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  • Ferrari Einthusan

    I have houses for sale, if anyone is interested then message me anytime! My three sons are my world. Great Danes are by far my favorite breed of dog. Im the happiest ever with my life right now! I realized this year, who my true friends are. My parents are my best friends. Im obsessed with lip ba...

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  • All About Ferrari Einthusan Life

    My three sons are my world. Great Danes are by far my favorite breed of dog. Im the happiest ever with my life right now! I realized this year, who my true friends are. My parents are my best friends. Im obsessed with lip balm Lol Im already so hyped about Christmas! I can't wait to decorate our ...


  • Texas College and University

    Some of the questions that come to student and kids parents prior to enroll at the Texas Universities and colleges are these questions, just some:Enrolements, tuition ranking, career and online degree, career with no fees, and colleges with engineering programs, with high access rates etc.There a...

    Skills: Education, Smart teaching, Professional Goals

  • Online Degree, Christian San Huston TX Huntsville Dallas Richardson Arlington

    Christian Universities and College San Huston TX Huntsville Dallas Richardson Arlington. The kids and adults get high grade of education, the success for students all ages. Tuition ranking success quotes collection and career and online degree. Begining a creer for life, building profes...

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  • Medical Insurance Employees

    Medical Insurance Employees. A terrific career to make good money for your services, people study medical transcriptional and medical services, inclusive insurance coverage plans as providers. Requires career college education advance level, license etc.

    Tags: Insurance Coverage, License, Education, Career College

  • Pennsylvania State University

    Pennsylvania State University is the place where I study and been for the last three years already. What about you, do you study and if so, Where, which college or University you do.I'm just about to take the straight forward career but still making comparisons and i haven't decide what careers ...

    Skills: Mathematics Project, Science Jobs, Psychology, Education, Psychologist vs Therapist

  • Brenda Song

    I am a stay at home single mom, and you can call me lazy if it makes you feel better about yourself by all means! However, I am anything BUT lazy. I have three children, two of which are in extra curricular activities 4 days a week, which will go to 5 come March. My youngest is eight months old a...

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  • Emerald Green

    My name's Emerald Green and yes my birthstone is Emerald, but my most favorite color is purple. I am genius, intelligent, well cultured, smart, and an open minded girl. I completed my Masters degree at Harvard in Education. My hobbies include reading, teaching, music, competitive tennis, skiing, ...

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  • Barbara

    My name is Barbara, but you can call me Barb, Barbie, or Barbz. My lovely nephews and nieces call my Auntie Boo Boo. lol I am 5' 3″ wheatish, average body weight and completed my education from University of Michigan in Nursing and Biology last year. I am currently working as a private nurse. I f...

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  • Salome

    I am Salome and I like to receive and deal with challenging tasks. I feel that friendship is one of the most important values in human life. I graduated from a fiver-year master's program in Education last year. I live and breathe a fun life. I do not live the life of a rock-star or famous athlet...

    Tags: Education, Fun, Life, Music, Humor, Cooking, friends and family, sports

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