Budget Luxury Car Rental, Cars Insurance Quotes

The best budget Luxury car rental, and cheap cars insurance quotes.

First, we are going to make the point about what is a real qualified vehicle to fit on the luxurious vehicles group, those that we can get for that special occasions when renting transportation makes the difference between the poor people and the rich and famous category.

We advise that the photos on this page do not necessary represent the commercial merchandise to rent to customers, instead these photos are as representation of what is luxury and a motor vehicle to transport those actors, actress or someone who can afford paying for a real jewel on the road, the street or at a show. 1949 Delahaye Specs

Luxurious vehicles, automobiles are coming from all brands and makers worldwide. Lets say for instance: Porsche 911 Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo, Thrifty car hire in Europe‎, deals with all inclusive car rentals- 50% Off‎ in America car dealer agency, Asia rentals office near by international airport, Australia's car hire Mercedes Mercedes-Benz, Toyota's Lexus, Africa etc. Some are exotic to pic you up from the airport or from the home, you decide how and when.

Lets take a pic about Avis car rental offers:

 By categories for example goes like this:

    Small to Full Size
    Passenger Van
    Green Cars
    Mini Van
    Cargo Van.

Seating Capacity:
x 2 - 4
Luggage Capacity:
Fuel Economy Range:
25 mpg Hwy, 15 mpg City
Cool car.

 No further brand names are given. Assuming tat maybe a Limousine and a convertible what ever are possible to rent, it's a secret and the customers will have to start filling information on what kind and for how long to keep it.

Notice that they offer also other cheap options, just in case the customer wants to change the mind and drive a very flexible model from a well known brand as the following:

A Toyota Prius, the Toyota Prius ( a Hybrid)

Car Group XG

55 mpg Hwy

Air Conditioning
Smart For two Smart For 2

Car Group XX

44 mpg Hwy

Air Conditioning
Ford Mustang

Car Group XB
2 Door Specialty
Automatic - Air
Hummer H3

Car Group XB
4 Door Premium SUV
Air Conditioning.

Anyways, remember at the beginning , the top of this page? We said that pictures are for representing only the idea of what to consider.

The start to talk about is an antique that is not on the market and probable, it never will as we were talking for a Mercedes controvertible coupe or an Italian original Lamborghini, or a Porsche Carrera GT with:

Horsepower: 605 HP
MPG: 10 city / 16 highway
Engine: 5.7L V10
Warranty: 4 yr / 50,000 mi basic, 4 yr/50,000 miles powerful powertrain
Curb weight: 3,043 lbs etc.

Cars like Corvette Chevrolet (Chevy, An American automobile.).


This one is unique and hard to find for sale ever.

Super star and super-cars with personality of movie star owner. This vehicle is a jewel that belongs to someone who knows how to maintain it and take care of it.
 Without to recognize the high value car insurance coverage for collision and thief protection required to a insurance full coverage.
  The Delahaye 175 2-seat roadster automobile stands for rationalization and an impressive body style,
even if the admirer viewer watching it on the car antique show haven't seen jet the motor.

The photo shows a automobile that was made by a car-maker Delahaye. The brand name of the manufacture by Delahaye between years of 1947 and 1951.
 Considered qualified for aClass luxury car level A.

features are:   4,455 cc type 183 I6.
Transmission  4-speed pre-selector - Cotal
speed of 130 KPH (type 180), 140 KPH (type 178) and 145 KPH (type 175)
Diana Doors' flamboyant 175S Roadster
 The cockpit area with respective driveshaft tunnel and welded and stamped-steel floor, a rigid structural member, a  4.5-litre motor engine.
  7 main bearings,  cylinder head with 6 intake and six exhaust ports, 12 in all.


You probable have one of those laying down on the backyard, and if so, let us know, so we can run buy it from you and rebuild-it.

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