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  • Another example of the level of logic in Illinois. Concealed carry passes, yet we can't be trusted with fireworks. Perfect. #Chicago #Illinois

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  • Cheap Hotel In LA

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  • Dexter Devinci Review

    Dexter Devinci Review: In college I worked as a waiter where I had the unfortunate luck of waiting on Christopher Reeves before his accident. Pardon my French, but he was a total d**k. Always made me think, "Hmmmmmm!" when he would talk about peace, love and happiness after his accident.While wor...


  • Making Love Out Of Nothing At All HQ Audio SOLID GOLD Song Air Supply

    Making Love Out Of Nothing At All HQ Audio SOLID GOLD Song Air Supply.Like taking out water from a hard dry rock ont he desert, this song will squeeze all your eye tears during the next 5 minutes, please listen and then agree.Air Supply can't be compared withe Chicago band, because it si simple, ...

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  • How Tall Is Sarah Jessica Parker ?

    How Tall Is Sarah Jessica Parker ? Well, I took this photo of SJP in Chicago in 2014 in Chicago when she was showing her new SJP fashion clothing and shoes line...and she is my height of 5' 3"

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  • How much the Jaguar XE 2015 insurance?

    How much the Jaguar XE 2015 insurance? These new two fifteen cars have a large amount of luxury and features, therefore the sticker price is also big and so it will be the full coverage insurance (the red car Jaguar XE). In the case of a thieve stealing it, the insurer vehicle owner will g...

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  • Reseller Free Program Store

    When a new member signs up, he or she gets a free fully responsive store with a beautiful website design themes set, so they can choose whichever to keep.But that isn't all, then also the opportunity to become a free reseller for our program and web hosting plans available worldwide from Chicago ...

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  • Drama Between Mother and Daughter , Amy and Nina

    Drama Between Mother and Daughter , Amy and Nina Scene 23 Where Are They Now ? Amy: I am seriously fed up because I can't find one person I can trust to watch Calvin for me during the days while I'm at work 8-4 p.m. I cant afford to pay anybody immediately, but would begin paying in 2 weeks...

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