McDonalds vs Subway Burger King Wendys Starbucks Taco Bell

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McDonalds vs Subway Burger King Wendys Starbucks Taco Bell

McDonalds vs Subway Burger King Wendys Starbucks Taco Bell Arbys Dunkin Donuts Chinese Food Restaurants, Dairy Queen, Five Guys, Hardees, KFC Jack in the Box Favorite Menu Foods. When people are on the go and HUNGRY for a quick bite to eat, why is their first choice usually McDonald's ?? After a recent survey in America, this is what we found!

* Why say that McDonalds is unhealthy when all fast foods are unhealthy, but McDs tastes BEST! My favorite foods on their menu are the McDonalds Breakfast menu, the desserts and Happy Meals!

The PR-machine of McDonalds is working overtime, why because everybody keeps telling that McDonalds is best, is the cause of the fact that a lot of people are fat. But still, people are eating McDonalds on their own and are not forced to do so. This can only be explained with one reason: people like McDonalds! McDonalds also gives a lot to charity: Ronald McDonald house. When will we see the first Taco Bell house?

McDonalds can be found all over the world. Where most others only can be found in the US and some rare places outside the US.

McDonald's serves Coca Cola. Taco Bell serves Pepsi. McDonald's wins. LOL

* Subway sandwiches contained an average of 784 calories, versus 572 at McDonald's

* Coffee drinks from McDs are hands down the BEST in comparison to Dunkin Donuts and in flavor and in price! Who can resist a McCafé Iced Caramel Mocha or half the price and better flavor than the other coffee restaurants, and the wait is not as long!

* Burger King has played second (and sometimes third) fiddle to McDonald's #1 for a long as I can remember, probably because of the menu choices.

* The golden arches are the most recognized logo among children. McDonald’s marketing is inescapable  compared to Wendys, Burker King and Dairy Queen.

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