Was the American West really an "empire for liberty?" Why? (Be Specific)

Was the American West really an "empire for liberty?"  Why?  (Be Specific)
Answer:  It is difficult for me to give a straight out 'yes' or 'no' answer in response to if the American West really an empire for liberty. Thomas Jefferson felt that an "empire for liberty" was crucial responsibility for American to do. I want to say mainly it was, yes...but it was done in an "aggressive" kind of way with much fighting, authoritarian means, and force to achieve the goal like the American Revolution, forcing the Native Americans further West (Indian wars), Thomas Jefferson's planned explorations, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, etc, etc. I feel like it could and should have been acheived less aggressively! I can understand slowing the growth of the British Empire (England) and opposition to totalitarianism, but the Native Americans should not have had to suffered the way that they did, they did not get to participate in any liberty, but were victimized. Therefore, American West was an empire for liberty EXCEPT concerning the Native Americans, in my opinion.

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