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Carhenge Nebraska Built by Artist, Jim Reinders Carhenge ART Is NOT Junk but IS GENIUS FOLK ART Car Monument or Structure !

The Carhenge History Inspiration and What It Means To Me ~ Carhenge Genius or Junk ?

Where is Carhenge Located ?? Carhenge is located in Carhenge Nebraska, NOT TEXAS & is For Sale ...it is NOT JUNK but is an art form created by Jim Reinders near Alliance, Nebraska on the High Plains !

 The Carhenge car sculpture is most definitely expressionism of visual art

that was assembled and painted by Artist, Jim Reinders in the late 1980s and

with a lot of thought and imagination! I read that Jim dedicated this amazing car

monument as a memorial to his Dad who lived on the same property. It makes

me assume that he and/or his Dad had a fascination with England's

Stonehenge, with old vintage motor vehicles, or both. I do know that Jim worked

in England for awhile and he had visited the original Stonehenge at that time

and actually studied the structure's shape, proportions, and size. Therefore, he

probably had somehow planned to build and paint this art form for years before

he actually did. Then, his Dad died and that was his ultimate motivation on how

and where he would 'form' his artistic creation. I'm sure that Jim's true meaning

supposed to be a bit mysterious of his unique car sculpture . I sure wish I knew why

he buried the foreign cars underground and wrote "Here lie three bones of foreign cars.

They served our purpose while Detroit slept. Now Detroit is awake and America's great!".

Maybe his Dad was not fond of any car not ‘Made in the USA’? I do not know

for sure, but I do know that this is true American Folk Art created by a very

creative architect. Maybe in a couple of thousand years from now, future

mankind will look at the remarkable Carhenge, and ponder its meaning like they

do the Stonehenge of 2000-1500 B.C.

Ashley Tisdale

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