There Are Two Sides To Every Story : The Other Side of the Story: Revision

There Are Two Sides To Every Story : The Other Side of the Story

Here's your reply, so-to-be ex, and yes you are a @#$%^&*()_+ for real and a
hypocrite which is a liar in action moreso than words. With that fact
being stated, a liar is a liar is a liar! Who worked reckless work
hours of 18 hours a day to pay bills, feed the kids, and buy you
anything you wanted with no complaining about my hard work done by
a real man?. Even worked as a triple shifter with double cranks on
a few days. I never would have acted the way I did if my wife would
have showed some respect and appreciation. Yeah, I could have
cleaned up after myself more but when I worked 14 to 18 hours back
to back day after day week after week at 100+ hours a week , then I
had no time at home to cook and clean because I was slaving away
for my family. I was beyond exhausted all of the time and should
not have returned home to cook and clean the house. You know I do
not mind cooking and cleaning because I am a grown man. I actually
regret the person I became in that marriage and yes I snapped off a
lot towards the end and called you a psycho mother an a lazy woman.
However, I NEVER laid a hand on you EVER! Besides, you were always
screaming nonstop at the kids just for being kids. You never once
cleaned the house, you were always posting on social media about
how you wanted somebody to clean your house for you as a matter of
fact! And, when you did clean such as the occasional load of
laundry, I showed much appreciation for it. Children can't survive
off of fast food like McDonald's and Taco Bell. IT IS NOT HEALTHY.
You need your head checked. Yes, I have done wrong by you in this
marriage. But, at least I am mature enough to man up to my wrong
doings, and have enough respect for my children to not to be
hanging around with some other lover before our divorce is even
final!. Grow up and be an adult, you are not mature enough for this
battle. Try again Honey Buns. Oh, and for your information... you can't
be in love with somebody this quick after us breaking up. You were
just telling be how much you were in love with me on our Wedding
Anniversary in April! HOW DUMBO DO YOU THINK I AM? Oh, and when your
newborn daughter died, who the heck was there for you? I showed up
when I could have been like every other male and said the heck with
this, it is not my problem. But nope, I knew that it was going to
be super difficult for you, and I showed up for you and was there
for all the time afterward of severe grief and Postnatal Depression
from a deceased baby who was yours, not mine. You have forgotten
everything I did for you. I slaved so I could build a future for
us, our marriage, our children...our family. But, it was never good
enough for you. You can't handle a hard working family man, but you
can handle the stress of being a single parent who dates a lot.
That is why I have all the children on 4 nights and 3 days of the
week. I do that by myself. I don't have a new girlfriend to help
me. Women need to realize most men will treat you like a queen
until you treat them like a servant and not your king. It's an
equal effort people. It's not hard. Anything else I need to add,
Miss Missy?! Shame on you for posting all of this online in the first

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