Disney Princess Mentality: Revision

Originally, this Disney Princess Mentality page was not supposed to be public, because it is quite sappy for public consumption. However, I cannot help but think of a metaphor I used in a conversation earlier to describe the way society feeds people--specifically little girls--artificial and inaccurate ideas about love and romance. Disney Princesses can lead young women to dystopic fiction and function, and this page is to help combat this dysfunctional Princess Syndrome.
Imagine that your whole life, you have been conditioned to expect that some day, you will be treated to an elegant 7-star dinner complete with the finest drink and lobster and an array of tiny delicate desserts. From princess fairy tales to chewing gum commercials to television shows to music on the radio, you are inundated with this specific image.
Imagine after a few decades of constant exposure to this idea, you find yourself sitting at a ramshackle bbq joint out in the boondoggles. There are no long-stemmed glasses or tiny hors d'oeuvres or elegant desserts. Instead there are wooden benches, peanut shells on the floor, an old lady waitress, and a neon sign in the window.
You may find yourself confused, maybe even a little disappointed, that your reality deviates so drastically from the pictures that have been painted in your head. This isn't how it's supposed to happen, you tell yourself. This is not reality
But then what if you take a bite and discover that it's the best darn barbecued food you have ever eaten? It's smoky and sweet and spicy and satisfying in the exact way that fancy-pants dinners are not. It's big and messy and leaves you feeling comfortable and relaxed, like you got exactly what you needed.
Imagine turning your nose up at such a feast because it doesn't look like what it's "supposed" to.
Maybe true love does not really come attached to a picturesque and perfect moment, but instead to a string of imperfect moments that are cherished and appreciated in spite of--or because of--their seemingly outlandish deviation from the ersatz crap that we have come to collectively associate with a happily ever after.
We as a society should learn to embrace the romance in the mundane. With the right person, hand-washing dishes and cracking jokes can be more romantic than all the stars and planets in the universe. 

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