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Blue Ribbon Commission 1910 & Blue Ribbon Commission 2015 & Further in the Future !

Blue Ribbon Commission 1910 ~ Blue Ribbon Commission Definition

If imagining myself as a member of a blue-ribbon study commission of typical young progressive experts meeting to discuss the ills of American society in 1910, my main focuses would probably have to be on the progressive reform of economic ills in the workplace such as child labor laws, unsafe factories, and other much needed workplace reforms; and also of all of the social problems such as improving education (especially of children) and social skills.  

I would have been exposing any and all evils of those greedy political bosses, encouraging people to remember the American Constitution. The big business political bosses would have been reported more often of their scams, and hopefully be prevented from continuing to do so...harsher punishments and greater fines for them with no chance to continue being greedy without being exposed to the public. I always would have been thinking of ways to make all of the buildings in the cities safe for all people, regardless if they were homes or the workplace. Especially since many people lived and worked in the same buildings in 1910. I would have encouraged laws for building inspectors to always make sure all building were safe, and if not, then the owners face the consequences. I bet the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire would not have even happened if not only were laws made, but being enforced. The inspectors would have seen the tables blocking windows, the locked doors during working hours, the over-load of scrap facric, lack of fire escapes, etc. I would have been one of those annoying and meddlesome reformers, always picketing where I saw wrong being done, especially if I had seen little children working instead of being at school getting an education like they had a right to receive. The woman and child labor laws would be enforced, those "muckraking" journalists would have loved me since I would have been giving them much information.

Social inequality would be intolerated, as always should be. I would have been encouraging cutural social events, an different kind for each nationality for each month. This would make it where people would have been less racist. For example, every month at a park or somewhere nice for social events, would be an event where different cultures bring foods (one large dishes per family of 4 perhaps?) and set up areas where everyone tried the foods, participated in a foreign dance or skill, and so on. Maybe people would make new friends and be much more accepting of each other as a whole. Since many immigrants felt that reformers had little regard or respect for their ways of life...this hands on type of education would have helped the ill of racism, I think. Unsure of how I would have organized it. I suppose it could have been like "Pot Luck" style festivities with games, dancing, art, and whatever else that people did back then in 1910. I know Long Island of NYC had the World's Fair with countries worldwide sharing exhibitions...so should have these kind of fairs more often, and not just in NYC but all over the country, even rural areas.

Faith In The Future Blue Ribbon Commission Report Now

While imagining myself as a member of the faith in the future blue ribbon commission of typical young progressive experts meeting to discuss the ills of American society in today (2015), my main focuses would more than likely be on health and medicine, and of bettering the U.S. economy.

Western medicine has gotten out of hand in MANY ways...especially in the 21st Century. It is ridiculous how prescriptions of medications has risen at such an extreme rate in the past decade in America! Several studies have PROVEN that the placebos are almost as effective in helping with depression than antidepressants, but many antidepressants are being prescribed and make Americans more han ever before. I understand that more people nowdays are more depressed and anxious than ever before in the last 30 years, according to scientific research. But, maybe this is because of too many antidepressants being prescibed and making people immune over time, just like the antibiotics? I think people need to be educated more about this social ill and be encouraged to participate more in fitness, yoga, natural medications, and counseling psychology...and take less medications. And, I am not just talking about depression meds, but take less medications in general. Eat better, exercise, meditate, consider acupuncture, see a chiropractor, and consider NATURAL herbal remedies that work for aches, pains, etc. That's Blue Ribbon Commission medical education advive at it's FINEST!

The USA should allow the well-educated and highly skilled entrepreneurs to live in America (entrepreneurial capitalism)as long as they are good people who obey ALL laws. This would immediately create new products, new businesses, and new jobs before waiting an overhaul of immigration laws and reform. Get the ball rolling and drill for more oil in the U.S. to create more jobs, boost the economy, and save money spent on foreign oil. Wealth is created, and it is created by productivity. Stop punishing working people and extorting their hard-earned money.  The U.S. is no longer financially able to support the world by so much of our taxpayer dollars, cuts NEED to be made immediately on foreign aid, to start with. People can barely afford to work anymore when taxes eat up their weekly paycheck. We as Americans NEED to be MUCH MORE AWARE of the government we elect to protect us, because long as there are selfish and wasteful governments, some will live in poverty while others live lavishly. If you can give better Blue Ribbon Commission tax reform ideas, them feel FREE to comment!

Oprah Winfrey

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