer to you. Not every person gets this opportunity in life.

I understand 100% that parents can often be overbearing. Rules, nagging, etc. can make the hair on your head seem painful! But don't worry, you won't have to deal with it forever. Trust me, worrying about money, bills, ect. is MUCH MORE stressful than parents basic rules while living in THEIR house. Think you can handle 100% responsibility of caring for yourself (without your parents help)???? Once you move out on your own the real responsibilities kick in. This is a big step in every person's life and a HUGE decision. Here are some good questions that any eighteen year old/"adult" should ask themselves! READ EVERYTHING BELOW CAREFULLY,READ & ABSORB IN YOUR BRAIN & Do Not Forget...Save In A Folder

*You know that you want your freedom. Do you know that freedom comes at a HUGE price? Leaving home because you feel smothered by a rule or rules may not be the best reason. It can cause you to leave too soon and run into problems along the way that wouldn't have been there otherwise.There isn't going to be anyone to catch you once you leave the nest (parent's home).Would your parents allow you to come home if things didn't work out on your own?
* Taking the things into consideration that are likely to come up and how you might react to them will help to tell you if you are ready to move out. Once you are on your own you may find it harder than you ever imagined it would be.

* Have you been saving? There are a lot of expenses associated with moving. You have to have a place to live for starters. There will be money need for the RENT DEPOSIT and furnishing. A rent deposit is usually the same amount as one month of rent. Some landlords charge even the 1st and last month's rent in advance, AND the deposit...that could be $1000 or more just to move in! TheLeaving home because you feel smothered may not be the best reason. It can cause you to leave too soon and run into problems along the way that wouldn't have been there otherwise. And then there are also the Utilities (if not included), Cable/Internet (if you choose to have either of these items), Cell phone or home phone, Car payment (possibly), Car insurance, Gas for car, Car maintenance (Car Insurance (expensive!),oil changes, repairs, etc.!), Laundry, Medical  insurance, FOOD (expensive!!), Household supplies - toilet paper, cleaning products, furniture, dishes, laundry soap, etc, and Personal supplies - make-up, soap, shampoo, Tampax/Pads, etc.,

* Taking into consideration what will be needed when you move out in something that has to be done. Are you prepared to start stocking up before you leave the safety of your parent's home? You will want to have the basics before you ever leave the nest.

* Do you have a GOOD DEPENDABLE job? A job (or jobs) that will pay you enough to live on or do you need a roommate to make ends meet? You see the true side of people when you live with them, so roommates aren't always a good thing!! At least with parents, you already know what it's like to live with them, no surprises. Some roommates end up being complete losers and do not help pay for ANYTHING!...and there is NOTHING you can do to make them either! Your safest roommates would be people that you already know & trust  really well, BUT, sometimes the wisest choice is to live with parents until one can afford to find the most affordable living situation that is, at least, minimally acceptable. Cheap places to live
usually have roaches and rats...and landlords leave that up to you to deal with!

* Are you able to resist the temptation to spend money that you do not have? Can you stretch out what you have and make due with just what you have if you need to? Do I have enough money put aside if I lose my job, my car breaks down, or I get sick? If you moved out, would you qualify for a medical card still? You need medical for your birth control, Prozac, and all other medicines...they cost $100s of dollars without insurance! Even a doctor visit would cost $50-$400 per visit...you know all that, right? OH, and one prescription can be $300 or more, depends! For example, lets say you got bronchitis and had no medical coverage-that would be at least $800 total cost, maybe more. You need to take advantage of that medical card for as long as you possibly can, No Doubt!! ~Meemee would have liked to have medical coverage, she is PROOF that it comes in handy!!~ More reason to at least get some type of
degree and/or certificate in college, right?

* Emotionally, are you really ready to be out in the adult world? Apart from getting married, having kids and starting a family, moving out on your own is own of the biggest steps in anyone's life. No longer are you considered a child or young adult. You are a man or you are a woman. I know it is a drag watching your friends go out and do these things, and you are still stuck in an area of your life that you want so badly to jump out of but take your time. I have seen people move out instantly and fail, and then I have seen people move out after a few years of saving and planning and became great successes. It all depends on the plan you have for yourself, and you better have a plan. So take a moment and really ask yourself the hard questions. Be honest with yourself. Are you really ready to move out? Is it worth all the time, energy, and expense? When people say that they miss high school or living in college dorms or living at home, they really mean it. Stepping out into the
real world is tough. You have to be ready to battle the sharks and protect yourself because mommy or daddy won't be there to help. You're moving out. You're on your own. You're an adult now and that means you have to swim hard to survive. Are you ready?????? The adult world is rough, tough, unforgiving, and cruel -and if you're not really ready for it, it will eat you alive. Better to prepare in little steps, TRUST ME! Maybe just hang on. EVERYONE  wants to get out at your age, but sometimes its not the best thing until a little bit later, I would wait until at LEAST 19. The world will wait for you to be ready, NO need to hurry! You have many years to do all of that stuff...take your time and plan wisely. Even I saved money for 3 years first, and made a big hope chest. That was why I was 21. And, it was STILL difficult and my roommate ripped me off (Missy the blonde girl, remember when I told you about her that time, Honey?) . I was just lucky that my Mom (your Great Great Grandmother Caligula ) had moved next door and helped me out then."Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you really need, while building your foundation for your future...being an adult is a learning process that never ends, so listen to us "older" folks

Love, Ur Nana, Grandma Moses XX OO !!

P.S. I Love You and I could keep going and going and going in this letter, lol! But, i think you will at least get the idea of my "opinion"...correct? ;)

Gino Valentino

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