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  • Eerie Queerie CREEPY Abandoned Swimming Pool Photo

    Eerie Queerie CREEPY Abandoned Swimming Pool Picture That's Just Itching For Any Swimmers To Jump Right In! - Care To Go For A Swimmers Itch Of A Dive?....

    Tags: Eerie Queerie, CREEPY, Abandoned Swimming Pool, swimmers, jump, dive, swimmers itch, care, itching, photo, picture

  • Abandoned Amusement Park Water Slide Photo In Arkansas Dogpatch USA

    Abandoned amusement park business called Dogpatch USA Theme Park of Arkansas opened in 1963 and company closed in 1993 because of an unsettled business lawsuit. A creepy Dogpatch USA abandoned photo of the deserted water slide ruins.      

    Tags: Abandoned Amusement Park, Water Slide Photo, Arkansas, Dogpatch USA, creepy, photo, company, business, deserted

  • Ohio Riverside Downtown Evansville, Indiana Underground Tunnels or Catacombs Photo

    Along the Ohio Riverside is Downtown Evansville, Indiana. From the Old Evansville Indiana Courthouse built in 1895 are the Old Underground Tunnel & the Old Catacombs. The 60-yard tunnel leads directly to the Old Jail from those days, it was used to transport criminals from the Jail to the Cou...

    Tags: creepy, Old, 1895, Evansville Indiana Courthouse, Ohio Riverside, Downtown Evansville, Indiana Underground Tunnels, Catacombs, Photo, Image, haunting, phenomena, jail, Luther Starks, serial killer, ghost, orbs, strange

  • Not Happy Dolls ~ Some Not So Happy Dolls

    Not Happy Dolls ~ Some Not So Happy Dolls At All = CREEPY!

    Tags: Not Happy Dolls, Some Not So Happy Dolls, creepy, dolls

  • Eeeeeek!! He's gonna give me diabeetus! [ Imitates a creepy Pillsbury doughboy laugh sound ]

    Eeeek!! He's gonna give me diabeetus!  [ Imitates a creepy Pillsbury doughboy laugh sound ] Eyes & eyebrows really DO make a difference!

    Tags: eeeek, diabeetus, imitates, creepy, Pillsbury doughboy laugh, Pillsbury, doughboy, Pillsbury doughboy, sound, eyebrows, make, eyes, difference

  • School's Out For Summer , School's Out Forever Wow

    School's Out For Summer , School's Out Forever Wow ! Yeah, school is no longer in session at this particular abandoned school in Texas just look at those creepy green moss covered desks!

    Tags: School's Out For Summer, School's Out Forever Wow, school is no longer in session, abandoned school, abandoned school in Texas, abandoned, school, Texas, summer, forever, creepy, green moss, green, moss, desks

  • Kempton Park Old Abandoned Hospital Haunted !

    The Kempton Park old abandoned hospital really is haunted ! This creepy abandoned building is located in South Africa. It opened in 1976 and closed down for good in 1996 for unknown mysterious reasons. Anytime someone records video footage at this property , then all of the videos afterwards will...

    Tags: Kempton Park Old Abandoned Hospital Haunted, Kempton Park, Old Abandoned Hospital, Haunted, old, abandoned, hospital, haunted, creepy, abandoned building, nurses, freaky, South Africa, property, video, videos, photos, The Best of Abandonment Footage Worldwide

  • Creepy Abandoned Car of JFK (Buick 8 car by Stephen King?)

    At 1st glance of this abandoned car in Seattle, it was hard not to think of From a Buick 8 by Stephen King. Even more so after attempting to peek inside a window. Something slammed against it VERY brutally (couldn't see thru the glass)! I either scared the daylights out of it, or it was HUNGRY or...

    Tags: Creepy, Abandoned Car, JFK, Buick 8, Stephen King, hungry, mad, Seattle, WA, John F. Kennedy, Dallas

  • Creepy Snake Pictures, Brown Triangle Snakes

    Creepy Snake Pictures, Brown Triangle Snakes I just want to know who would actually want to face one of these on a dark road or in a lonely place. Perhaps, the same as of my opinion, nobody would! However, there are hundreds of these snakes very close to your home, they cross the Am...

    Tags: Species, Snakes, Triangle, Creepy, Dark, Lives, poisonous

  • Creepy Pictures

    Creepy Pictures

    Tags: Creepy Pictures, Creepy, Pictures

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