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How different is American life in the 1920s from the way we live today? How is it the same? Provide specific examples.

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How different is American life in the 1920s from the way we live today? How is it the same?  Provide specific examples.
After posting your response, reply to two other posts.  Do not simply agree or disagree, but provide specific examples to support what you are writing.
ANSWER:  There are many differences and similarities in the American life of the 1920's compared to today. 
     Specific examples of the differences are 1. There is much more racial equality nowadays than then, no racial segregation. 2. Americans seem to be dreaming bigger than ever before (an increase in "thinking outside the box), hence all of today's computerized technology. 3. Assembly lines and the bossy conveyor belts are on the deline now with things being much more computerized. 4. An average car price back then was $295 but today an average car price is $31,252, and America is STILL on Wheels. 5. The "Modern Machine Age" still exists but with BETTER & MORE MODERN machines than in the 1920s. 6. Adam Smith's "division of labor" concept still applies today, depending on what is being produced. 7. People are STILL needing to earn enough to keep up with the buying of what is being produced. In other words, Mass consumption is still here. 8. People still working an average of 8 hours daily, like Henry Ford (Fordism) implemented (Robert Owens idea though).
     Specific examples of the similarites between then and now is... 1. The Great Depression at the end of the '20s and during the '30s disillusioned people about the economic stability then, even Henry Ford himself...just like people did during The Great Recession of 2007–2009. 2. The car, road, oil, steel and machine industries are still booming big time 3. Mobility, speed & movement are still very important to Americans 4. Modern mass production still exists, but at a higher level and done differently. 5. Cultural, technical and auto transformations are still taking place. 5. If people go to the poor house now, it is with a computer/mobile phone more likely, than a car. Oh, and cars industry are now computerized as well. 6. Now is an age of creativity, consumption, prosperity, VARIETY efficiency. In other words, Americans are still creating new things to make life better and more efficient, despite any & all positive and negative consequences. Americans still "want the BEST of the new, but are still clinging to the old"...that motto is still here almost a century later, and isn't leaving anytime soon. 7. That Roaring 20's Jazz Age of Moderism is still here now, but the roar is even louder than back then, and becoming 'deafening'! It's an industrial revolution that keeps getting BETTER!

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