South Florida is My Country: Revision

Remembering my good days when i arrived to United States of America. Particularly i arrive on the early nineties (90's) to South Florida by a cruise ship. This is why i can't get over it so far.

The day I arrived, it was a Sunday and Miami had many cargo and cruise boats standing all over the Bahia Biscayne. (Biscayne Bay).

Alone with the coast, i seen a lot of the amazing views from the boat. I enjoyed watching famous actors and singers mansions by the coastal wetlands in Miami-Dade, and Broward county territories.

South Florida is far more than a touristic place in the world (tourist destination), it represents a feeling of freedom and relaxation, even when i was at job working in there. No matter where people go driving or walking, Florida offers fantastic opportunities to make a stop at the gorgeous white pearl sands and large beaches always full of visitors enjoying sunshine and the peace.


At Miami or better known as the Capital of The Americas (Mi ) People are mixed like a Rainbow and the also speak Spanish with different accents from thirty three countries in America and a few from Europe, Haiti French Creole and French from France, German from Guyana and Germany, English Local US, England, Canada, Italian from Italy  and many other countries etc. What all these presence of minds and cultures present in the South US are representing is a cosmopolitan huge opportunity to make business in large.

People wake up every morning with something to do and spend the day without worries about economy and lack of freedom because South Florida provides the umbrella of free feeding for developments and opportunities to star as entrepreneur and having your own business. While the real estate investments in other states in the United States and other countries is kind of uncertain, in South Florida is always great and booming.

Remember, a $500,000 Dollars American home cost in Broward or West palm beach, means a home that has a price of $125,000 in Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee etc. It is a fact that life in Florida (Fla,) is more expensive but with better quality life and much more access to jobs and opportunities.

Returning to why i think so good about my loved place in the world, i can't get over about the days when i went to the beach every afternoon to watch the gold and silver sunsets with my little baby girl and boy and while enjoying nature, we looked for gold coins and chains from elder Spaniards and english sank boats on the ocean as these items came with the ocean blue waves and waiting for someone to discover them on the white sand. I had a gold digger digital machine (gold finder) given gift from my kids mother. Sometimes i found silver ad gold earrings, necklaces, and a few interesting items that i still keep for my records.

Unfortunately, people always have to move on with their private lives and today i just dream returning someday  to my homeland. Even if i couldn't return to the US, and death takes me away, i will keep the thoughts alive while my i'm still living on this earth.

If i recommend to readers to visit Disney World or Universal Studios, in Orlando Fl, or Miami Seaquarium or The Kennedy Space Center, (Cabo Cañaveral NASA installations) to learn and watch space ships or space & Rocket center amusement place to recall your visit to the US. Yes, it is strongly recommended to be there and enjoy the things that Florida offers.

As far of love, i really can´t hide the facts, men can find lots of companionship and women as well can be very happy with their new relationships and even they can dream with making a family, having their jobs nd buying homes and cars. Everything goes in South Florida from the right point of views, meaning that people must stay with the law and do things right because Florida has strong laws and the judges apply these laws to the bone. Therefore, remember to hire a good lawyer recommend by the Florida´s bar of lawyers in the county where you are planning to move and live.

The roads are wide and with faster driving lanes for emergency vehicles, small cars with one or two passengers must run on their respective lanes and stay away from traffic tickets and car accidents as these are very common in the state.Let´s remember that the population of Florida state was in the number of 6.696 h. and now in 2018 it could be on 7 million or even 8 million h., very populated by the way in comparison with some other states where people won´t stay to live because of the lack of jobs and opportunities to progress and lice confortable.

By the way, if you suffer of anxiety or depression or another mentally or physically chronic desease, don´t move to live in Florida alone, as you always will be surrounded by hundreds of peoples no matter where you are. Ask the doctor and get recommendation, the family doctor knows what is good for your health. Some of my present wife brothers are living in the heights of Nebraska where they climb the mountains and deal with the snow rather than being all stressed up in the big city.

It happens that i waked up today very sad and missing my past life when i was an American resident and spend my days working in a car dealer selling Toyota, Honda, Mercedes benz, Ford automobiles and trucks, Chevy race cars and much more brands. Days when i made 5,000 US. minimum a month and had lots of fun servicing customers from New York and Boston, Massachusetts, Carolina South and North, Texas, California, Georgia and other states too. They all come every year to spend vacations at the beach and when ready to go back, they decide to trade in their used old car and drive a new vehicle home.

sweet donuts

Obviously there are several reasons why i´m missing my older life with coffee and a chocolate creamy donut "an Italian baked good, called in Italian (e dona ) " from a Dunkin Donuts near me having a delicious coffee cup with flavor of Colombia and Costa Rica, an Italian sweet creamy donut and probable, i couldn't tell you how in this post, but sometime in the future i will finish this story only.

Gino Valentino

Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.


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