Free Dream Interpretation Would Be Nice !

Free Dream Interpretation Would Be Nice ! I have a dream speech needing a meaning !

So, this morning I woke up from a crazy weird dream. It was so bizarre that I grabbed my celphone , so I
could text my parents all that I could remember at the time. I laughed to myself at how strange it
was, and then hit send. I got back in then trying to remember more when it suddenly started to feel
more like a nightmare than a dream. This caused me to hyperventilate and get heart palpitations.
Anyway, here is my dream as best as I can remember: We were staying in some sort of older but luxury
hotel where there was some kind of convention. Mariah, Kenzlee and I were waiting in the hotel room
for our spouses with Mario. I don't know where Jason and the girls were. Kenzlee told Mario it was
late and she needed to go to sleep soon. He agreed with minimal protest and went and sat in a chair.
We left all the lights on the room but closed the door. I remember being bummed she was going to
sleep because she was in the room with the computer. Our spouses finally made an appearance and are
followed by a guy and a camera crew. The guy was the actor, John Barrowman ( Dr. Who and Captain
Jack ) and they were hiding from someone or something. I was sitting on a footstool near the door
where Mario was sleeping and John told me to say hello to the camera. Being the goofy star struck
person I am, I turned and waved at the camera and said hi. Then all the adults got up and left to go
with John. Checking on Zelda before we left, she was asleep in the chair but had turned into a
Precious Moments doll . Apparently this was a normal thing, there were the aww she is such a sweet baby when she sleeps comments and we were out the door. We went into a room where Mariah was with all of these artists that were using chalk to drawn on these squares on the ground that were all the same size.
Mariah was standing in the middle square that had a eery old school Halloween type cemetery drawn on
it. She was in a long white wedding dress which is reminiscent of the play bride dress costume she
was given last summer. Every other square was blank so you could walk thru with stepping on the art,
only Mariah and the artists could be in an art square. Mariah was like some sort of oracle or
something to these artists as Mariah had to approve everything they drew. She went to a square where
the artist asks Mariah if she thought this skeleton was doing something. Mariah laid down on the
chalk skeleton took the hand of the artist and put her other hand on the skull. Then she jumps up
and says yes this poor soul was smoking and had flames of fire. I threw some water on it, and fire went out. Looking around the floor all the artists were drawing skeletons dancing, singing and other everyday things going towards the center cemetery square. This is when I woke up. I have weird dreams all the time but as I thought about what this could mean my mind went insane and I started to wonder if I was still sleep. These are the things I thought: okay, I just watched a YouTube video clip of Barrowman's reaction to hearing about Orlando, Florida that makes sense he would be there with a camera. I don't know about the whole scene with Mariah and Mario. Why did she turn into a Precious Moments doll and why did this seem normal? Then I remembered the year that my Dad's only sister died. We couldn't go see her at Christmas because of the bad
blizzard weather. We mailed her the Christmas gifts we had bought for her. The day she got the
packages is the same day she died. She opened them and displayed them all proudly on Instagram. The
gift I sent her was a Precious Moments doll that I suddenly realized Mario doll looked exactly the
same. My heart started to race. My parents are in their early 80's and not in the best of health. I
started wondering if I should call them just to be sure they were okay. Then I wondered if I should
check in on my children, where were the boys in my dream? Should I call and check on the NBs? Trying
to convince myself I was being a silly goose I tried to focus on other things so I could back to
sleep. Eventually I fell back to sleep but I still have this dream on my mind. What could all of
this mean, I wonder? My parents are fine, because I checked on them this morning after sending the
text. My children are fine. Maybe I should hire a dream analyst. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with my dream of dreams and finding the dream meaning.

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