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  • Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario Comedy-Drama Drumline

    Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario Dress Grey.  At the awards. Comedy-Drama Drumline

    Tags: The Awards, Comedy, Drama, Dress Grey

  • Good Free Friends Drama Quotes Stories on Social Media DramaFever

    Good Free Friends Drama Quotes Stories on Social Media DramaFever Amber Status: Nowadays there are way too many fake people and the most deceitful ones are those who claim to have been your true and faithful friend the whole time yet to have only been stabbing you in your back. What has happened...

    Tags: Good Free Friends Drama Quotes Stories on Social Media DramaFever, Good, Free, Friends, Drama, Quotes, Stories, Social Media, DramaFever, deactivated, fake people, statuses, status, funny, posting, blocking, account, temporarily

  • Classical Hollywood Cinema Films Movies

    Classical Hollywood Cinema Films Movies ~ Analysis an old Hollywood Film Clips & Studios Film Analysis of D.W. Griffith films and “The Return of Dracula”  The film I have chosen to analyze the camera shots and artistry of the  film is the 1958 Drama, Myste...


  • There's A Time To Talk; And A Time To Walk

    There's A Time To Talk; And A Time To Walk. ღ When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticisms and misguided opinions, walking away is the best way to stand up for yourself (even walking always permanently!). To respond with anger would be an endorsement of their attitude, not yours.

    Tags: There's A Time To Talk; And A Time To Walk, walk, talk, time, drama, opinions, anger, endorsement, attitude

  • My Side of the Story

    My Side of the Story Okay, so I had been telling myself that I would not sink to a lower level than my soon-to-be Ex husband Martin by posting personal things on social media and the internet , but here I am. I am just so tired of him making me look like such a bad person in general. I am not th...

    Tags: My Side of the Story, sink to a lower level, cheats, martin, @#$%^&*()_+, I'll be doggone, names, bad mother, drama, fake friends, kids, children

  • Drama Between Mother and Daughter , Amy and Nina

    Drama Between Mother and Daughter , Amy and Nina Scene 23 Where Are They Now ? Amy: I am seriously fed up because I can't find one person I can trust to watch Calvin for me during the days while I'm at work 8-4 p.m. I cant afford to pay anybody immediately, but would begin paying in 2 weeks...

    Tags: Drama Between Mother and Daughter, Amy and Nina, Scene 23 Where Are They Now, scene 23, drama, calvin, mother and daughter, where are they now, Donald, Neil, Kale, Chicago,, social media, text, texting

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