Funny Mcdonald's Mascots Characters Names List With Pictures in McDonaldland !

Funny Mcdonald's Mascots Characters Names List With Pictures in McDonaldland ! The List of Mcdonald's Characters Names Goes As Follows:  1. Fry Guys/Fry 2. The Professor 3. Officer Big Mac 4. Uncle O'Grimacey 5. Purple Grimace 6. Ronald McDonald  7. Sundae (the Ronald McDonald's dog) 8. The Hamburger Patch 9. The Hamburglar 10. Mayor McCheese 11. Birdie the Early Bird Girl 12. Captain Crook the Pirate 13. Speedy the Original McDonalds Mascot 14. Iam Hungry 15. CosMc 16. The Happy Meal Gang 17. Gobblins 18. McNugget Buddies

*There are several more McDonald's characters too who retired

*CosMc and Iam Hungry were a temporary short-lived characters from McDonaldland.

*The Professor, a mad scientist type character in a lab coat. He was introduced in 1971.

*CosMc was a temporary character from McDonaldland featuring in a series of McDonald's commercials in 1990 when the McDonaldland gang went to the moon in outerspace! :)

*The Happy Meal Gang (A Hamburger or Cheeseburger, soft drink & fries, all regular size, was later joined by the McNugget Buddies

*Iam Hungry: was a short-lived McDonaldland character introduced in 1998 and left in the early 2000s. He was a floating green fuzzball with orange arms and a funny monstrous face.


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