Paula Deen Scandal and Paula Deen Recipes

Paula Deen Scandal and America's Favorite Homemade Paula Deen Recipes including her famous pot roast, Southern fried chicken, Sour Cream Butter Biscuits, pound cake, Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps, hot buffalo wings, shrimp gumbo, and Paula Deen peach cobbler dessert! Because, regardless of the Paula Deen racial slur controversy in the news and her being fired, this woman can cook...and we still got to eat scrumptious food! I'm sharing recipes with photos and also pictures of the Paula Deen fired scandal because It's time to take Paula Deen off the hot plate. Those who care about racial justice have bigger fish to fry. People make mistakes. They apologize...and she did MANY times already! Paula Deen's multi-millionaire empire might be rapidly crashing down (money) but her recipe legend lives on not only for one lifetime but for generation after generation. Yes, that's right. Generations of while people and black people will continue passing down famous recipes from Paula Deen cookbooks already published, as well as Grandma's will pass down Paula Deen cookware (her pots and pans, bakeware & kitchenware). OH, and can you all imagine how much Paula Deen furniture will be worth in, ohhh, lets say 100 years? One hundred year old priceless antique treasures. Enjoyed by ALL races of life. People are people. Value is value. Enjoy the Paula Deen recipes, quotes and photos ! :) 

2 layers of pudding and whipped cream with chocolate drizzled on top: "I'm gonna be making eclair cake." ~ Paula Deen Quotes =D


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