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  • Scary movie IT photo based on the scary novel IT by Stephen King

    This photo is of the Clown, Pennywise, in the Barrens of the small town of Derry, Maine from the scary movie " IT " (1990) that's fictionally based on Stephen King's scary novel IT (1986). The majority of the movie's filming was done in New Westminster of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. The w...

    Tags: Scary Movie, IT, Scary Novel, Stephen King, Clown, sewer building, Pennywise, the Barrens, small town Derry, Maine, New Westminster of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, The Kitchener Ironworks, location, Beaver Lake, computer image, film, Stanley Park, Canada

  • Thee abandoned kitchen that strangers wander into Photo

    Thee abandoned kitchen that strangers wander into ...I've been to hundreds of abandoned places over the years, most in the United States and Canada, and almost all had people's belongings left behind. In homes, I'm guessing it's because the owners died and had no family left. One house I remember...

    Tags: Thee abandoned kitchen that strangers wander into, Photo, United States, Canada, people, belongings, family, memories, died, vanished, walls, talk, history

  • Ura Major ( Big Dipper ), Ursa Minor ( Little Dipper ), The North Star (Polaris) & The Pointer Stars (Merak & Dubhe)

    Ura Major ( Big Dipper ), Ursa Minor ( Little Dipper ), The North Star (Polaris) & The Pointer Stars (Merak & Dubhe) The Big Dipper is an asterism that makes up part of the constellation of Ursa Major (The Big Bear). The Little Dipper is seen at the upper right & part of the constell...

    Tags: Ura Major, Big Dipper, Ursa Minor, Little Dipper, The North Star, Polaris, The Pointer Stars, Merak, Dubhe, The Big Bear, constellation, Civil War, USA, Underground Railroad, Follow the Drinking Gourd, song, Canada, north, southern, night, stars, sky

  • Small Business Community

    Small Business Community

    Small Business CommunityThe small business community can be a wonderful tool to meet business entrepreneurs and established brand name companies who recognized the need to communicate with others interested on sharing ideas, business tips and knowledge as far of developing a company any size.Wome...

    Tags: Business Group, Markets, Universities, The united States, Japan, Construction companies, Pest control, Storage rental, Apartments, China, Singapore, Business tips, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Chile

  • Plexus Slim Worldwide Reviews

    Plexus Slim Worldwide Reviews You must have already heard all the hype talk about Plexus Slim and have been wondering what it is exactly. Plexus Slim Accelerator Pink Drink, Plexus Boost and Plexus Block were originally supposed to only help people lose weight. But now, it has proven to be much ...


  • Anima Christi

    Location: Canada

  • South Florida is My Country

    Remembering my good days when i arrived to United States of America. Particularly i arrive on the early nineties (90's) to South Florida by a cruise ship. This is why i can't get over it so far. The day I arrived, it was a Sunday and Miami had many cargo and cruise boats standing all over the Ba...


  • Any advice for my good friend, Emmi ?!?!

    My boyfriend kicked me out of HIS home and will not let me take the 2 babies & its the weekend now... what to do???Ric kicked me out last night and we have 2 babies, an 18 month old and 4 month old. Not only did he just kick me out randomly, but has his WHOLE family on his side. We have been ...

    Tags: boyfriend, weekend, ric, babies, family, parents, siblings, Emmi, children, money, home, friend's, canada, husband, vacation, canadian, mom, arctic weather, arctic, weather, library, helpless, love, break, arrested, close friends, kids, clothes, nothing, courts, life, helpless

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