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  • Paula Deen Scandal and Paula Deen Recipes

    Paula Deen Scandal and America's Favorite Homemade Paula Deen Recipes including her famous pot roast, Southern fried chicken, Sour Cream Butter Biscuits, pound cake, Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps, hot buffalo wings, shrimp gumbo, and Paula Deen peach cobbler dessert! Because,...


  • My Inspirations

    My Inspirations of my favorite quotes, photos, poems, movies, foods, music, people, places and things of the world and beyond! lol

    Tags: inspirations, favorite, quotes, photos, poems, movies, foods, music, people, places, things, world, beyond, lol

  • Pins Photos of My Most Favorite People Places Things In Life

    Pins Photos of My Most Favorite People Places Things In Life ... Family, Friends, Pets, Humor, Actresses (well, all famous celebs) Snapshots of Hotels, Games, Jewelry, Music, Apparal and Movies I Like, Travel Pics, Co Workers, Home Life and More!

    Tags: pins, photos, favorite, actresses, people, famous, celebs, places, things, hotels, life, apparal, jewelry, family, friends, pets, humor, snapshots, games, music, movies, like, travel, pics, co workers, home, life

  • Who Remembers These Candies ?

    Who remembers these candies ? My Great-Grandmother always had a candy dish full of these at her house every Christmas...& the raspberry ones had a filling! Those red raspberries, peppermint, cinnamon, and the yellows ones (sweet lemon?) were my favorite flavors!

    Tags: Who remembers these candies, great-grandmother, candy, candy dish, house, Christmas, raspberry, filling, peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, red, raspberries, yellows, favorite, flavors

  • Best Classic Childrens Books Online Popular Golden Books For Kids

    Best Classic Children's Books Online Popular Golden Books For Kids ! Wholesale Used BOOK LOT SET of 56 of Hardcover Little Golden Books For Children I have for you a huge wholesale high quality book lot of popular best selling classic Little Golden Books. A Set of 100 USED Hardcover Little Gol...


  • The Little Book Of Likes

    The Little Book Of Likes of mine with my most favorite of all fashion and food choices ranging from stations offering tasty soul foods and comfy sneakers all the way to designer dresses and gourmet mushrooms and grilled cheese ! All are ranked high in my best book of likes. Because I love to...

    Tags: The Little Book Of Likes, favorite, fashion, food choices, stations, tasty soul foods, soul foods, sneakers, designer dresses, designer, dresses, gourmet mushrooms, grilled cheese, gourmet, ranked, best, best book of likes, love to eat, love, eat, dress up, dress, dresses

  • Closed Room Game App Review

    Closed Room Game App Review : Closed Room Game Apps 1 and 2 are my all-time favorite puzzle games besides Tetris, Ellie and Minecraft video games.  I just downloaded the gaming app for free on my iPhone and my iPad pc a week ago! I did get stuck quite a few times and began thinking it was im...


  • Dog Breeds

    Okay, regardless of cats, I am actually calling all of the dog people for this blog post! What is your favorite dog breeds and why do you like them so much? I personally love them all dog breeds. I do pet rescue so my canine pack is assorted dogs breeds. However, have always had a soft spot for...

    Tags: dog breeds, Dog People Vs Cat People, cats, dog people, blog post, dog, breeds, assorted, canine, pack, Bichons, Bicho smile, Bichon Blitz, I love Bichons, top 5, snow white, cream puff, favorite, male, female

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