"Unable to meet each other on equal terms, they chose not to meet at all but to orbit around each other like two separate planets of entirely different composition " - Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery book quote by John Gregory Brown.


About me

How many of you know the name "Book"? And how many don't have any to read jet?
I'm the most important friend for man, if i'm well written by a famous authord, of course.
I'm afraid i', going to dessapear if you don't start teaching kids to read my stories on text and images.
Today in 2013, there are millions of me written in all languages of the world. Also lets don't leave the styles and forms like formats 

Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle Edition or better known as digital format in the web for you to download.

I'm happy to kow that I have many styles:
Literary & Fiction, Contemporary.
Psychological , Suspense, Legal Thrillers
Family Saga, Historical & Relationship, to just name some of them.
 Takes time to tell everyone how much I care, that for medical I have being responsable to teach new doctors and nurses for medical purposes, in Music also taken my part for allowing them to learn about musical instruments and notes.
 Lets don't forget about travel, sports, baby names and stories to read bedtime for little kids and so on. Please be my friend online.

More than that can be found inside the stores distribuitor for less on the price.

Brief description: Reading Great Books Makes Us More How to use knowledgeable in All Matters
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