Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas Abandoned Swimming Pool Photo

Is the alligators in the sewer urban legend now proven true ?!?? Nope, not in this photo. This photo is the abandoned swimming pool remains at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas & is only a mere feet away from the religious sect's bunker where 82 men, women & kids lived at and later, all died inside of in a April 19, 1993 fire (and leader David Koresh died that day too) ...when the FBI seized the place. Autopsy reports indicated that at least twenty-five Branch Davidian adults & kids were shot (they shot themselves & their own kids & also, they absolutely refused to leave), it was undetermined if they died from the gunshot wounds or from the fire. Also, the fire was undetermined of how it officially started & from where within the building)...28 of those 82 people who died were children. This now abandoned rough concrete pool was apparently built by the David Koresh's followers. The many children swam in it often, but now, 20 plus years later of abandonment, it's just a dark eerie lifeless water-filled pit in the ground that is begging to be filled up with rocks and dirt.


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