Good Free Friends Drama Quotes Stories on Social Media DramaFever: Revision

Good Free Friends Drama Quotes Stories on Social Media DramaFever

Amber Status: Nowadays there are way too many fake people and the most deceitful ones are those who claim to have been your true and faithful friend the whole time yet to have only been stabbing you in your back. What has happened to genuine friends, are they a thing of the past never to be seen again?

Beth Status: LMAO if your statuses are meant toward me then why don't you have the courage to say it to me in person instead of running your mouth ( well, typing hands ) on here. Because unlike you I don't have time nor do I need to sit around and talk about people online or otherwise.

Amber: Girl I don't and never have had a problem coming to your face and what I post is my business so get over it. If you really wanna get into all of this on here then lets do because I guarantee there will be a lot more to be said not just what you want others to hear so seriously, you better watch out, or else!

Beth: I'm just saying if it's about me come to me and be grown instead of posting dumb stuff on here like a child and I'm more than focused on me and mine so I don't got time for this lil kid waste of time stupidity. Get mature, already.

Amber: Right, with you saying on your statuses yesterday that we lived with you for free, and that I stole your shoes and clothes. In reality, I do believe you still owe me for a huge $800.00 electric bill considering I was a good enough friend to help you knowing you had kids In the house and my Mom gave you that washer and dryer and some nice dishes and silverware. Yeah, this is why it came to this In the first place but hey keep convincing everyone of more than this. We never had a real friendship... if we had been then this would have never been. I too have a life so have a good day and goodbye forever.

Beth: BuHahahahaha, when people talk about other people it is usually bad stuff unless you die. Then they remember the good, people are so darn funny! People always find fault in others but cannot find fault in themselves.

Amber: So, you delete and go the extra measures of blocking me to separate yourself from the nonsense but to still have others tell you they are still making statuses about you. Love it! So funny that you are the one running your mouth too you, I'm speechless from LOL at you!

Beth: *Has deactivated her social media account ( probably temporarily )*

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