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Film Analysis of D.W. Griffith films and “The Return of Dracula” 

The film I have chosen to analyze the camera shots and artistry of the 

film is the 1958 Drama, Mystery and Thriller film, The Return of Dracula. 

I chose to use this film for three good reasons. One is because it is the 

oldest movie made that I have seen and that was available in my home 

which made it easier to compare with the older movies produced by D.W.

Griffith from 1908 until 1940 The second reason was because it was one of 

the few movies I have available at the moment, I currently do not have 

Cable. Thirdly, The Return of Dracula of 1958 was produced by the United

Artists Studios which was founded partly by D.W. Griffith in 1919. The 

Return of Dracula was an American-made movie with a setting in a small 

town in California in the 1950s. Count Dracula murders a guy in 

Transylvania, assumes his identity, and moves in with the dead man's 

cousins in the USA. They do not know he's a vampire and why he sleeps all 

day and is gone all night. A majority of  the films on the D.W. Griffith list are

in black and white, or both B&W and color, as well as the films screen shots.

The genres usually consist of history, westerns, documentaries, film studies,

silent films, war and love. He was known for his pioneering technique in such

films as The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance. He is the one who first introduced the film

techniques of focusing and having long camera shots to cause more 

dramatic tension effects. He also is the one who began using instinctive 

narrative fluidity, crosscutting to build excitement, symmetry, eye-line 

matches, unique camera distances, and flash backs to the film industry. He 

invented the modern motion picture story-telling techniques of today, and 

he never stopped experimenting with new techniques. The screenshots of 

his movie "The Birth of a Nation" showed how authentic-looking during 

the setting of that era, Screenshots of his "Way Down East" resembled

the shots I found in the vampire movie I viewed because of the color red. 

The Return of Dracula is in black and white except for the red color of 

blood. I believe this was the two-color system. The hand-tinting/painting

had been tried in Griffith’s "Abraham Lincoln" which makes the people

look 'cartoonish'. Kinemacolor was used in movies of his like "Old 

California", "Hearts of the World", "Martyrs of the Alamo", "Dream

Street" and "Broken Blossoms". A camera trick I noticed in my film which

was probably not available in Griffith's earlier films was the outstanding

close-up of very bright red blood spurting from heart wound of Jenny (one 

of  Count Dracula's victims of the night). It lasted several seconds and must 

have used up A LOT of color film on top of all of that black and white for 

sure! I’m positive than remarkable film artistry was greatly influenced by 

Griffith. The only arm screenshot art forms I could find by Griffith that had

that bright of red were of color film were "The Birth of a Nation", "Way 

Down East", "The Battle of  Elderbush Gulch" and "Intolerance". Another 

camera trick in the movie I watch was all of the fog or mist used, it looked 

very real, nothing like smoke. I suppose it was how they used the camera 

lighting. There was smoke in Griffith's films from earlier years, but, the mist 

was eerily realistic looking mist in the vampire movie, even for 2015 it is.


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